15 Legit Chiropractic Adjustment Benefits & What Does It Actually Do

Even though chiropractic has nothing to do with Egypt and doesn’t involve Cairo, it is still a really cool thing. In this article I will show how effective chiropractic can be for fixing musculoskeletal issues and more. Below you will find 15 reasons, all backed by scientific research, to try chiropractic. However, before we go […]

3 Unconventional Steps to Improve Posture & Negative Effects of Sitting

Americans sit most of the day and that isn’t going to change any time soon. Necks, backs and other body parts eventually start hurting from poorly designed chairs and this is where MyErgonomicChair.com comes in with its list of best office chairs. And now let’s look at something that has a massive potential to help […]

The Truth Behind Standing Desks & How They Are “Better”

Recently, there has been a surge in publications that authoritatively “exposed” the dangers of sitting. In fact, a new catch phrase was coined – “Sitting is the new smoking” – where even the very best office chairs were compared to cigarettes. As you would expect, all the dangers associated with sitting were readily listed. These included increased risk of obesity, increased risk of heart related diseases, increased blood […]

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