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We Help People Find Best Office Chairs

Our goal is to help anyone looking for a more comfortable, affordable and quality office chair find one.

We Help You Sit Better

Sitting all day can not be a healthy thing.

This is why we strive to help people that spend a lot of time sitting.

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Back Hurts? Find the Best Office Chair 

How to Find Best Office Chair in 3 Steps

Quick Guide


Why do you need an office chair?

What's the purpose you are buying it for?

You might be moving to a new office or you might be tired of that nagging back pain or you simply want an upgrade to a more comfortable ergonomic chair which would really boost your state of mind...especially during prolonged working hours. 


time to pay - what's your budget?

Just like anything else in life chairs have a price and this price can be anywhere from under $100, $200, $300 and all the way to $1000 and beyond.

With higher price you would get better quality, warranty and features that can make your sitting time truly special every time.

However you don't need to pay $1200 to get a great office chair.


Buy the best thing you can afford

Cheapest is often ​​​​dearest.

Example 1: You buy an office chair with 1-year warranty for $200 and it breaks in 366 days.

Example 2: You buy an office chair with 12-year warranty for $1000 and it breaks in 15 years.

Conclusion: Cheapest is dearest and not as comfortable. (The chair we were referring to is Herman Miller's Aeron and you can find it here).


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