10 Best Office Chairs In The World: Ultimate Guide (April 2018 Update)



We reviewed over 50 office chairs for all the budgets and put the best of the best right below. 😎

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My name is Melanie and I am the main person here, at MEC.

I just wanted to let you know that below are 10 best of the best computers chairs, but we have a lot more other options – scroll down and you will find all the categories available! ❤

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10 Best Office Chairs in 2018

So, here are the promised best 10…

Again, don’t forget to scroll down for even more! 😉



50+ More Top Rated Chairs for Office & Work

The problem with office chairs is that there are A LOT of them on the market…

These top rated categories will help you find the



Office Chairs Under $300

Here are the 5 top rated computer chairs you can get for less than 300 USD.




Budget Office Chairs

Here are the chairs you can get for under $200 and less!


Office Chairs for Coccyx Pain

Tailbone pain is not uncommon. Here are the chairs that can help.

Office Chairs for Neck Pain

Neck pain occurs from poor posture. Here are the chairs that help to maintain it.


Office Chairs for Big & Tall

Big people need big chairs. Here are all the best options.

Office Chairs for Short People

Short people need small chairs. Check these out.




How to Choose the Best Office Chair?

Here is the spoiler alert – there is no single “best chair”!


Well, there is a number of reasons:


1. Your Budget

You can buy a chair for less than $100 or get something crazy for over $1000.

Needless to say, all of these would have a different comfort level, different type of warranty (which is VERY important because cheaper chairs break more often) and different quality of course.

My recommendation: to get a great office chair for computer work, you don’t need to spend a fortune, BUT…you still need to allocate approximately $300. From what I discovered this is the sweet spot – you can easily get a fairly adjustable, comfortable office chair that will look good AND won’t fall apart in 1 year (or it would have a solid warranty that would fix/replace the thing).

P.S. Here is my selection of the budget chairs that I found to be the best. Check them out if you need some tips!




2. Your Physical Characteristics

In this context, your physical characteristics are your height and weight – they are critical to take into account.

If you are a big guy (or girl), you need a heavy duty office chair (this is, generally, above 300lbs weight capacity). So if you pick a chair that quite literally cant handle your big self, then you are, first, not covered by the warranty (they usually say that – warranty cover up to, for example, 250lbs), second, you won’t be comfortable in it, and, third, you are risking to fall down and possibly hurt yourself (the chair is simply not designed for more than it can carry).

Also, if you are taller OR shorter than an average Joe (sorry Joes, no offence here), you also need to take that into account because, again, you simply won’t fit. In fact, the chair that’s not suitable for your body, hmm, length can even hurt you (e.g. a lumbar support that is not in the right place can eventually hurt your back).

My recommendation: if you are short, look at chairs for short people and if you are big & tall, look at chairs for BIG and/or tall people.


3. Any Pains & Aches You Might Have

Pains & aches need special attention because you, most likely, don’t want to make them worse.

If you have any type of pain (e.g. neck, back, sciatica, coccyx/tailbone, shoulder etc), you might need a chair that will specifically address your problem. Here is how it goes.

Lumbar support (I always recommend picking a chair with adjustable lumbar support that can be adjusted for a better fit) will help you with back pain and sciatica (this is very connected).

Headrest will help to address neck pain.

Armrests will help to relieve shoulder and upper trapezius strain from typing or another type of desk work. This can also reduce any tension headaches you might have had up till now.

Coccyx and tailbone pain will benefit from a chair with thick padding (possibly enhanced by a special cushion for coccyx pain).

My recommendation: chairs with special adjustments almost always cost a little more – don’t try saving money on your well-being – invest in your health instead.


To sum it up…

How to pick the best office chair?

If I were you, I wouldn’t spend less than $300 to begin with.

I would then find a chair for a tall person (which I am) that would also have an adjustable lumbar support as I do have some back pain from sitting too long! 😎

And now it’s time to show you the 10 office chairs that I found to be best overall – good for sitting all day at your desk (oh, how fun is it!), working at your computer or even gaming.

P.S. You can view their latest price on Amazon by clicking any of the “View on Amazon” buttons below. I recommend using “Keepa” Chrome extension for tracking their price changes so to find the best deal!




10 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs at Glance

Here are the 10 we recommend overall. As you can see, I included a number of important characteristics…

Warranty is one of them.

Suppose you buy a chair for $300 with a 2-Year warranty and it falls apart in 3 years. Or, say, you get a $700 chair with 12-year warranty which is a lot more comfortable at the same time.

The morale: you get what you pay for. 😉

P.S. Click on “Chair” name for more details.

ChairRatingAdjustable ArmrestsBack SupportMaterialCapacityWarranty
AeronPellicleUp to 300lbs12 Years on Parts & Labor
EmbodyFabricUp to 300lbs12 Years on Parts & Labor
DxracerUp to 250lbs
Lifetime: Frame; 2 Yrs: Parts
ElusionFabricUp to 250lbs5 Years (+ Provisions )
VoltMesh, UpholsteredUp to 250lbsFull Lifetime Warranty
SpaceMeshUp to 400lbs5 Years on Non-Moving Parts
TopskyPU LeatherUp to 330lbs1 Year
AzBasicsBonded LeatherUp to 250lbs1 Year Limited Warranty
OStarMeshUp to 250lbs5 Years on Non-Moving Parts
LuxFitUp to 300lbs2 Years


And now let’s look at them in more details!


What Is the Best Office Chair in 2018?


Herman Miller Aeron


The Classic Aeron Chair is an iconic chair – best office chair overall.

It was designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick .

When it was introduced, the design of this chair broke every convention.

Its seats and backrest have been made from Pellicle (a breathable woven suspension membrane) to eliminate pressure and buildup of heat while seating on the chair.

All this with 12-year warranty.

Here is why we chose it to be the best office chair of 2017 – click the image below to watch the video.


Main Features

  1. A flexible backrest and seat were made from two unique materials that have elastic properties.
  2. The chair has breathable textile weaves for enhanced comfort.
  3. It comes with a kinemat tilt mechanism that allows the chair to move with the body.
  4. Its pivot points align well with the ankles, knees and hips to give a natural recline motion.
  5. This chair also comes with a PostureFit Sacral Support to keep the spine in a healthy position.



  • A comfortable chair to sit in due to its breathable suspension materials;
  • It has been designed to fit different body types whether big, small, tall or short;
  • Superior back support options including the lumbar support and PostureFit;
  • A classic tilt design that reclines naturally with the body;
  • It’s an environmentally sensitive chair with most of its materials being recyclable at the end of its lifespan;


  • Despite the good back support, seating in a hanging position exerts a lot of pressure on the legs especially for people with big body types;
  • Some people have complained of broken parts for their purchased chairs;
  • Some armrests were reported to produce some squeaking noise;




Herman Miller Embody


Is this best ergonomic office chair?

Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber held wide consultations with experts in the fields of vision, biomechanics, ergonomics and physical therapy while designing the Embody chair.

The idea behind this chair is to ensure that sitting is more responsive, natural and positive to your health.

Herman Miller’s Embody combats fatigue by allowing blood and oxygen to circulate through distribution of pressure.

Here is why we think this is the best ergonomic office chair.


Main Features

  1. A dynamic matrix of pixels has been used to construct this seat in order to improve its response to the body’s movements.
  2. The black outer layer is very durable and 100 percent polyester.
  3. The back support begins at the spinal base and comes with an integrated sacral support.
  4. A feature tilt limiter, adjustable arms and adjustable seat depth are some of the other features that come with this seat.
  5. In addition to these features, the seat comes with a 12 year warranty.



  • The seat addresses the health related problems that come with long-term sitting;
  • The seat’s support layers distribute pressure while its backrest encourages movement to improve focus;
  • The seat’s Backfit allows alignment of the backrest to the spine’s natural curve;
  • Its design promotes blood circulation and healthy movement;
  • It keeps you balanced and supported throughout the seating period;


  • The slight backward recline for this seat means that the lower back still carries much of the support work;
  • The armrest are not padded enough and too short for some people;
  • Its arms don’t move with the back hence negating the benefits of a recline position;




DXRACER Racing Series


DXRacer Racing Series is best for gaming.

This seat has the ability to accommodate all sizes of people, has an inlaid color bar design, multi-functional tilt mechanism and 4D adjustable armrests.

Let’s see why we chose it as the best chair for gaming.


Main Features

  1. This chair has an ergonomic design that makes it more efficient and comfortable.
  2. It comes with a lumbar cushion and a headrest cushion.
  3. It is made from Carbon Look Vinyl breathable material and PU cover.
  4. The 4D adjustable 90 degrees armrests help to protect your shoulders and wrists.
  5. The frame has a lifetime warranty whereas the parts come with a 24 month warranty.



  • It is possible to assemble this chair in less than 10 minutes;
  • It’s a high quality, super study, healthy and comfortable seat;
  • The moving parts of this seat can be adjusted to fit various heights and needs;
  • A higher backrest that comes with this chair is able to support the entire spinal column;
  • The adjustable lumber cushion support helps to maintain lower back in a healthy position;


  • The pillow material is quite slippery and this can cause people to slide off the chair;
  • A number of customers have complained about missing or non-functioning parts on arrival;
  • The customer service is not efficient and this can be very frustrating;




ALERA Elusion


The Alera Elusion – best office chair for back pain.

An adjustable tilt and a forward tilt are key to the free floating and infinite locking positions of this seat.

The chair has a contoured seat cushion and a premium fabric upholstery that helps to relieve pressure on the legs.

And this is why we think this is the best office chair for back pain…


Main Features

  1. The seat has a multi-function mechanism that enables back angle adjustments relative to the seat.
  2. It also has a cool and breathable mesh back.
  3. The waterfall edge combines with the fabric upholstery to relieve pressure on the legs.
  4. The high back is 24 inches which is good enough for most people.
  5. The seat arms come with soft polyurethane pads and their height and width is adjustable.



  • The chair comes in two sizes, mid- and high-back, and satisfies both, shorter and taller users;
  • The lumbar support that comes with the chair can be readjusted to get a vertical alignment that is ideal for you;
  • The seat tilt feature ensures you are able to change the position of the seat especially after seating for long hours;
  • The spider base can also be adjusted to minimize damages to the floor;
  • Generally it is a very comfortable seat with all the adjustments that you may require;


  • A number of customers have ordered their chairs only to arrive with broken or missing parts;
  • The foam gets softer with time, losing its supportive properties;
  • There is too much depth in the seat and sometime it may feel as though the lumbar support is missing;




SPACE Seating


Space is the best office chair under $300.

It has been built to take care of even large users as it can support a weight of up to 400 pounds.

You can also get a custom fit that comes with arms that are height and width adjustable.

And here is why we think this is the best office chair under 300 USD.


Main Features

  1. The seat comes with a custom fabric and double airgrid back alongside the adjustable lumbar support.
  2. The two way adjustable armrests come with PU pads.
  3. A thick padded mesh is another important feature of this seat.
  4. The double Air Grid back is breathable while one-touch pneumatic mechanism assists in height adjustment.
  5. Mobility is enhanced by the dual casters of the heavy duty five-star base.



  • It’s a very comfortable and supportive seat for the big and tall category of users;
  • A comfortable cushion and fabric breathability is an added advantage especially during summer season;
  • The seat has a very decent level of adjustability for creating more room for enhanced smoothness and stability;
  • The armrests are high enough for placing your arms when sitting;
  • It’s a well constructed chair of great quality;


  • The design of the chair is suited for tall people and hence shorter people may have problems using it;
  • Getting spare parts may be a challenge due to the sometimes poor customer service of the company;
  • A number of customers have also complained about the chair’s poor design;




TOPSKY Executive


TOPSKY is the best office chair for neck pain.

One of their office products is the TOPSKY Executive Leather seat that is black/red in color and comes with an adjustable headrest.

This ergonomic chair enables you enjoy a comfortable sitting experience in your work place.

And here is why we believe this chair is best for neck pain.


Main Feature

  1. The ergonomic chair was made with high back to give you extra comfort for both gaming and office work.
  2. The strong, soft and thick padded armrests means you don’t need to get an extra cushion for your seat.
  3. The back angle and the seat itself can be adjusted in a number of positions.
  4. The chair also comes with tilt tension which can be adjusted using the knob to suit the user’s body.
  5. With a maximum capacity of 330 pounds and a 1 year warranty, this seat can be used for home office purposes.



  • The soft and adjustable headrest can be used and removed anytime just by a press of a button;
  • The sturdy steel armrest gives a good resting place for your arms;
  • The thick and nice padded cushion ensures maximum comfort;
  • The strong base that meets the BIFMA standards ensures stability during long-term use;
  • Assembling is easy and quick and takes less than 30 minutes;


  • The armrests are non-adjustable and can be a challenge for those people who need that feature;
  • Some customers complained about improper shipping of the product with scratches and damaged marks visible on the chair;
  • Having only 2 color options (black and red) is limiting;




AmazonBasics High Back


AmazonBasics high-back is best ergonomic office chair for tall person.

It comes with a sleek professional style that gives you this much needed support throughout the day.

This seat offers personalized comfort even during prolonged periods of sitting.

And here is why we think this is the best chair for tall people.


Main Features

  • This chair has a padded seat and back which give you comfort and support throughout the day.
  • It has been upholstered in a bonded black leather with PVC.
  • The dimensions of this chair are 29.13 (L) by 25.59 (W) by 41.34 (H) to 45.08 (H) inches.
  • The chair comes with a one year warranty.
  • Its other features include pneumatic height adjustment, smooth rolling casters and 360-degree swivel.



  • The chair can be lowered and raised to suit different preferences; the tilt is also adjustable;
  • The bonded black leather creates a smooth and supple upholstery for back support;
  • The 360-Degree Swivel together with the nylon casters offer a range of motion for this chair;
  • The nylon casters are durable and allow smooth mobility within the office;
  • The curved armrests provide enhanced support and comfort;


  • The back of the chair is held together using the armrests meaning that there’s a feeling of flexing when you rock the chair;
  • Missing parts and damaged sections have been reported by several customers;
  • The design seems to be quite poor with many people complaining of things like too much thigh and lumbar support;




Office Star


This chair is best for a short person.

Its range of 2-1 synchro locking tilt control ensures you have full control over the chair.

Its heavy duty base with dual wheel carpet casters and silver accents gives it a sleek accomplished style and professionalism.

And here is why we think this is the best office chair for short person.


Main Features

  1. The chair comes with a breathable mesh seat and one-touch pneumatic height adjustment.
  2. Adjustable synchro tilt is another feature that enables a 2:1 ratio for weight distribution and better circulation.
  3. Lumbar cushioning is another feature that supports the lower back and enhances a natural curve of the spine.
  4. It has been manufactured using less harsh chemicals.
  5. The padded flip arms, dual wheel carpet casters and heavy duty silver accents are just the other features.



  • This is a comfortable chair that can support you for long hours of sitting;
  • It’s simple to setup and in just about 15 minutes the chair will be in place with all the parts fixed;
  • It comes with an impeccable design, a solid leather material, soft rubber armrests which are durable;
  • The lumbar support and backrest offer a great feeling;
  • Its adjustable armrests provide the flexibility in your working environment;


  • The way backrest angle works can pose a challenge for heavy built people;
  • The armrests are a bit loose and may feel uncomfortable at the beginning;
  • It also makes some noise when rapidly moving backward or upright and this can be annoying;




LuxFit Ball Chair


The LuxFit Exercise Ball is probably the best office chair for posture.

The chair comes with a two year warranty and a static strength ball that is able to carry a weight of 2000 pounds.

The shipping box contains the chair base, ball pump, ball, instructions, bar and bolts, two regular front casters and two locking back casters.

And here is why we consider this chair best for posture.


Main Feature

  1. The chair has been designed by health experts so as to help boost spine and back health.
  2. The height of the ball chair is approximately 22 to 25 inches when inflated.
  3. The ball chair has large wheels for a smoother rolling ability.
  4. Your purchase is protected by a two year warranty.
  5. It also comes with a thick wall that helps prevent spine disorders.



  • This seat has been designed with mobility in mind which enables you to slide easily from one section of the floor to the other;
  • Its large wheels also gives a solid impression that inspires confidence;
  • Its back support is reliable for easy relaxation;
  • Its uncompromising quality is reflected in its no hassle 2-year warranty;
  • It helps in spine rehabilitation and in preventing spine disorder;


  • The chair comes in black color and this may not be popular with people who are careful about their interior decor;
  • Users over 6’5″ might have problems using this seat;
  • Customers have also complained about missing parts during purchase of the chair;




What Makes the Best Office Chair? (8 Features)

The best choice for any office worker is an ergonomic chair that will offer support throughout the day.

A chair should have several features to help you sit safely and maintain good posture while providing support.

Here is what you need to know about office chair features before you purchase a new one.


1: A Full Back

Your chair should have a full, broad back to protect your spine and encourage you to sit up straight. They should also adjust into a recline as well as in height to protect your spine.


2: A Waterfall Seat

The front edge of your chair seat needs to spill forward in a smooth edge known as a waterfall seat. This will keep it from hitting the back of your knees as you sit. The pan of your chair seat should also help distribute your weight to avoid any additional compression or strain in your hips or lower back. The sitter should be comfortable at a 90-degree angle.


3: Breathable Upholstery

Keep in mind that a breathable fabric on your chair will make you much more comfortable during the day and less likely to overheat. Look for a medium texture fabric that isn’t abrasive or itchy when it touches your skin.


4: Adjustable Without Tools

You should be able to get your chair precisely the way you want it in every direction, even the side-to-side tilt, without any special tools. This will help you maintain a good posture and protect your body during a long day. If you can try your chair before buying give it a spin or ask a salesperson for a demonstration of how it adjusts and to what degree.


5: A Usable Backrest

If you find you avoid sitting back and up against your backrest in your chair, you may have the wrong model. You want a chair that has a seat and back that work together to keep you sitting up straight and comfortable.


6: Good Circulation Support

A well-made chair will keep you supported as you move and help maintain healthy circulation as you work. A good chair will facilitate movement, not hinder it. When you chair shop, think of test-driving your chair before you buy it as opposed to only checking to see if it’s comfortable.


7: Support for the Arms

A good chair will also support your arms, elbows, and shoulders as you work throughout the day. The armrests should be adjustable and allow the user’s arms to rest comfortably. Do not place your forearm on the armrest while typing because this can adversely impact your posture.


8: Swivel

The chair should rotate easily so all areas of the desk all workstation can be reached without effort and straining.


[Checklist] for Choosing the Best Office Chair

When it comes time for a new chair, you want to consider several factors as you shop. While you want your chair to be comfortable, the number of choices can be truly overwhelming. Here’s how to get started.


✓ Budget

Whether you must spend money out of your pocket or you have a per diem from your boss, your budget is a huge consideration. Chairs can run from $100 to as high as $1,000. Know exactly how much you can spend before you walk into a showroom or log onto a shopping site. If you are planning to spend more, ask if the chair includes a warranty for the additional cost.


-> 11 Best Budget Office Chairs in 2018


✓ Materials

For those working in a warm place or who tend to get hot as they work, a mesh chair may be a good option. Colder offices will lend themselves to a leather chair as they’re warmer and cozier. Metal and polymer plastic will also be more durable and need less in the way of replacements.


✓ Height

A shorter worker is going to want a chair that can help them sit at their desk without any discomfort. A good chair will allow them to add a footrest, (if necessary), or may include an additional part for the feet. A taller worker who can touch the floor with their feet when seated needs to focus on a comfortable backrest that encourages proper posture.


✓ Office Floor

Does your office have a hardwood floor or a thin layer of carpeting? A rolling office chair will tear up hardwood and will need some additional protection on the wheels. A stationary chair can have some small, floor-protecting casters added to the base to keep the floor beautiful. Do you have the standard, gray floor in your office? Go for the wheels.


11 Best Exercises to Do in The Office

Getting to the gym is often the last thing a busy worker has time for, even on days when they come to the office with their duffle bag packed and a spare pair of shoes hiding in their file cabinet. We all know we need to exercise, and we want to be healthy, but how can we wedge a trip to the gym into a busy day?

Many health professionals have stopped fighting the eight-hour day of sitting and working and instead have developed stretches and exercises we can do without leaving our desks. Here are some great ways to stay limber and in shape without leaving your cubicle.


1: Head Nod

Seated in your office chair, come forward to the edge and plant your feet flat on the ground. Sit up nice and tall. Now, nod your head yes in an exaggerated motion. Do this gently and hold each stretch forward and back. After a few repetitions, switch to a “no” motion, again being gentle and slow to get a good stretch on each side.


2: Triceps Stretch

Lift your right arm, then bend your right hand behind your shoulders, so your elbow sticks straight up. Use your left hand to bring the right elbow close to your head, (again, with kindness), and hold the stretch for ten to thirty seconds. Repeat with the other arm.


3: Back Stretch

Place your hands on the back of your head, elbows open. Sit up nice and straight, feet planted, and do a slight backbend. Don’t force anything, just curve back in a gentle motion as you inhale. Exhale and release after about ten seconds.


4: Muscle Relief

For more relief for back muscle strain, sit as far back against your chair as you can and reach your arms around the back. Clasp hands or elbows, (depending on the size of your chair) and hold that position for a few seconds. This opens the upper back as well as the shoulders.


5: Lower Back Bend

For your lower back, you want to do a forward bend. Come to the front of your chair, sit up tall and cross your left ankle over your right knee. Leading with your chest, bring your torso forward and down over your hips. Remember to take deep breaths. Rise up and then repeat on the other side. This will open your hips and help your spine as you sit at your desk.


Why Is Exercising Important?

Extra pounds around our middles do a lot more than hinder the buttons on our fly – it poses a real threat to our health. Unlike fat around other parts of the body, belly fat directly affects our major organs and intestines. This means we can make ourselves sick by being thicker around the middle.

A more prominent belly means a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, and painful back problems. Surprisingly, your desk chair can be your first line of defense against the wave of belly fat, so many office workers find themselves battling.


Why Is It Important to Train Body Core (Even If You Sit on an Office Chair)

Training your core helps you maintain your balance and stability. The muscles involved in your core are the hips, lower back, pelvis, and abdomen.

To up your core game, you need first to make sure your chair is in good shape and stable enough to support your weight. Also, it should be well balanced and not list to either side or tilt forward or back. If your chair is doing any of these things, fix the issue before continuing.


1: Leg Lifts

Get started with some Leg Lifts. Sit on the edge of your chair with both feet flat on the floor, hold the edge of the seat with both hands and then extend your right leg out. Lift it so that it’s parallel to your hips, then lower it down. Do ten lifts on the right, then switch to the left side for ten more. Repeat on both sides for a second round to get the most out of this move.


2: Ab Tensor 2,000

Try an anaerobic move to really burn up the fat. Sit all the way back, nice and tall with your feet flat on the ground. Exhale out all the air from your diaphragm and tense up your abdominal muscles as tight as you can without inhaling. Hold for ten seconds, then release. Repeat this at least three times.


3: Chair Swivels

Chair Swivels. Roll your chair back a bit from your desk until you can just hold the corner. Lift your feet just off the floor and cross your ankles. Now twist as far as you can to one side while holding your desk. Twist to the other side. Feel free to pop in your headphones and enjoy this one. Do ten on each side, then repeat the process two more times.


4: Flutter Kicks

These are great for your lower abs. Slide out to the edge of your chair and lean your upper back against the back. Hold the corners of your seat and extend your legs out as far as you can. Hover your feet above the floor and then do little, alternating kicks without setting your feet down. Tense your abs to maintain your position and repeat until you’ve done ten on each side.


5: Magic Carpet

Ready for something more advanced? Try the Magic Carpet. Again, make sure your chair can hold your weight evenly. Lift yourself up by pushing on the chair arms and extending fully. Don’t lock or bend your elbows and don’t collapse into your shoulders. Your neck should be nice and long.


6: Modified Magic Carpet

Repeat the movement but this time fold your legs in the air between your torso and the chair and tense up your abs. Breathe and hold the position for about ten seconds or longer if you can. Lower yourself down slowly to release.

You can find a lot more great exercises online for the office or a chair such as Chair Running or Chair Crunches.


7 More Tips on Staying Healthy & Comfortable at Work

Staying healthy at work is more than quick workout breaks. Most offices are packed full of junk food, colleagues itching to hit the happy hour special at the local watering hole and plenty of excuses to forego healthy choices and indulge in bad ones.

There are ways to avoid an unhealthy office life. All you need to do is make a few small changes.


1: Plan on Snacks

Rather than pray for the willpower to avoid grazing between meals, (or replacing a meal with a quick bite), plan for midday munchies. Talk to your colleagues about signing up for a snack delivery service like Graze or Urthbox or another option to make sure your office has delicious treats that won’t pack on the pounds. Most services will let you choose how many snacks you need per week, and then you can split the cost amongst the office. If you have some talented cooks at work, start a signup sheet and take turns bringing healthy, homemade goodies.


2: Consider Your Commute

If you’re lucky enough to live in a bike-friendly city, try riding your bike to work on nice days. Ask the boss if there’s anywhere in the office you can store it to keep it safe and pack extra clothes in case your riding gear gets sweaty. Walking is also a great alternative, but conduct a test walk on your day off so you can be confident of how much time it will add to your journey.


3: Seek out Serenity

One of the best things we can do during a busy day is taking a few minutes for ourselves. Rather than refill our coffees, we really should do a quick meditation.

Meditation can happen right at our desks if we do give ourselves five to ten minutes. It takes practice, but with daily meditations, we can become more centered and more focused.

Make a Do Not Disturb sign for your door or desk, try out a meditation app and get centered right at your desk.


4: Go Outside

One of the best things to help deal with stress is getting away from the office environment. Find an outdoor space near the office and go for a short walk once a day.

Don’t make this your lunch break, take some time to breathe and get some perspective. Stress is a danger to our overall health and nature can cut down on our stress levels significantly. A quick stroll can be a real lifesaver.

Can’t get away from your urban surroundings? Post images of forests or beautiful trees up in your space so you can take a mental break during your day.


5: Rehydrate

Rather than coffee breaks, take plenty of water breaks. Regular hydration can keep your energy up, refresh your mental process and improve your skin. A shortage of water in your system can make you moody or fatigued. Keep yourself feeling great with lots of H20 throughout your day.


6: Make Your Space Your Own

Take the time to decorate your desk. Add images, a corkboard of affirmations and inspirational quotes, small plants or knick-knacks that make you happy.


7: Make Health an Office-Wide Goal

Talk to management about starting a committee that can work as a resource to keep the whole office focused on good health. That way everyone can feel supported and have several people to consult for help with managing his or her habits, weight and stress levels.

A committee can do things like setting up a once-a-week yoga class in spare space, set up walking buddies or help scout out nearby gyms and group discounts.