7 Hacks for Making an Office Chair a Lot More Ergonomic

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How to make THIS ergonomic? O_o

So, let’s say you have a basic office chair and want to see how to make this office chair more ergonomic.

Here are top 7 ways of how YOU can do it with minimum expense!

Or just use the pro hack and get yourself one of our affordable office chairs.

#1 Back Support…

back-supportBack support is one of those essential things that standard office chairs do not have.

As a result your postural muscles overwork and get tensed up causing all sorts of aches.

A properly adjusted back support which can be purchased on its own can easily resolve this issue. It can also help you in making a diy ergonomic chair.

#2 Seat Cushion…

ergonomic-seat-cushionIf you are struggling with coccyx or lower back pain, then a foam seat cushion may well be a right way to upgrade your existing ergonomic chair by adding a seat cushion.

It helps to improve leg blood circulation and improve overall posture.

#3 Tray System Mount…

ergonomic-keyboard-trayAre you the one bending over the laptop in order to type?

It definitely hurts, so you might consider getting this pretty awesome tray.

It serves for keyboard, laptop and even pop corn! 🙂

As a bonus you get mouse tray too which is great for ergonomic or normal chair.

#4 Ergonomic Footrest…

ergonomic-footrestNot only you can make specific adjustments to the chair you already own, but…you may also alter the outside bits.

Footrest is one of them.

It is actively responsible for decreasing pressure on your legs, so that they don’t hurt after prolonged seating.

Blood circulation is also improved.

#5 Ergonomic Arm Support…

ergonomic-arm-supportHave you any trap tension?

Perhaps even tension headaches that result from overworking (on the mouse side).

This arm support can alleviate the stress and decrease muscle spasms!

#6 Low Back Backrest…

ergonomic-low-back-rest-supportThis backrest is of no-BS type.

It clearly states that it decreases the pressure on your back by 35%.

It helps the overall spinal alignment and pain treatment.

#7 Ergonomic Mouse…

ergonomic-mouseIt’s fascinating how a small adjustment  can make a tremendous effect on the overall posture!

Everything in our body is connected and your arm is not an exception. 😉

I hope these 7 ideas on how to make a chair more ergonomic gave you some food for thought.

Please comment or leave questions below. 🙂