I Wish I Had Returned This Chair: Avoid These 6 Mistakes Before Buying Ergonomic Chair

Perhaps your back/shoulders/neck started to hurt and then you decided you need to change your regular office chair for something more suitable for your daily work in front of computer – ergonomic chair. You started browsing the WWW, looking for the best ergonomic office chair and maybe even picked the model you liked the most […]

Why Buy An Ergonomic Chair: Is Ergonomic Furniture Worth It?

Type in ergonomic office chair on Amazon. Ouch! Prices bite…especially when you compare them to standard office chairs. So what is it about this word “ergonomic”? Why does it increase the prices by 50-70% when compared to standard furniture? And, after all, is it worth buying an ergonomic back chair? Update: you can now find these […]

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