10 Ways How Sitting In Office Too Long Kills You Slowly (Science-Based Facts)

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Sitting too long is not good for us – we know that, but…how bad is it exactly? Does, for example, sitting in a proper ergonomic office chair of this nature cause the same amount of harm?

This infographic shows you just how dramatic sitting is.

Check it out!


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Sitting Too Long

Prolonged sitting is not the healthiest thing to do because it affects just about everything in a negative way.

Take your posture as an example.

As you sit at your desk your head and shoulders move forward causing contributing to headaches, neck and shoulder pain.

If you are looking to mitigate that, then something as simple as a posture corrector can have massive positive effects in a very quick period of time.

Posture corrector can help you bring your shoulders back, improve breathing and your sitting posture.