Donut Seat Cushion For Hemorrhoids, Tailbone Pain & Pregnancy

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Use this best seat cushion to get rid of pain and discomfort while sitting!

This donut shaped orthopedic cushion made from quality memory foam will reduce tension and remove pressure from your most sensitive areas.

See why it’s different in the description below…

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Donut seat cushion (aka donut pillow) is a type of orthopedic pillow with a hole in the middle which is used for sitting in office chairs, wheelchairs, in cars while driving or even travelling.

The shape of the pillow resembles a donut which determined the name of this specific type of seat cushion.

There are several types of donut pillows and materials they are made of differ. However, a typical donut pillow is made out of foam that adjusts to the shape of your body once you sit on it.

Orthopedic donut pillows typically have special contours and indentations in the areas that require most attention – perineum, tailbone/coccyx and the area affected by hemorrhoids.

You can also use an alternative cushion – see how to use a wedge pillow seat cushion.



Donut pillows are used for alleviating symptoms that arise from certain conditions including hemorrhoids, pain during pregnancy, strain from sitting, tailbone pain, coccyx pressure etc.

Orthopedic donut pillows can also be used for back pain relief and additional support which is essential during long periods of sitting. Certain seat cushions can have a positive effect on the posture helping it to relieve tense muscles and seat in more comfort.

You can use a donut pillow in order to reduce existing symptoms or to prevent them in the first place (for example, you might already be “feeling your back” but it doesn’t hurt just yet).



Using a donut pillow is not rocket science. All you need to do is just sit on it and make sure that your workspace is adjusted according to your size, shape and requirements. Let the donut pillow support your tailbone, back and other crucial points that will allow you to feel comfortable even during long periods of sitting.



If you are looking for a quality donut pillow for hemorrhoids or another condition mentioned above, then try to find a pillow that fits you well. Here are some other characteristics you’d want to look for.

1. Quality Foam Support. Most of donut pillows are made out of cheaper memory foam that stops holding its shape after a number of uses. Unfortunately, there no way to tell whether the foam is quality and will hold its shape with time so you’d have to rely on reviews and price.

Having said this, even absolute best most comfortable foam pillows will lose their shape at some point in time because of the accumulated pressure and weight they have been exposed to over time.

2. Orthopedic Features That Fit. Manufacturers of cushions often try to fit certain contours and indentations in certain key areas (e.g. tailbone) in order to help reduce pressure and strain from long periods of sitting while providing pain relief and comfort. As a customer you need to make sure that the pillows that you are trying out will actually fit your body weight, size and shape. This is important if you want cushions to work and offer relief and comfort you are looking for.

3. Non-Skid Surface. In order to be comfortable, offer support and quality, the pillow that you will end up buying needs to have a cover with non-slip surface. This surface is typically made out of rubber material (e.g. dots and lines) and prevents the pillow from easily falling down from the chair or any other seat you are using it on.

4. Machine-Washable Cover. Even though washing foam is not an option, you should still be able to wash the cover your seat pillow comes with. These days most of the covers are washable but…not all of them are machine-washable. Make sure that the foam donut that you get will have that box ticked! Ideally the material that the cover is made from should also allow for air circulation.

5. Price. Don’t consider cushions with lower price to provide same level of comfort and durability as you would expect other cushions that have a higher price. Premium cushions tend to offer better support for the critical parts like your back and just last longer.


Maybe you have been struggling with tailbone pain, hemorrhoids symptoms, hip pain, sciatica, pregnancy-related pain or any other discomfort from short or long periods of sitting…one way or another, it sucks!


It’s time to say good bye to pain and discomfort with our premium orthopedic cushion!


“When I sat down on this pillow all of a sudden all my problematic points were not giving me any issues and I was able to drive the next day NO PROBLEM. I looked at other cushions but this gave me the best help. Great quality and built – it doesn’t flatten when I sit on it !“, – Jay

What is great about this seat cushion?

✅ RELIEVE HEMORRHOIDS SYMPTOMS – gain comfort and confidence by allowing the donut pillow to help you to relieve the unpleasant. You can also buy gel seat cushion as an alternative solution.

✅ HELP PREGNANCY – donut pillow provides additional support where it needs to be during and after pregnancy. Feel comfortable when sitting down (you and the baby)!

✅ DESIGNED FOR WOMEN OR MEN – different, gender-specific ergonomic design of the pillow provides comfort and support exactly where it’s needed for women and men, depending on the type of the cushion you pick (see the variants).

✅ GIVES A FIRM SUPPORT. REALLY – designed with a durable and comfortable memory foam that looks after your comfort and support. Even if you sit on it all the time!

✅ FOR TAILBONE & SCIATICA – this donut-shaped seat cushion is designed to release pressure from your coccyx and hips. It provides relief for coccyx pain and sciatica!

✅ MULTI-USE – you can use this pillow to gain additional support just about anywhere…your car, office chair, while dining with your family or even on a plane. No need to get many cushions – just get one!

✅ PORTABLE – the cushion is lightweight (approx 1.1lb) and has the following dimensions: 17.3″ x 16″ x 3″. Get the best support and take it with you with ease!

✅ EASY TO WASH – the cover can easily be removed and washed so the pillow looks nice and clean again! The cover material allows free circulation of air helping to reduce bacteria buildup.

✅ HEALTHY POSTURE – ergonomic design almost effortlessly helps your body to maintain the best posture which means no tailbone pain or any issue in your back, neck and shoulders!

✅ FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING – become our customer today and get a FREE World Wide Tracked Shipping. Most cushions will arrive within 15 business days or less!

✅ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – if something is wrong with your order you can easily get in touch with our customer support (by using Contact page) and and we will solve it for you!

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32 reviews for Donut Seat Cushion For Hemorrhoids, Tailbone Pain & Pregnancy

  1. Riley S.

    Loved it! I think I am going to get the second one for my sister’s birthday since she’s been having some hip issues for quite some time. I hope she will also feel better!

  2. Layla J.

    The delivery took longer than expected but I am still very happy.

  3. Penelope J.

    Initially I wasn’t really happy with this cushion but after I got used it so it feels a lot better.

  4. Chloe M.

    This is a really good quality cushion…you get what you pay for!

  5. Grace B.

    Very comfortable cushion with quality memory foam. This product exceeded my expectations.

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