How to Assemble Office Chair in 6 Steps

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Fortunately, there is no rocket science involved, however, if you still need some pointers on how to assemble office chair, you are in the right place.

In this short guide I go over everything you need in order to put it together as fast as possible. So if you got yourself a chair from our list, let’s get right to its assembly!


Office Chair Assembly in 6 Steps

For the sake of this guide we are going to use assembly instructions for an office chair sold by Posturion.

Here is what you get in the box once you open it up.

The cool part is that everything you need for assembly is included with the chair itself.

Now we are ready to piece everything together! You will find all the steps right below but here is a video if you prefer that.


Step 1: Insert The Legs Into The Base

Turn the chair’s base (14) upside down, and then insert the legs (6), one by one, into the base. You don’t need to put much pressure to do that.

Next, screw ten bolts (13) into the pre-drilled holes with the wrench (15) to attach the base and the legs. Again, make sure the bolts are screwed in tightly but don’t apply too much effort.


Step 2: Install The Casters and The Gas Lift

This is easy. Press the casters (7) into the holes at the end of each base leg one by one.

Then insert the gas lift (5) to the base. Follow the instructions and make sure the gas lift is positioned vertically on the base of the chair.


Step 3: Assemble The Armrests

Amrests are essential for maintaining a good sitting posture. Time to attach them to the chair!

Now you need to turn the Seat (2) upside down and align three holes on one of the Armrests (3) with the pre-drilled holes under the Seat.

Attach the Armrest to the Seat with three Bolts (10) using the Wrench (15). Repeat on the other side of armrest.

Move one to the next step once you get this done.


Step 4: Attach The Mechanism

Time to add the office chair height mechanism to the base of your office chair.

Align the mechanism (4) over the pre-drilled holes underneath the Seat (2), make sure the front of the mechanism is facing the front of the Seat. Attach the office chair mechanism to the Seat with four Bolts (8), and tighten all bolts with the Wrench (15).

*Follow the instructions and be extra cautious as mis-threading the bolts will damage the chair!


Step 5: Add The Headrest

Time to give this office chair a headrest!

To do it, turn the Back (1) upright and attach the seat while aligning three holes of the Mechanism (4). Attach three Bolts (9) with the Wrench.


Step 6: Put Office Chair Parts Together

Finally! It’s time to assemble the chair by putting the base together with the upper part.

Here are the instructions.

Align the hole at bottom of the seat with the Gas Lift, put the body of the chair on the Gas Lift. Fix the Headrest (11) on top of the chair by attaching two Bolts (12).



Can’t assemble your office chair? Here are 2 of the most common reasons for the assembly process to go wrong.


Reason 1: You Got Lost

Office furniture instructions, at times, look almost like rocket launcher drawings. They can be confusing and…that’s all right.

If you feel like you got lost, here is what you need to do.

First, take a short break. Seriously, let it go for 5-10 minutes! Your brain will be ready for the challenge after taking a breather.

Second, start over. Yes, starting all over again seems like a time-consuming process but…it’s a standard operating procedure that you need to go through in order to accomplish the office chair assembly business you are pursuing so vigorously. This step will also help you to make sure you have done everything right and followed the instructions. It will also help you to catch any mistakes you might have done accidentally (e.g. using a bolt for the wrong part).

The majority of issues tend to resolve themselves after you look at the instructions with fresh eye.

Now, what if you are still unable to put the chair together?

Reason 2: Missing Parts

Infrequently manufacturers ship chair boxes with certain parts missing. This is why it’s important you check that the package includes everything you need to put the chair together. You should compare everything you see in the box to the list printed inside the manual that comes with the chair.

Here is the one from the chair sold by Posturion.

In case you discover that parts are missing, feel free to reach out to the vendor for them to send the bits you need. Usually there is no problem with that.