We are posture experts that believe in the power of modern chair design.
We help office workers sit better, be productive and pain-free.

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Movement Assessment

We provide a detailed movement analysis using Functional Movement Screen (FMS) system. It helps to realize your current limitations and improve movement quality.

Ergonomic Chairs

We help people find best ergonomic chairs by providing guided reviews. We also help people individually in case by case basis.

Exercises & Workshops

We provide live and recorded exercise and ergonomic workshops that help people sit better, stay more productive and pain free.

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How Seniors Can Manage Back Pain

Last Updated on January 14, 2022 by Artem Back pain is an all too common experience among American adults. Researchers at the National Center For Health Statistics recently revealed that almost half (39%) of American men and women suffer from back pain. Additionally, adults over the age of 65, especially postmenopausal

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How Should I Sit if My Lower Back Hurts?

Last Updated on October 26, 2021 by Artem There are many causes of back pain among adults. It may be a medical condition, an injury, or incorrect lifting. Another leading cause of lower back pain that many people forget is bad sitting posture. How you sit plays a significant role

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