15 Ways to Make Your Chair More Comfortable Today

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Probably no one is going to argue that sitting all day is a fairly uncomfortable experience (remember yourself on a flight?).

However there are ways to make this experience a bit more enjoyable and a little less painful…

In this article I will show you 15 examples of how you can make your chair a lot more comfortable. Make sure to also check our list of comfy desk chairs.

And now…let’s get doing!

The Problem Is That We Just Can’t Avoid Sitting

Many people spend 40 hours a week at their desks. And that is not all. They tend to spend even more time on their computer at home.

As much as desk jobs may not seem to be physically demanding, they can surely cause us some physical difficulties. Although it is “just a desk job’’, spending all day at a desk working on a computer can cause total havoc on our bodies in the form of lower back pain, a very tight neck, wrist pain, and our bodies frequently get stuck.

Some people have had back problems to the extent of visiting several chiropractors and have tried many things in order to improve their posture. Slouching at the desk is often the cause of backaches. However, sitting straight is something that is easier said than done.

Although sitting down all day long can be both painful and uncomfortable, it is often inevitable. This is why it is important to find ways to make sitting at your desk more comfortable.

Remember, posture problems are not the only issues that can have a negative impact on our health. Our work surroundings can also contribute to other unexpected illnesses.

Regardless of whether you work in an office or work from home, you probably spend many hours fettered to your computer. Taking that into consideration, it is crucial to make your desk area both inspiring and comfortable.

Even though there are numerous desk exercises you can do in order to keep your body in good shape, having good quality cushions, chairs and lights around can certainly make your working experience comfortable. There are many ways you can make office chair more comfortable.

How to Make Any Chair More Comfortable?

1. Choose a Proper Chair

Since you possibly spend more than one-third of your life at a desk chair, you need to do what you can to ensure that you are sitting in a chair that is not damaging your spine.

Regardless of the number of cushions you pile up or position adjustments you make, that will not help you feel comfortable – without the right chair, to start with.

2. Consider a Standing Desk

If you spend lots of time at your desk, then it may be a high time you invested in a standing desk.

Obviously, sitting down for many hours is dangerous and can have major negative effects on your health.

While standing desks are quite costly, your health comes first and is perhaps one of those things that are worth investing in.

3. Purify Your Air

Keeping your lungs in top condition is important. In case you suffer from allergies, accumulation of pollen, dust, and hair from the office dog could actually be affecting your comfort and productivity on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to get some fresh air every hour or so.

But the good news is that there is the messiah of clean air in the form of air purifier, which you can use to purify your workspace.

4. Use a Seat Cushion

In case you suffer from sciatica or you just want some additional back support, then the best thing to do is to invest in a seat cushion.

Sitting for seven hours or more is not a small deal. You need to be as comfortable as possible.

A seat cushion will ease spine pressure. It will support your butt and thighs, evenly distributing weight and making your spine to align correctly.

5. Try a Laptop Stand

Looking down at your laptop continuously can eventually strain your neck.

Using a laptop stand will actually elevate your computer to your eye level, hence making your neck more comfortable in the end.

6. Check a Monitor Stand

Your monitor should be at the proper height for you.

What works for you may not necessarily work for your colleague.

An adjustable monitor stand is wonderful as it has a number of settings.

7. Use Ergonomic Mouse

Using a wireless ergonomic mouse is helpful in relieving some of the strain that a trackpad can trigger.

When using a mouse, you really want your hand plus wrist to keep in a neutral position to avoid putting pressure on your nerves.

An ergonomic mouse allows you to rest your hand comfortably.

8. Try Daylight Desk Lamp

If you sit in a dark office or workspace where there is inadequate natural light, you should think of buying a daylight lamp.

Since it has a natural light spectrum, you will not actually notice the difference.

9. Consider Ergonomic Footrest

With your back, eyes, and air already taken care of, it is time to focus on your feet.

An ergonomic footrest is perfect for those who get fidgety after sitting down for long periods.

It actually allows your lower body to move in four different ways while seated – side to side, up and down, forward and backward, as well as in circles.

10. Give Adjustable Footrest a Go

For one to maintain a good posture, the feet ought to be on the floor.

It can become increasingly uncomfortable for short people whose feet can hardly touch the floor under a desk.

An adjustable footrest can be helpful in maintaining good posture and is great for such people as it creates the optimum seating area.

11. Rest Your Wrists on Memory Foam

If you are a designer, you will be too engrossed to notice that you may be hurting your wrists as you type all those Photoshop shortcuts.

A memory foam wrist rest will be ideal for you and will certainly keep you clicking without any worry for many years.

12. Use a Desk Organizer

As the saying goes, a tidy desk makes for a tidy mind.

This is absolutely true because mess can be an indication of either lack of concentration or inspiration.

Apart from that, it can make your working day much less comfortable. As such, a desk organizer is your best option.

13. Try a Document Holder

To avoid unnecessary pain when you have to look up and down at a document to copy or need for reference, use a document holder.

It is helpful in keeping your papers at eye level.

14. Consider a Heated Blanket

Now that we have taken care of the basics of keeping you healthy and comfortable at your desk, the next thing you need is to get warm.

Irrespective of whether you are working in an office with temperature control – or at home and you are trying to keep the bills down, a heated blanket can make those long hours a bit easier.

15. Use a Heated Mouse Cover

Obviously, it is not possible to tuck your hands under your warm blanket while you are busy working.

That is why it is perhaps worth investing in a heated mouse pad, available in different styles and colors.

You can forget about fingerless gloves and welcome your new-found furry friend.


If you are experiencing discomfort from sitting at your desk, you need to conduct a desk audit.

Taking the above into consideration can go a long way in making your desk feel more comfortable.

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