How to Properly Adjust Ergonomic Chair: No Back-Neck Pain

Here we show how to properly adjust your ergonomic office chair using its features (e.g. seat height adjustment) so that it doesn’t cause neck, back, hip, leg, coccyx or any other type of pain. Contents: How to Adjust Ergonomic Desk Chair Best Ergonomic Chairs for Neck Pain Perfectly Adjusted Ergonomic Chair: Sum Up Related: Best Budget […]

How To Sit On Ergonomic Chair So To Avoid Square Bum Syndrome

I bet you know what prolonged sitting feels like. Tight hips, tense shoulders and strained back…and that’s only in best case scenario! The worst case scenario includes the so-called square bum syndrome and I will avoid describing it this time (I think, you know what it is). Istead I want to draw your attention to something […]

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