WonderGel Original Seat Cushion Review

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There is something to be said about the amazing abilities of the WonderGel seat cushion, a model from our best seat cushion for lower back pain list. It first appeared in small chain stores such as Target and Walmart a few years ago. It’s made from a very flexible polymer that is incredibly strong and flexible. This grate-style shape may look uncomfortable at first but is in fact, designed by an engineer with an aerospace background. Because of the elasticity of this material, it returns to its’ original shape immediately.

What it does is even more incredible since it acts as a naturally-designed cradle. Areas such as your tailbone, hips, and spine will feel more comfortable sitting on this seat cushion. Because the material does have high strength it supports your weight no matter how you are sitting. It can be placed onto virtually any kind of chair, office chair, or kitchen chair. The properties of this elastic material keep it from slipping off vinyl or fabric surfaces. They also offer a seat cover that helps keep hair and fiber off the gel material, helping last longer.

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When it comes to being a cool seat cushion, the cross-hatch pattern allows incredible airflow. This ensures that your seat will never become hot and uncomfortable. It can’t retain heat for very long unlike foam materials and fabric cushion pads. While there are many copycats on the market, the WonderGel seat cushion has long been a best seller. You will find that their main website offers new styles of seat cushions that are specially designed for maximum comfort.


  • Made from a material called Intelli-Gel, this is a highly-flexible polymer gel
  • This seat cushion is produced in the USA using aerospace technology
  • This product can be hand washed and air dried easily to keep it clean
  • An additional fabric cover can be purchased for this WonderGel seat cushion model
  • Many other seat cushion styles can be purchased from WonderGel


  • This is excellent if you suffer from tailbone pain or have had hip surgery recently
  • There are different shapes and thicknesses available from the Purple.com site
  • The best choice for sitting in a desk chair for long periods
  • Those who suffer from coccyx pain will find instant relief using this seat cushion
  • It can be taken anywhere and is perfect for long road trips in the car for hours
  • This cushion comes with a 1-year factory warranty from the time you receive it
  • The Purple Innovation Company currently offers many discounts and referring programs


  • It must be taken care of and covered since it can be affected by UV light and poor weather
  • This seat cushion is currently unavailable at Amazon, but their company readily sells them – https://purple.com/seat-cushions

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Our summary

The company that provides the WonderGel seat cushion also provides a wide range of truly incredible products. If you suffer from back pain, the Purple Innovation LLC Company has something that will ease your aches and pains.