Cooling Gel Seat Cushion For Car & Office Chair (Review)

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If you were on the look for a gel seat cushion, then I might have found the one for you.

In this post I review a model that made our ergonomic seat cushions list, explain the bits that you really want to know BEFORE buying any gel seat cushion and give a few alternatives at the end.

Why don’t we begin? 😉

This one comes from the guys at Posturion. When I first looked at this model (I also saw their ad on social media), it felt somewhat gimmicky.

It took around 11 days to get the cushion delivered and the whole route was trackable through the tracking number they sent me. The shipping was free and I was quite happy with that. Here is a bunch of features that you will probably be interested in.


Cooling Gel Sit Cushion For Car & Office Chair Review

1. Size

They clearly state the size of this gel seat cushion on their website which is 16L x 13.5W x 1.5H inches (or 41L x 34W x 4H cm). I saw a bunch of reviews for similar seat cushions where people were saying that the size was a bit too small for them – I will be checking it with this cushion.

It’s similar to another seat cushion – read miracle bamboo seat cushion review.

2. Free Cover

Yes, as they promised, I got their cover (that’s good to be washed) which is a nice bonus for any seat. It has those non-slippery dots on one side so that the seat cushion doesn’t glide off the sitting surface. However, I certainly like the look of mine so I won’t be using it with the cover on.

3. The Ease of Transportation

Indeed, this is a very flexible seat cushion that you can just roll and put it in a bag. It’s also not heavy (around 1.2 lbs) to carry around so I can see how I might be taking it to all sorts of different places starting from the cafe where I work from all the way to the car (passenger seat for me) and travelling – this seat cushion would be nice to use on the plane!

4. Maintenance

The gel cushion is very easy to maintain. In fact, if you remove the cover, you can simply sit on the cushion for as long as necessary. Even if it gets dirty, all you need is a bit of warm soapy water to clean it. The cover is washable…even though I would recommend hand wash.

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1. It is NOT a gimmick and does the job. The seat cushion absolutely DOES make sitting more comfortable and that’s pretty interesting to me because I would have never thought that I would want to continue using this cushion after I test it. However, here I am! Massage-like sensation with all the cells rubbing against the bum while I am sitting down.

2. The honeycomb structure and the gel material help to improve blood flow. I know this because, once I get up, I can see those cell-like marks all over my bum!
As I understand the process, this cushion slightly irritates the skin just enough for it to get all that blood flowing in the area. By no means this is a painful experience…rather a more therapeutic, health-promoting effect which I rather enjoy.

3. It fits me perfectly. The gel set cushion also doesn’t slide off any surface with or without the cover. The fact that it doesn’t slide down is a huge advantage because this way maintaining a good posture is a lot easier.

4. The breathability is excellent. The air is flowing through the cells of the seat cushion which definitely helped to keep my bum dry and, well, aerated (in case you ever wondered).

5. It’s also very easy to transport. And that’s for two reasons.
First, this gel seat cushion is very easy to bend or roll and, second, it’s very lightweight (only 1.3 lbs OR 0.6 kg at max). This means that I will be carrying it in my hand luggage for when I’ll be flying.

6. Easy to care for. Definitely the easiest seat cushion to care for as washing it literally takes 2-3 minutes and warm, soapy water. Also, it has machine washable cover.


1. It doesn’t actively help to improve posture but please allow me to explain. The donut seat cushion that I reviewed above is actually designed in a way that rotates your pelvis in a direction that promotes upright sitting. That is true ergonomics and orthopedics working at the same time.
This gel seat cushion doesn’t have those features because the gel material will not hold its shape just like foam would (that’s what the donut cushion is made of) so there is no way it will spin you in the right direction. However, as I mentioned it helps to maintain a good posture indirectly (e.g. the fact that it doesn’t slide off is a big, yet indirect, step towards a good posture).

2. Size could still be bigger. As I said above, it DOES fit my shape well.
However, I would still love to have it slightly bigger so I have a bit of “margin of error” when I sit on this seat cushion.

Quick Summary

All in all, the gimmicky-looking gel seat cushion exceeded my expectations BIG time! Definitely a keeper. Grab it from Posturion.