Egg Sitter Cushion Review

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Egg sitter – another cushion from our seat cushions summary. You may wonder why this cushion is named as the egg sitter cushion. The answer to this question is in the ability of this cushion to handle the body’s pressure points. If you sit on the cushion when an egg is placed on it, the egg will not break. It has a honeycomb structure that specializes in handling the pressure points and circulation of the air. The size of the cushion is suitable for most of the seats as it is 16 inches in length, 1.5 inches in height, and the width is 14 inches. If you are concerned about the cushion getting dirty, you should drop your worry as the cushion comes with a washable cover.

You can sit on the cushion all day long and it will not change the shape. It can be seen in a lot of advertisements and it can be easily bought from many online stores especially Amazon. It can be a special gift for the people who have back pain or spine problems. It is really helpful for solving back problems even for people with chronic back issues. Many physicians are recommending it to their patients for orthopedic use. The demand for this cushion is extremely high so the distributors usually have a low stock for the egg sitter cushion. When you find it in any online store, you should confirm the availability of the stock by calling the company or by sending an email.


  1. It is such a soft cushion that you can sit on it while placing the egg and the egg will not break.
  2. It has a honeycomb structure. It means that there are small hexagonal units that make up the whole cushion.
  3. It can be used as the orthopedic seat cushion because it retains its shape.
  4. The cushion is square so it can match most of the shapes of the seats.
  5. It is a lightweight cushion because the weight is 3.8 ounces.


  1. It is extremely durable so it will last for a long time.
  2. It is easy to handle because of less weight. You can carry it anywhere with you easily.
  3. The softness of the cushion is its most unique feature.
  4. It will not change the shape permanently even after the strong force is applied.
  5. It is a popular product with thousands of satisfied customers.


  1. It comes only in a single size. The company does not manufacture it in small or large sizes.
  2. It is not suitable for overweight people. They will have an issue with the width of the cushion.

Brief Summary

If you judge the cushion on its durability, softness, and availability, the egg cushion meets all the expectations. It makes the cushion desirable for most of the people who want to buy a cushion. By looking at the pros and cons of the egg sitter cushion, we can say that a person who is not overweight should prefer the egg weight cushion because it has all the important required features.