Donut Tailbone (Anti-Hemmoroid) Pillow Tested & Reviewed

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Today I review an anti-hemorrhoid donut seat cushion that is fit to use for anything related to hip, coccyx,  and tailbone pain.

I purchased this particular pillow from Posturion store and it got to me after a bit of a wait (10 days).

In this review, I cover my experiences from the moment that I received it and after some time now that I have been using it.

If you are ready to kick off, let’s get right to it!

Oh, and if you are video type of a person, check out this video review that I also recorded…


Donut Seat Cushion Video Review


Donut Pillow Features

1. Male/Female Shape

Posturion has two slightly different models of the (almost) same pillow. One is for men and the other one – for women.

Given that I got both of them (the other one is for my mother) I want to show you the difference in design.

As you can see, the male version has a slight indentation in the…khm…”male” area.

The female version instead has a part that is sticking out.

Here are they are again without the covers – it’s a lot easier to see the difference now!

In case you are curious, I tried sitting on a female cushion but this bit (that is sticking out) makes it seriously uncomfortable (it’s pushing right where it shouldn’t! 😀 ).


2. Material & Fabric

The first thing that stands out is the overall quality and feel of the cushion.

It feels nice to touch and the color (I got navy blue) is fantastic for my current workstation.

As advertised by Posturion, the cover is removable and washable (even though I’d only occasionally remove it and wash using the hand wash setting).

Here is what the insides of the cover look like – pretty neat I have to say.

Once you try to put it back, make sure to position the name tag at the rear part of the cushion because it’s where it has to be if you want to have it shaped properly (when I was putting it back on, I misplaced the cover slightly and the cushion appeared to be uneven).

My girlfriend also mentioned that the cushion itself has an expensive look and the memory foam is very nice to touch!


3. Memory Foam

The memory foam that is hidden inside feels and looks good as I showed previously

I can see it maintaining its shape for a good while even if you are a pretty big guy or girl (even though 240 lbs is really the maximum weight capacity for this pillow).

I did the “rebound test” and, indeed, it takes 2-3 seconds for the foam to rebound into its original shape which is a good sign.

Here is what it looks like in real life.

I was pressing pretty hard and it bounced back nicely – can’t complain here.



Let’s start with the good things…

1. It certainly does relieve coccyx/tailbone pressure and, I expect, hemorrhoids because it doesn’t allow your bum to touch the chair’s sitting surface. Essentially you are (almost) levitating and that’s a pretty cool feeling.

2. I didn’t expect it but it did push me to maintain proper posture. I believe that happens because this donut cushion also has indentations for legs which slightly rotates the pelvis helping you to maintain a much better sitting posture.

Here is the photo.

As you can see, my neck and upper back is a lot straighter and there is almost no forward head posture – love it!

3. The memory foam is the right mix of firm – it’s not very stiff but still holds shape well (I’m 180lbs of pure muscle hehe) making the entire experience as comfortable as possible.

4. Size-wise it’s very good and I expect it to fit anyone who is under 240lbs (no matter male or female).

5. It is good to use while driving or traveling because you can easily bring it with you (it’s around 1 pound and you can bend it)

6. Given that the cushion elevates your bum from the sitting surface, there is a lot less swelling in the hamstring area which makes prolonged sitting a lot more comfortable.



Here are 2 negative impressions that I got when using this donut cushion and none of them are really related to the product itself…here is what I mean.

1. I couldn’t comfortably use it while working on my laptop when seated in a standard dining (!) chair. After some time I would want to lean against the chair’s back but that would not be possible because the cushion is limited by the chair’s back (this is not a problem with a typical office chair because its backrest is separated from the sitting surface).

2. The seat cushion elevates you above the chair’s sitting surface and that takes a bit of getting used. However, if you are tall, I recommend picking a proper high back office chair because of that extra elevation.

Again, none of these are real CONs of the cushion itself.



All in all, it’s a great donut pillow for any chair…even if it’s for when you are dining!

It’s made out of quality materials, holds its shape, and looks good.

On top of that, you can always wash the outer fabric to make it look good even after some time (in fact, you can do it right after you purchase it).

That’s a keeper and you can also get it here!

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