Airhawk Pro Standard Truck Seat Cushion

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One of the models from our office chair cushions list…Don’t let the name fool you since this product is also best suited for wheelchairs, office chairs, and sitting chairs. The chambers within these bladders are all interconnected so the weight distribution is well balanced for seating support. While this cushion does inflate to 2-inches, it comfortably raises a seated person just -inch above the seat level. This cushion measures 19” x 19” as opposed to the office chair version that’s 19” x 17” for the same price!

This Airhawk seat cushion comes with a standard inflating valve and a free air pump. The slipcover can be removed and hand washed. Because it’s a polyester-based fabric, it should be air-dried on low heat or liner dried. There are adjustable straps that come with this cushion so it can attach to any office chair or indoor seating chair surface. It deflates as easy as it can be inflated, so getting the right amount of cushion is simplified. Unlike many other gel-pad or memory foam cushions, the unique bladder support system never fails.

There is never an issue with heat-retention since air freely flows between the inflated bladder cushions. It weighs a total of 3Lbs and comes with a generous 3-year warranty for the neoprene bladder seat. The slipcover is also covered by a 6-month limited warranty. If you sit for many hours in an office chair, this version will have better results. It also helps balance your body weight, so that a lack of blood circulation doesn’t lead to numbness. The Airhawk seat cushion is the perfect addition to make your office chair more comfortable for you.

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  • Improves seating posture and relieves upper and lower back pain
  • This inflatable seat cushion is universal to fit any size seat in your home
  • The neoprene cushion and slipcover material is water-resistant and lasts for several years
  • The air cushion cells distribute weight, allowing better blood circulation
  • This seat cover can also be ideal for stadium seating or on-the-go seat cushion comfort


  • Inflatable bladder design that improves posture and support
  • Perfect for post-surgery patients who have had hip replacements
  • This seat comes with a free air pump so you can inflate the bladder level to your liking
  • This cushion helps with chronic back pain issues when sitting for a long time
  • This cushion is two inches wider than the office version for the same price
  • Airhawk gives you a 3-year warranty on the bladder cushions
  • The underside features a non-slip vinyl base with a polyester blend slipcover


  • It does have a slight neoprene rubber smell that fades over time
  • This seller is currently out of stock but their website currently sells them directly

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Our summary

If you’ve been experiencing long-term pain from sitting for a lengthy period, this air cushion helps improve and reduce poor posture. It’s also the perfect solution to give you hours of comfy sitting without having heat building-up while you’re sitting all day.