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What is the best seat cushion out there?

If you are looking for the answer, then you are in the right place.

I collected several cushions for the purpose of this review, tried them all out and shared my personal experience right below. I first start with the summary I provided in the table followed by in-depth reviews of each seat cushion. Scroll down for all of them!


7 Best Seat Cushions for Men & Women


Here are the details of the seven best seat cushions that I have shortlisted for you.

1:  Best Orthopedic Sit Cushion

Time to review an anti-hemorrhoid foam donut seat cushion that is fit to use for anything related to hip, coccyx,  tailbone pain, and back pain.

I purchased this particular pillow from Posturion store and it got to me after a bit of a wait (10 days).

In this review, I cover my experiences from the moment that I received this cushion and after some time now that I have been using it.

Let’s kick off!

Oh, and if you are video type of a person, check out this video review that I also recorded…

Donut Seat Cushion Video Review

Donut Pillow Features

1. Male/Female Shape

Posturion has two slightly different best seat cushion versions of the (almost) same pillow. One is for men and the other one – for womenGiven that I got both of them (the other one is for my mother) I want to show you the difference in design.

As you can see, the male version has a slight indentation in the…khm…”male” area. The female version instead has a part that is sticking out. Here are they are again without the covers – it’s a lot easier to see the difference now!

In case you are curious, I tried sitting on a female cushion but this bit (that is sticking out) makes it seriously uncomfortable (it’s pushing right where it shouldn’t! 😀 ).

2. Material & Fabric

The first thing that stands out is the overall quality and feel of a best seat cushion. It feels nice to touch and the color (I got navy blue) is fantastic for my current workstation.

As advertised by Posturion, the cover is removable and washable (even though I’d only occasionally remove it and wash using the hand wash setting). Here is what the insides of the cover look like – pretty neat I have to say.

Once you try to put it back, make sure to position the name tag is at the rear part of the cushion because it’s where it has to be if you want to have it shaped properly (when I was putting it back on, I misplaced the cover slightly and the cushion appeared to be uneven). My girlfriend also mentioned that this seat cushion itself has an expensive look and the foam is very nice to touch!

3. Memory Foam

The  foam that is hidden inside feels and looks good as I showed previously. I can see this cushion maintaining its shape for a good while even if you are a pretty big guy or girl (even though 240 lbs is really the maximum weight capacity for this pillow). I did the “rebound test” and, indeed, it takes 2-3 seconds for it to rebound into the original shape which is a good sign. Here is what it looks like in real life.

I was pressing pretty hard and it bounced back nicely – can’t complain here.

Cushion PROs

Let’s start with the good things…

1. The cushion certainly does relieve coccyx/tailbone pressure and, I expect, hemorrhoids because it doesn’t allow your bum to touch the chair’s sitting surface. Essentially you are (almost) levitating and that’s a pretty cool feeling.

2. I didn’t expect it but the cushion did push me to maintain proper posture and provided me with lumbar support. I believe that happens because this donut cushion also has indentations for legs which slightly rotate the pelvis helping you to maintain a much better sitting posture and offering back support.

Here is the photo.

As you can see, my neck and upper back is a lot straighter and there is almost no forward head posture. That’s why it can help with aches from prolonged sitting – love it!

3. The foam on this seat cushion is the right mix of firm – it’s not very stiff but still holds shape well (I’m 180lbs of pure muscle hehe) making the entire experience as comfortable as possible.

4. Size-wise this seat cushion is very good and I expect it to fit anyone who is under 240lbs (no matter male or female).

5. It is good to use while driving or traveling because you can easily bring it with you (it’s around 1 pound and the foam can be bent).

6. Given that the cushion elevates your bum from the sitting surface, there is a lot less swelling in the hamstring area which makes prolonged sitting a lot more comfortable.

7. This best seat cushion comes with a cover that you can wash which is great.

Cushion CONs

Here are 2 negative impressions that I got when using this donut seat cushion and none of them are really related to the product itself…here is what I mean.

1. I couldn’t comfortably use the pillow while working on my laptop when seated in a standard dining (!) chair. After some time I would want to lean against the chair’s back but that would not be possible because the seat cushion is limited by the chair’s back (this is not a problem with a typical chair because its backrest is separated from the sitting surface).

2. The seat cushion elevates you above the chair’s sitting surface and that takes a bit of getting used. However, if you are tall, I recommend picking a proper high back chair because of that extra elevation. Again, none of these are real CONs of the seat cushion itself.

Quick Summary

All in all, it’s a great donut seat cushion…even if it’s for when you are dining! It helps with hip and back tension. The memory foam seat cushion is made out of quality materials, holds its shape, and looks good.

On top of that, you can always wash the outer fabric to make it look good even after some time (in fact, you can do it right after you purchase it). That’s a keeper and definitely one of the best seat cushions out there. Get it here!

2. Best Gel Seat Cushion

If you were wondering what is the best gel seat cushion, then I might have found the one for you.

In this post I review a model that made our list of absolute best seat cushions, explain the bits that you really want to know BEFORE buying any gel seat cushion and give a few alternatives at the end.

Why don’t we begin? 😉

Best Gel Seat Cushion Review

Just like the previous donut seat cushion I reviewed, this one also comes from the guys at PosturionWhen I first looked at this model (I also saw their ad on social media), it felt somewhat gimmicky.

Why would I want to sit on a few raw eggs at a time? Is there something I need to know? Does it help with pain? Why is it gel? Nonetheless, I proceeded with the order…and it turned out to be the best seat cushion…or least one of them.

It took around 11 days to get the cushion delivered and the whole route was trackable through the tracking number they sent me. The shipping was free and I was quite happy with that. Here is a bunch of features that you will probably be interested in.

1. Size

They clearly state the size of this gel seat cushion on their website which is 16L x 13.5W x 1.5H inches (or 41L x 34W x 4H cm). I saw a bunch of reviews for similar seat cushions where people were saying that the size was a bit too small for them – I will be checking it with this cushion.

2. Free Cover

Yes, as they promised, I got their cover (that’s good to be washed) which is a nice bonus for any seat. It has those non-slippery dots on one side so that the seat cushion doesn’t glide off the sitting surface. However, I certainly like the look of mine so I won’t be using it with the cover on.

3. The Ease of Transportation

Indeed, this is a very flexible seat cushion that you can just roll and put it in a bag. It’s also not heavy (around 1.2 lbs) to carry around so I can see how I might be taking it to all sorts of different places starting from the cafe where I work from all the way to the car (passenger seat for me) and travelling – this seat cushion would be nice to use on the plane!

4. Maintenance

The gel cushion is very easy to maintain. In fact, if you remove the cover, you can simply sit on the cushion for as long as necessary. Even if it gets dirty, all you need is a bit of warm soapy water to clean it. The cover is washable…even though I would recommend hand wash.

How I Tested This Gel Seat Cushion

I’m actually still “testing it” while I am writing this. So far, I have around 40 hours “active time” that I accumulated over the last few weeks I have been using this seat cushion mainly for when I work on my laptop. As I said earlier, I removed the cover from the seat cushion and used it while sitting for long office hours.

To me that seems like a pretty aggressive, real life situation so let’s first talk about the PROs and follow up with the CONs I noticed after using this seat cushion.

Cushion PROs

1. It is NOT a gimmick and does the job. The seat cushion absolutely DOES make sitting more comfortable and that’s pretty interesting to me because I would have never thought that I would want to continue using this cushion after I test it. However, here I am! Massage-like sensation with all the cells rubbing against the bum while I am sitting down.

2. The honeycomb structure and the gel material help to improve blood flowI know this because, once I get up, I can see those cell-like marks all over my bum! 
As I understand the process, this cushion slightly irritates the skin just enough for it to get all that blood flowing in the area. By no means this is a painful experience…rather a more therapeutic, health-promoting effect which I rather enjoy.

3. It fits me perfectly. The gel set cushion also doesn’t slide off any surface with or without the cover. The fact that it doesn’t slide down is a huge advantage because this way maintaining a good posture is a lot easier.

4. The breathability is excellent. The air is flowing through the cells of the seat cushion which definitely helped to keep my bum dry and, well, aerated (in case you ever wondered).

5. It’s also very easy to transport. And that’s for two reasons.
First, this gel seat cushion is very easy to bend or roll and, second, it’s very lightweight (only 1.3 lbs OR 0.6 kg at max). This means that I will be carrying it in my hand luggage for when I’ll be flying.

6. Easy to care for. Definitely the easiest seat cushion to care for as washing it literally takes 2-3 minutes and warm, soapy water. Also, it has machine washable cover. 

Cushion CONs

1. It doesn’t actively help to improve posture but please allow me to explainThe donut seat cushion that I reviewed above is actually designed in a way that rotates your pelvis in a direction that promotes upright sitting. That is true ergonomics and orthopedics working at the same time.
This gel seat cushion doesn’t have those features because the gel material will not hold its shape just like foam would (that’s what the donut cushion is made of) so there is no way it will spin you in the right direction. However, as I mentioned it helps to maintain a good posture indirectly (e.g. the fact that it doesn’t slide off is a big, yet indirect, step towards a good posture).

2. Size could still be bigger. As I said above, it DOES fit my shape well.
However, I would still love to have it slightly bigger so I have a bit of “margin of error” when I sit on this seat cushion.

Quick Summary

All in all, the gimmicky-looking gel seat cushion exceeded my expectations BIG time! Definitely one of the best seat cushions overall. I really like the cooling/massaging effect this pillow provides me with while I sit and work at my desk.

So…is this the absolute best seat cushion out there? In my world – it is. Grab it from Posturion.

3. PurenLatex U-Shape Seat Cushion

Memory Foam Seat Cushion
(click for more info)

As at the time of writing this review, this lumbar support pillow had been reviewed by 37 users and had a 4.9 star rating. That’s a good place to start so I took a deeper peek into what this seat cushion offers.

Well, if you think your buttocks are flat and you wish it was better shaped, I have some good news for you. Aside from all the benefits that this butt pillow offers, it promises to leave you with a better shaped butt after a period of continuous use which is probably why it’s on our best seat cushions list.

If you are not interesting in shaping your butt (who wouldn’t be interested?), then you can enjoy the other many features it offers. Let’s take a look at some of these other features…is this the best seat cushion?

Cushion Features

  • Best seat cushion designed for male and female use
  • Dimension – 17.7 x 13.7 x 2.7 inches
  • Weighs 1.1 pounds
  • 5 second rebound time
  • Breathable mesh cover
  • Mesh cover with non skid material
  • Machine washable cover


  • Corrects sitting posture
  • Brings extended comfort
  • Provides good back support
  • Helps shape the buttocks
  • Relieves pains & aches from extended sitting
  • Removable cover is hand-washable
  • Offers gender specific usage guide


  • Cannot be used in sunlight
  • Depending on your location, delivery may take a while

4. Memory Foam Car Seat Cushion

Next seat cushion in our best seat cushions list that was quite easy to pick out. For one, it is a common design that has proven to be effective in providing a number of benefits which include increased comfort and reduced lower back pains among other things.

More so, with 4.7 star rating from over 150 reviews, we can safely assume that the seat cushion is well made. This is one memory foam seat cushion for cars, office chairs, wheel chairs and practically any kind of chair.

It is adjustable, allowing you to lock it unto the kind of chair you want to use it on at any time. It also features a non skid side that reduces the risk of it sliding off. Let’s look at a breakdown of the features this seat cushion brings.

Cushion Features

  • Versatile design. You can use it in your car, when working or while traveling.
  • Made of 100% polyester and memory foam which helps with cleaning and durability.
  • Comfortable material (best seat cushion feature)
  • Elastic belt for adjustability
  • Breathable material great for long hours
  • 17.7 x 18.5 x 2.7 inches in dimension


  • Supports back, pelvic area and more
  • Offers relief from back pain & stiffness
  • Easy to wash with its removable cover
  • Easy to store with included hook
  • Can double as a booster seat
  • Memory foam provides additional comfort


  • For some, this may not be the right size for car use
  • The seat cushion comes in just the one size

5. U-Shape Seat Cushion Pad

Simple U-shaped Coccyx Pillow
(click for more info)

Do you want to know what I found intriguing about this cushion for office chairs? Here’s the thing, this cushion has a U shape, which in itself does not look like much. However, you are sure to be as intrigued as I was when you learn of the idea behind that design.

When it is to be used by a man, the U design should face forward. When however it is to be used by a woman, the U design should face backward. Now, do I fully understand the underlying mystery?

No I don’t, I just find it curious and interesting. It also made my best seat cushion list because it has a 5 star rating even if from just a few reviews. Here’s more on other features that it offers.

Cushion Features

  • Unique best seat cushion unisex design
  • Takes 5 seconds to rebound to original shape
  • Made with faux fur and memory foam
  • Has a removable cover for easy washing
  • Measures 17.7 x 13.7 x 2.7 inches


  • Provides comfort on any chair
  • Offers gender specific application
  • Easy to maintain memory foam
  • Can be used in different settings
  • Promotes good posture
  • Made from breathable material
  • Simple best seat cushion


  • Delivery may take a while
  • Material may have a very synthetic feel

6. U-shaped Butt Pillow For Travel

U-Shaped Cushion for Travel
(click for more info)

Whenever you see a cushion described as a “travel” this or that, the implication is usually that it is portable enough for you to travel with. This particular feature is what first attracted me to this butt pillow; if I may call it that. 

Other than that, this product, which can also function as an orthopedic cushion, has been designed to match the contours of the human buttocks and inner thighs to efficiently absorb the weight, spreading it effectively across the seat.

This ensures a more comfortable sitting experience devoid of aches, stiffness and other discomforts usually associated with extended seating. With a 4.8 star rating from almost 500 reviews, there was no way I was going to let this one go.

Is it the best seat cushion? Let’s check out its features first…

Cushion Features

  • Weighs 1.1 pounds
  • Dimension – 17.7 x 13.7 x 2.7 inches (fits a office chair)
  • 50D density
  • Non slip washable cover
  • Available in black, blue, grey, coffee and purple
  • Durable inner material and breathable outer cover


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Promotes increased sitting comfort
  • Relieves aches from sitting
  • Aids blood circulation even while seated
  • Comes in various colors
  • Non slip cover can be removed and washed


  • May not be very effective for anyone weighing over 120 pounds

7. Comfort Memory Gel Foam Cushion

U-shaped Gel Sponge Cushion
(click for more info)

If you are looking for the best seat cushion for lower back pain, then you may want to take a close look at this product. While this specific cushion may not have a lot of reviews, the few that it has give it excellent ratings.

However, the main reason I added it to this list is because if offers something similar to a product I previously mentioned – the cool gel. You actually have the option of choosing the gel or foam seat cushion.

I have now come to understand that among other things, this cools gel actually keeps your butt cool while you are using it on an office chair. Sitting generates heat, especially on those really hot summer days.

What this gel does is to absorb and dissipate the heat, keeping your behind cool. Here’s more of what it offers.

Chair Features

  • Made of foam and gel film
  • Dimension – 18.11 x 14.16 x 2.7 – suits a standard seat
  • Offered in black, grey, blue and pink colors
  • Unisex design
  • Ergonomic learn design that molds to your shape
  • Durable and breathable mesh


  • Offers a choice between foam and gel cushions
  • Color options make it easy to match with your interior
  • Improves sitting comfort and lumbar support
  • Keeps you cool during the summer and warm in winter
  • Can be used for long periods of sitting


  • Comes in just one size

My Overall Best

Picking one single best seat cushion after looking at several products that offer practically the same features is not the easiest of tasks. Having said that, I will tell you which of the 7 products above is my overall best. 

It was really a tough choice but I finally went with the Anti-Hemorrhoid Chair Cushion for Hip Pain.

Unlike the other cushions, this one actually offers a therapeutic effect – helps to get you into the correct posture, open up your hips deload tailbone from unnecessary tension which can be daunting if you have a problem in that area.

If I was to pick something more general, I would then recommend the gel seat cushion because it offers a high level of therapeutic comfort while improving blood flow in the bum area. Check it out – it’s very versatile and can be used by women and men!

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