Riptgear Posture Corrector Review

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The RiptGear Posture Corrector is one more model from our best posture corrector article. a comfortable, durable, and supportive back brace. Lightweight and discreet, it can easily be worn under most clothes without showing. The ‘backpack-like’ design of this posture corrector makes it perfectly suitable for both men and women. Additionally, it is a great aid for people of all ages (although a pediatrician should be consulted before having a child wear it). Flexible and adjustable, this posture corrector is ‘one size fits most’, fitting chest sizes from 27″ to 47″.

The Riptgear Posture Corrector is a versatile aid, designed to perform several functions. In the short term, it provides neck and back pain relief by pulling your shoulders back, and realigning your shoulders, clavicles, and spine. In the long term, it improves your upper body posture by promoting muscle memory in problem areas like the shoulders and upper back. Wear it at home, in your car on your way to work, or at the office, and you’ll start seeing results.

Thin, flexible, and made out of breathable, moisture-wicking nylon fabric, you can easily wear this back brace under your clothes for extended periods of time (however, it is recommended to wear it over an undershirt to prevent irritation or chafing). It is corrective and supportive without being overly restrictive, which means that you can wear it for physical work or even exercise, without having to worry about it limiting your range of motion.

If you suffer from back, neck, or shoulder pain due to bad posture, or are feeling unhappy and self-conscious about slouching or hunching, then this posture corrector is just the thing for you. You will feel a difference in your posture as soon as your put it on, and in as little as 14 days you could start seeing long-lasting results.


  • Designed to be worn like a backpack, making it comfortable and non-restrictive.
  • Adjustable size, ranging from 27″ to 47″.
  • Made out of durable and high quality materials.
  • Relieves back, neck, and shoulder pain caused by bad posture.
  • Promotes long-term muscle memory to improve upper body posture.


  • Comfortable and adjustable: Conforms to your body for maximum comfort.
  • Thin and discreet: Hides perfectly under shirts or blouses.
  • High quality and well made: Breathable, double-stitched nylon fabric stays dry, and is resistible to normal wear and tear.
  • Friendly and efficient customer service at RiptGear.


  • No additional sizes means it might not fit people who are plus-sized or have a smaller frame.
  • It comes with limited instructions, so figuring out the proper way to put it on and adjust it can be a little tricky at first.


Versatile, supportive, effective, and durable, the RiptGear Posture Corrector is a great physical aid for those suffering from bad posture, and the pain or self-image issues that it can cause. While not a medical device (so people with severe posture problems should consult a doctor or physical therapist), this back brace will help improve your posture, reduce back, neck, and shoulder pain, and boost your self-confidence.