Posturion’s Upper Back Corrector Review

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Every back brace on our best posture corrector list I also tested on my girlfriend (obviously with her consent!). Out of all the braces in this review, we came to the conclusion that this one is best for women.

So unlike the other two posture correctors I covered above, this one has a slightly different design…even though the idea of improving a poor posture is still the same. Just like before, I got this posture corrector from Posturion and it took around 2 weeks to get delivered. And now let’s look at it closer!



1. Shoulder straps

Unlike with the other posture correctors, straps here are made out of elastic material which makes it easy to put them on. Otherwise there is no way you can adjust them by, for example, making them shorter or longer. I expect this to have a certain limitation for anyone that’s either too big or too small.

2. Size Control

This is the only feature that allows certain degree of control – you can adjust the width of this posture corrector making it pull more or less intensively. This is all done by using the velcro strap which is located on the back (essentially it’s the bit that holds the entire corrector together). This a typical feature over the shoulder type posture correctors would have – nothing unusual.



I already mentioned that I didn’t expect to feature this posture corrector in this list but…when I put it on, I changed my mind about its posture correction capabilities. Here is why I liked it.

1. Comfortable Design. The way this posture corrector is designed helps to avoid any pressure in the neck (which is good for anyone with neck or lower back pain), between the shoulder blades and trapezius area. This is, perhaps, the biggest advantage of this model.
The posture corrector easy to put on and feels decent in the armpit area because the straps are elastic. This lack of rigidity makes them softer on the nerve that goes through that armpit area after you get used to the initial feeling of having it on.

2. Naturally Better Posture. Another cool benefit of such a design is that the shoulders are being pulled back in a more comfortable and, as I could feel it, natural way. This definitely helps to spend more time wearing the corrector which should help with getting you to your good posture quicker.

3. Petit and easy to carry with you. Size-wise, this posture corrector is the smallest and the lightest one of all. It’s very easy to bend and carry with you wherever you want to take it. So if you are looking for an easy to transport back brace, this is the one!

4. Actually invisible under clothes. Unlike the other models that I looked at, this is the only posture corrector that I could almost certainly tell is invisible under clothes. First, it comes in two colors – black and white – which makes it easier to camouflage it under different type of clothes.
Second, its size and lightweight design with the absence of plastic buckles (that make any corrector bulkier) doesn’t lead to it sticking out even if you are only wearing a t-shirt over it.

5. Easy to adjust. This posture corrector has just one thing that you can adjust and it is that velcro strap on the back. If you want it to pull more, strap it to be tighter and vice versa.



So as we tried it on and wore for some time between is, we put together this list of negative points.

1. Workmanship. I was not happy with the quality of the seams and the overall quality of the “built” of this posture corrector. One strap started de-attaching from the rest of the corrector almost immediately (because the string they used to sew the back brace wasn’t holding it anymore).
The overall built also doesn’t add confidence to the overall quality of this posture corrector – it just doesn’t look good. I reached out to Posturion and they are now aware of this issue so, hopefully, this will get better.

2. Not THAT Strong. It does pull my upper body back but it does so without much intensity (which is partially the reason why I would consider this particular model to be the best corrector for women rather than men).
As a man, I don’t feel how this posture corrector helps to open up my chest (like it did with the other two braces I reviewed above), nor do I feel any improvement in my breathing. However, my girlfriend said that this is one of the more comfortable posture correctors for her as it doesn’t pull back as much.



All in all, it’s a comfortable posture corrector which is probably best for women with poor posture given that it is not as rigid as the ones we tested previously. It does help to reduce back pain (even though there is no lumbar support) and improve bad posture but the workmanship wasn’t great in this particular piece (even though the shop is aware of this problem so this should probably improve). 

This simple posture corrector is also actually invisible under clothes and is very comfortable even when you wear it for a while. And now…onwards to other posture correctors!