Posturion’s Shoulder Brace Review

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Another best posture corrector for men and women from Posturion that made my list. Let’s look into it in this review in more details!



I received this back brace in around 2 weeks and began testing it in different settings (e.g. walking, driving, computer work). All in all, I ended up being quite satisfied with this corrector but…let’s get down to it first.


Main Features

Before I get to my personal experience of using this posture corrector, I want to briefly run down the main features this corrector offers on paper.

1. Material

another brace from the best correctors list lying on the floor with the straps detached

This posture corrector is made of several different materials that include:

  • Velcros that fix the straps in a desired position
  • Nylon
  • Perforated fabric

There are also two plastic buckles on the back where the straps are attached.


2. Adjustability

You can adjust the length of the straps of this posture corrector to fit your shoulders comfortably. It comes in only one size and fits anyone with the chest size between 40 and 48 inches (101-122 cm). Unlike some other posture correctors, this one can’t be attached to the person’s height as there is no vertical adjustment on the back.


3. Comfort

a black posture corrector is lying on the floor on a photo collage where both sides are illustrated

Perforated straps (like on the “Front Side” part of the image above) help with two things.

First, they make the posture corrector significantly more comfortable to wear. Second, they allow for improved breathability during a warmer day.



Here is a bunch of positives that I felt immediately after I put this posture corrector on.

1. This particular posture corrector definitely works! It does help to improve poor posture and reduce back pain right away (I can feel that now as I’m typing this hehe). It also helped with lower back pain – great!

A young man posing without and with one of the correctors for back. As he is wearing it, his posture improves.

2. I also experience my breathing improves big time. And it feels great because it’s one of the immediate benefits I got once I put this posture corrector on.

Front and back view of me trying it on.

Shallow breathing is something I personally experience because I spend quite a while on my computer which stiffens up my chest muscles and doesn’t allow my lungs to fully fill up with air. With this back brace on, I feel like I am NOT shallow breathing anymore which is great for just about everything – posture, brain function and productivity.

3. As I am wearing this posture corrector more and more (and as I am breathing better with it), I also feel calmer. Naturally I am a more anxious person but with better posture I feel more at peace (again, deeper and slower breathing is what’s really helping here).

4. It’s relatively easy to put on and you can adjust it without taking it off which is nice to do if you need to decrease/increase the intensity of the pull.

5. It’s a quality posture corrector as it feels sturdy and lasting. It also holds the pull if you are in a mood for adjusting the straps as tight as possible.

6. The wider perforated straps this posture corrector comes equipped with feel really comfortable on upper traps and neck muscles – they don’t burn into skin and that’s an important bit if you are looking to wear it longer throughout the day.



Here is a few negatives that I observed with this posture corrector.

1. I miss the height adjusting feature that allows to control where the straps attach on the back. This doesn’t affect its capability of fixing poor posture or providing lumbar support but it would still be nice to have.

I am a pretty tall guy at 6’2″ (188 cm) and I felt that the “back” part of the posture corrector is a bit too short for me which positions the straps in the least comfortable spot in the armpits which brings me to…

a young man is wearing one of the best posture correctors facing the camera with his back

2. The straps were too tight in the armpit area (again, because of the lack of the back length adjusting feature) which caused some sort of nerve irritation (I could feel tingling) while I was walking and moving around. As I was testing the posture corrector, I didn’t have nearly as much discomfort while I was just sitting down in front of my laptop…in fact, it was quite the opposite and felt really good.



All in all, this posture corrector does a really good job of improving a poor posture and reducing back pain. It’s a good option for you, if you are shorter person and your idea is to use this posture corrector while sitting or doing some sort of work while at your desk.

Definitely one of the best posture correctors out there for developing a good posture. You can get it from Posturion – click the button below to learn more.