Posturion Height Adjustable Posture Corrector Review

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Posturion’s height adjustable posture corrector made our best posture corrector list and in this review I look into this model in more details. Let’s get started!



The corrector took around 2 weeks to get delivered with Posturion’s free tracked delivery (and I ordered this item when I was in Indonesia so not bad at all).

After I opened up the packaging and looked at this particular posture corrector, I remember thinking that it is probably a gimmick because it didn’t really look very sturdy unlike another model that I got from the same store. The workmanship also didn’t really impress me but…as it turned out I was a little too fast with judging this. Let’s look at it closer.



1. Length Adjustable Straps

A pretty basic feature that nearly all of the posture correctors have but in this case the straps seem quite a bit longer than in other models I checked out.

Here is what they look like.

one of the best posture correctors lying on the floor for a review

Maybe this is a sort of optical illusion because the straps are not really wide (and that is a concern I have at the moment because thinner straps tend to get into armpits with more intensity…let’s see how it turns out).

2. Height Adjustable Back Length

one of the posture braces depicted with the height adjustment buckle

This is a little buckle that you can use to either, increase on decrease, the length of this posture corrector’s “back” – check it out.

This is a good feature for better adjustment and comfort of the posture corrector…especially for tall people that really need to have that back longer.

I don’t have any expectations about this feature because it is literally the first posture corrector that I’m trying out that actually has this bit in place – I’m curious!



1. This back brace did a good job of pulling my shoulders and reducing neck pain. It certainly works and holds me in that posture for as long as I want it to!

The cool part is that I don’t really need to put any effort into it (but it felt like my brain actually got wired to maintain a good posture even after I took the brace off). This posture corrector works so well that I also didn’t need any lumbar support.

a young guy testing one of the correctors with a before and after photo put in a collage

2. It’s one of the posture correctors that prevented me from slouching by removing that hump (aka hyperkyphosis) some people develop from sitting in a poor posture.

3. The back’s height adjustment really helped me to make the posture corrector a lot more comfortable for my height and I’m a pretty tall guy at 6’2″ (188 cm). Height adjustment helped me to reduce the pressure from the straps that I felt in my armpits and that made it easier to walk around while wearing this back brace.

a young man standing with one of the posture braces on his back

4. As I was using the posture corrector, sitting and working at my computer felt a lot more relaxing (“peaceful” is a better work) because my breathing stopped being shallow and my poor posture improved. That happened because the shoulders that are pulled back by the posture corrector help to open up the chest muscles and they are usually tight, limiting the function of lungs.

5. As I could breathe better, I felt less anxiety and more brain focus (I guess that comes from more oxygen filling my lungs) – definitely a big benefit this back brace brought in for an anxious person that I am.

young man depicted on a collage where he is standing facing the camera and turned away from the camera wearing one of the posture correctors

6. This posture corrector is easy to put on and the straps are quite easy to adjust on the go. However, it might be easier to find someone help you adjust that back’s height buckle while you are wearing the corrector.

7. It is one of the more comfortable posture correctors to wear for prolonged periods of time.



1. This is not a big one but the straps of this posture corrector could have been perforated for better air circulation. I live in an ACed environment so I don’t really sweat but that could be an issue once you try to wear the corrector on a hot day.

2. Even though thinner straps did not become a problem as I originally anticipated (thanks to the height adjustment feature), they still could be thicker or the posture corrector could come with some sort of pads.



Well, this specific posture corrector certainly does the job and actually helps to correct posture and reduce back pain (you’d be surprised to learn that quite a few correctors do absolutely nothing for that).

I really liked this back brace because of that vertical height adjustment buckle. For me personally it made the biggest difference because the straps weren’t hurting my armpits after I extended the back’s length.

This means that I can wear the posture corrector for longer and enjoy the benefits of posture correction without the negative effects (like back pain). Finally, it’s easy to use! I recommend this model.

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