Best Posture Corrector in 2020 (+9 Contender Reviews)

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In this post I share my path to discovering the best posture corrector as well showing some great alternatives that you can get and immediately help your spine.

In fact, I am going to start with giving you 10 best correctors that I found and then look at every single one of them a lot closer.

Posture correction is a tricky subject so let’s get started!

10 Posture Correctors for Men & Women

OrderModelWe Love It ForDetails & Prices
PC by TruweoOne size fits all!
PC by GearariLifetime guarantee!
Altopolo’s PCInvisible under clothing!
BetterBack’s Posture BeltFast acting!
Posture Corrector for Men & WomenEasy to wear!
Upper Back BraceCan be worn for long periods of time!
Back Brace by TUBNVOOTFull back support!
Posture Brace Strap by 4WellEasy to wear and adjust!
Adjustable PC by BOLLOVIIdeal for sports!
Posture Trainer by ruobangMakes you look fitter!

And now let’s look at each of these posture correctors in more details.

1. Posture Corrector From Posturion

The corrector took around 2 weeks to get delivered with Posturion’s free tracked delivery (and I ordered this item when I was in Indonesia so not bad at all).

After I opened up the packaging and looked at this particular posture corrector, I remember thinking that it is probably a gimmick because it didn’t really look very sturdy unlike another model that I got from the same store. The workmanship also didn’t really impress me but…as it turned out I was a little too fast with judging this. Let’s look at it closer.


1. Length Adjustable Straps

A pretty basic feature that nearly all of the posture correctors have but in this case the straps seem quite a bit longer than in other models I checked out. 

Here is what they look like.

one of the best posture correctors lying on the floor for a review

Maybe this is a sort of optical illusion because the straps are not really wide (and that is a concern I have at the moment because thinner straps tend to get into armpits with more intensity…let’s see how it turns out).

2. Height Adjustable Back Length

This is a little buckle that you can use to either, increase on decrease, the length of this posture corrector’s “back” – check it out.

one of the posture braces depicted with the height adjustment buckle

This is a good feature for better adjustment and comfort of the posture corrector…especially for tall people that really need to have that back longer. I don’t have any expectations about this feature because it is literally the first posture corrector that I’m trying out that actually has this bit in place – I’m curious!


1. This back brace did a good job of pulling my shoulders and reducing neck pain. It certainly works and holds me in that posture for as long as I want it to – a definite best posture corrector type of thing to do!

The cool part is that I don’t really need to put any effort into it (but it felt like my brain actually got wired to maintain a good posture even after I took the brace off). This posture corrector works so well that I also didn’t need any lumbar support.

a young guy testing one of the correctors with a before and after photo put in a collage

2. It’s one of the posture correctors that prevented me from slouching by removing that hump (aka hyperkyphosis) some people develop from sitting in a poor posture.

3. The back’s height adjustment really helped me to make the posture corrector a lot more comfortable for my height and I’m a pretty tall guy at 6’2″ (188 cm). Height adjustment helped me to reduce the pressure from the straps that I felt in my armpits and that made it easier to walk around while wearing this back brace.

a young man standing with one of the posture braces on his back

4. As I was using the posture corrector, sitting and working at my computer felt a lot more relaxing (“peaceful” is a better work) because my breathing stopped being shallow and my poor posture improved. That happened because the shoulders that are pulled back by the posture corrector help to open up the chest muscles and they are usually tight, limiting the function of lungs.

5. As I could breathe better, I felt less anxiety and more brain focus (I guess that comes from more oxygen filling my lungs) – definitely a big benefit this back brace brought in for an anxious person that I am.

young man depicted on a collage where he is standing facing the camera and turned away from the camera wearing one of the posture correctors

6. This posture corrector is easy to put on and the straps are quite easy to adjust on the go. However, it might be easier to find someone help you adjust that back’s height buckle while you are wearing the corrector.

7. It is one of the more comfortable posture correctors to wear for prolonged periods of time.


1. This is not a big one but the straps of this posture corrector could have been perforated for better air circulation. I live in an ACed environment so I don’t really sweat but that could be an issue once you try to wear the corrector on a hot day.

2. Even though thinner straps did not become a problem as I originally anticipated (thanks to the height adjustment feature), they still could be thicker or the posture corrector could come with some sort of pads.


Well, this specific posture corrector certainly does the job and actually helps to correct posture and reduce back pain (you’d be surprised to learn that quite a few correctors do absolutely nothing for that). 

I really liked this back brace because of that vertical height adjustment buckle. For me personally it made the biggest difference because the straps weren’t hurting my armpits after I extended the back’s length (I think this feature makes it one of the best posture correctors overall). 

This means that I can wear the posture corrector for longer and enjoy the benefits of posture correction without the negative effects (like back pain). Finally, it’s easy to use! I would recommend this as the best posture corrector out there as of now.

Want to learn more about this back brace? Click the button below!

2. Posturion’s Shoulder Brac Posture Corrector

Another posture corrector for men and women with poor posture which I got from Posturion store.

From the moment that I took it out from the packaging, I knew it will be on our posture correctors list. I received this back brace in around 2 weeks and began testing it in different settings (e.g. walking, driving, computer work). All in all, I ended up being quite satisfied with this corrector but…let’s get down to it first.

Shoulder Posture Brace: Main Features

Before I get to my personal experience of using this posture corrector, I want to briefly run down the main features this corrector offers on paper.

1. Material

another brace from the best correctors list lying on the floor with the straps detached

This posture corrector is made of several different materials that include:

  • Velcros that fix the straps in a desired position
  • Nylon
  • Perforated fabric

There are also two plastic buckles on the back where the straps are attached.

2. Adjustability

You can adjust the length of the straps of this posture corrector to fit your shoulders comfortably. It comes in only one size and fits anyone with the chest size between 40 and 48 inches (101-122 cm). Unlike some other posture correctors, this one can’t be attached to the person’s height as there is no vertical adjustment on the back.

3. Comfort

a black posture corrector is lying on the floor on a photo collage where both sides are illustrated

Perforated straps (like on the “Front Side” part of the image above) help with two things.

First, they make the posture corrector significantly more comfortable to wear. Second, they allow for improved breathability during a warmer day.


Here is a bunch of positives that I felt immediately after I put this posture corrector on.

1. This particular posture corrector definitely works! It does help to improve poor posture and reduce back pain right away (I can feel that now as I’m typing this hehe). It also helped with lower back pain – great!

A young man posing without and with one of the correctors for back. As he is wearing it, his posture improves.

2. I also experience my breathing improves big time. And it feels great because it’s one of the immediate benefits I got once I put this posture corrector on.

Front and back view of me trying it on.

Shallow breathing is something I personally experience because I spend quite a while on my computer which stiffens up my chest muscles and doesn’t allow my lungs to fully fill up with air. With this back brace on, I feel like I am NOT shallow breathing anymore which is great for just about everything – posture, brain function and productivity.

3. As I am wearing this posture corrector more and more (and as I am breathing better with it), I also feel calmer. Naturally I am a more anxious person but with better posture I feel more at peace (again, deeper and slower breathing is what’s really helping here).

4. It’s relatively easy to put on and you can adjust it without taking it off which is nice to do if you need to decrease/increase the intensity of the pull.

5. It’s a quality posture corrector as it feels sturdy and lasting. It also holds the pull if you are in a mood for adjusting the straps as tight as possible.

6. The wider perforated straps this posture corrector comes equipped with feel really comfortable on upper traps and neck muscles – they don’t burn into skin and that’s an important bit if you are looking to wear it longer throughout the day.


Here is a few negatives that I observed with this posture corrector.

1. I miss the height adjusting feature that allows to control where the straps attach on the back. This doesn’t affect its capability of fixing poor posture or providing lumbar support but it would still be nice to have.

I am a pretty tall guy at 6’2″ (188 cm) and I felt that the “back” part of the posture corrector is a bit too short for me which positions the straps in the least comfortable spot in the armpits which brings me to…

a young man is wearing one of the best posture correctors facing the camera with his back

2. The straps were too tight in the armpit area (again, because of the lack of the back length adjusting feature) which caused some sort of nerve irritation (I could feel tingling) while I was walking and moving aroundAs I was testing the posture corrector, I didn’t have nearly as much discomfort while I was just sitting down in front of my laptop…in fact, it was quite the opposite and felt really good.


All in all, this posture corrector does a really good job of improving a poor posture and reducing back painIt’s a good option for you, if you are shorter person and your idea is to use this posture corrector while sitting or doing some sort of work while at your desk.

Definitely one of the best posture correctors out there for developing a good posture. You can get it from Posturion – click the button below to learn more.

Posture Corrector for Women

Every back brace on this best posture corrector list I also tested on my girlfriend (obviously with her consent!). Out of all the braces in this review, we came to the conclusion that this one is best for women.

So unlike the other two posture correctors I covered above, this one has a slightly different design…even though the idea of improving a poor posture is still the same. Just like before, I got this posture corrector from Posturion and it took around 2 weeks to get delivered. And now let’s look at it closer!


1. Shoulder straps

Unlike with the other posture correctors, straps here are made out of elastic material which makes it easy to put them on. Otherwise there is no way you can adjust them by, for example, making them shorter or longer. I expect this to have a certain limitation for anyone that’s either too big or too small.

2. Size Control

This is the only feature that allows certain degree of control – you can adjust the width of this posture corrector making it pull more or less intensively. This is all done by using the velcro strap which is located on the back (essentially it’s the bit that holds the entire corrector together). This a typical feature over the shoulder type posture correctors would have – nothing unusual.



I already mentioned that I didn’t expect to feature this posture corrector in this list but…when I put it on, I changed my mind about its posture correction capabilities. Here is why I liked it.

1. Comfortable Design. The way this posture corrector is designed helps to avoid any pressure in the neck (which is good for anyone with neck or lower back pain), between the shoulder blades and trapezius area. This is, perhaps, the biggest advantage of this model.
The posture corrector easy to put on and feels decent in the armpit area because the straps are elastic. This lack of rigidity makes them softer on the nerve that goes through that armpit area after you get used to the initial feeling of having it on.

2. Naturally Better Posture. Another cool benefit of such a design is that the shoulders are being pulled back in a more comfortable and, as I could feel it, natural way. This definitely helps to spend more time wearing the corrector which should help with getting you to your best posture quicker.

3. Petit and easy to carry with you. Size-wise, this posture corrector is the smallest and the lightest one of all. It’s very easy to bend and carry with you wherever you want to take it. So if you are looking for an easy to transport back brace, this is the one!

4. Actually invisible under clothes. Unlike the other models that I looked at, this is the only posture corrector that I could almost certainly tell is invisible under clothes. First, it comes in two colors – black and white – which makes it easier to camouflage it under different type of clothes.
Second, its size and lightweight design with the absence of plastic buckles (that make any corrector bulkier) doesn’t lead to it sticking out even if you are only wearing a t-shirt over it.

5. Easy to adjust. This posture corrector has just one thing that you can adjust and it is that velcro strap on the back. If you want it to pull more, strap it to be tighter and vice versa.



So as we tried it on and wore for some time between is, we put together this list of negative points.

1. Workmanship. I was not happy with the quality of the seams and the overall quality of the “built” of this posture corrector. One strap started de-attaching from the rest of the corrector almost immediately (because the string they used to sew the back brace wasn’t holding it anymore).
The overall built also doesn’t add confidence to the overall quality of this posture corrector – it just doesn’t look good. I reached out to Posturion and they are now aware of this issue so, hopefully, this will get better.

2. Not THAT Strong. It does pull my upper body back but it does so without much intensity (which is partially the reason why I would consider this particular model to be the best corrector for women rather than men).
As a man, I don’t feel how this posture corrector helps to open up my chest (like it did with the other two braces I reviewed above), nor do I feel any improvement in my breathing. However, my girlfriend said that this is one of the more comfortable posture correctors for her as it doesn’t pull back as much.



All in all, it’s a comfortable posture corrector which is probably best for women with poor posture given that it is not as rigid as the ones we tested previously. It does help to reduce back pain (even though there is no lumbar support) and improve bad posture but the workmanship wasn’t great in this particular piece (even though the shop is aware of this problem so this should probably improve). 

This simple posture corrector is also actually invisible under clothes and is very comfortable even when you wear it for a while. And now…onwards to other posture correctors!

4. BetterBack’s Lower Back Posture Corrector 

The very first thing that attracted me to this posture corrector is the fact that it works a little differently from the others we have looked before now. Obviously it also focuses more on lower back support and fixing bad posture from there.

Interestingly and despite the fact that it appears to cost a bit more, it is still highly rated which I consider a great sign. Here are some of the important points you need to know about this posture corrector.



  • Posture corrector that focuses on lower back support
  • Effective for both men and women
  • Best for waist sizes up to 36 inches
  • Easy to wear
  • Portable and easy to carry around


  • Provides effective lower back support
  • Effective but comfortable to wear
  • Helps to reduce back pain
  • Requires only 15 minutes of use each day
  • Reverses years of chronic back and support issues
  • Corrects bad posture
  • Makes any chair ergonomic


  • Cannot be worn under clothing
  • You have to take it off every time you need to stand up

5. Leramed Posture Corrector

If you are wondering why this posture corrector made this list, yes I know that it does not look like the kind of product I will put in this list. 

That said, there are a few features (that are quite similar to the other posture correctors) I found that I think that some users will find effective. Let’s examine a few of the features this posture corrector brings…


  • One of the posture correctors for men and women
  • Simple but effective design
  • Adjustable posture corrector
  • Fits 27 to 45 inches chest sizes
  • Detachable pads for increased wearing comfort
  • Strong and breathable material


  • Easy to wear and develop good posture
  • Easy front adjustment for a perfect fit
  • Improves bad posture and neck pain
  • Eliminates lower back pain
  • Not visible under cloths
  • Comfortable for extended use
  • Easy to use


  • Nothing I could find for now

6. Posture Corrector by PORTHOLIC

A first look at this back brace from Portholic reveals a very simple design that does not appear to offer much.

Here’s the thing, I actually found that it offers more than I initially thought. The most outstanding fact about it is that you can use it in two ways.

You can strap it across your chest or you can strap it along the shoulders for a more traditional posture correction. These two modes offer options that many other posture correctors do not. Check these out.



  • Unisex design
  • Two support modes
  • Simplistic design
  • One of the fully adjustable posture correctors
  • Large Velcro area
  • Wider belt design


  • Posture corrector that helps to improve bad posture
  • Provides support for good posture
  • Helps to relieve neck & back pain
  • Easy to fasten and stays fastened
  • Easy to wear and adjust
  • Does not show under clothes
  • Can be washed
  • Comes with a 12-month guarantee


  • The second wearing mode may be a bit pinchy under the arm
  • Can be out of stock

7. Posture Corrector by TUBNVOOT

This is one product I found particularly interesting so it made it here, to our list of posture correctors. It is largely different from many other back support products out there because it provides a fuller support structure.

While many back posture correctors simply grip and straighten the shoulders and upper back, this one spreads to the lower back to grip and proper align the lumbar area.

That’s not all, in front, it can also help hold in the stomach. That’s like killing two birds with one stone. Check out this posture corrector.



  • Unisex posture corrector
  • Full back support – neck, shoulder and lower back
  • High quality breathable material
  • One of the posture correctors that is easy to adjust
  • Abdominal support
  • Fits sizes 25 to 42 inches


  • Multiple support points
  • Easy to wear and improve bad posture
  • Effective for full back support
  • Corrects bad posture and lower back pain
  • Comfortable to wear for good posture
  • Helps to relieve neck pain
  • 1 year warranty and lifetime service


  • May need some time to get used to
  • If worn for long, the friction with your under arm may cause some discomfort

8. Posture Corrector by 4Well

I decided to add this posture corrector from 4well to this best posture corrector review because aside from the fact that it offers some nice features, it is also very affordable.

Don’t however be fooled by the fact that it seems more affordable than many other options because, from my investigation, it can get the job done and well too.

The brace was designed to be quite discreet and to be easily adjustable from the front. One interesting and funny point made by the manufacturers is that it will not smell because of the breathable nature of the material.

Hopefully no user will wait long enough to find out. Here’s a list of some of what this posture corrector has to offer.



  • One of the posture correctors with simple unisex design
  • FDA approved posture brace
  • Lightweight, breathable but strong material
  • Highly adjustable
  • Detachable under arm pads


  • Provides effective lower back pain relief
  • Helps promote good posture
  • Relieves back pain and lower back discomfort
  • Easy to wear and adjust
  • Comfortable even for bad posture
  • Can be worn under regular cloths
  • Easy to wash
  • Easy to use


  • Might not fit well people with big(ger) chest
  • May be a little uncomfortable at first

9. Posture Corrector by BOLLOVI

This is another model for poor posture. It is designed like the one we looked at above from TUBNVOOT.

This corrector from Bollovi does not just provide support for the neck and upper back. What it actually does is provide a full back support. Interestingly, the belt in front that tightens the brace also acts to hold the stomach in.

This can be a bonus feature for those who need something to hold their stomachs in. Again, that’s two for the price of one. Let’s look at a breakdown of what this posture corrector offers.


  • One of the posture correctors made of a polyethylene material that’s soft and breathable
  • Ergonomic design back brace that helps achieve good posture
  • Adjustable sizing 37 to 42 inches belt adjustment range
  • Effective Velcro strap that sits above lower back


  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Easy to adjust to fit
  • It is comfortable to wear
  • Ideal for sporting activities
  • It provides multiple support points
  • Helps improve posture
  • Relieves neck and back pains
  • Can be worn under cloths
  • Washable


  • The strap may rub against your under arm a bit uncomfortably

10. Posture Corrector by ruobang

The last posture corrector on my best posture correctors list today is this back brace from ruobang. Simply looking at it, you will conclude that it offers basically the same thing that many others offer.

Well, here’s what I found; while it does indeed look like many other back support braces you will find around, there are a few things that differentiate it from these other ones.

The major interesting features of this posture corrector are the soft pads that increase comfort and the magic sticker that makes it easy to lock in when you have achieved a snug fit. This brace clearly embodies efficiency in simplicity. Let me show you some of its common and not so common features.



  • Unisex design for good posture
  • One of the highly adjustable posture correctors 
  • Durable, breathable material
  • Securely locking magic sticker
  • Lengthened strap
  • Soft pads
  • Suitable for chest sizes 33.5 to 41.4 inches


  • Provides neck and back support
  • Alleviates pains from back and neck aches
  • Easy to wear and adjust
  • Can be worn under regular cloths
  • Offers increased comfort
  • Can be worn for extended periods of time
  • Makes you look fitter and more confident


  • You'd need a bit of time to get used to it

My Overall Best

When you have looked at so many interesting posture correctors it becomes difficult to pick one out of the lot. Since my objective here is to make things easier for you and having carefully reviewed all 10 products, I have reached a verdict.

I pick the Back Brace Posture Corrector by TUBNVOOT as my overall best because it offers multiple support points – shoulders, upper back, and lower back, can be used for sports because it allows for a full range of movements and can also double as a stomach belt. I consider this a complete package. 

How I Tested

In order to test different features of posture correctors, I decided to pick a few testing environments that included:

  • Prolonged computer work (one hour without getting up)
  • Walking and listening to an audio book at the same time
  • Exercising (I did a bit of low intensity cardio and a few push-ups)

When reviewing best posture correctors, I also paid attention to things like the ease of putting them on/off, breathability, ease of adjustment (while it’s on AND off), comfort, transportability, visibility under clothes and so on.

Also to let you know…I have a pretty good posture to start with. I regularly do a whole myriad of different core and upper back exercises to maintain my spine’s health by avoiding forward head postureThis means that I didn’t expect anything extraordinary from any of the correctors.

In other words, if I feel a corrector slightly pulling my shoulders back, the strength of this effect might be a lot more prominent to anyone with more rounded shoulders and slouching posture.

On top of that limitation, my feelings and experiences about every of the best posture correctors in this review are my own and may be quite different to what you would experience. Please keep this in mind when making the final decision.



Posture correctors can help to improve posture. This might seem like an obvious point but there is a caveat – not every posture corrector actually has an effect. As I tested different models, I was surprised to learn that only some of them produced the corrective effects that I was originally looking for. So once you get a model that is actually working and start consistently wearing it, you will notice (fairly quickly) how your posture is improving. The consistency part is vital though because good posture is a habit!

Posture correctors are really helpful if you work at your desk throughout the day. It is especially true if the chair you are using is not helping to improve your posture or reduce back pain (typical for cheaper ergonomic chairs). So if you tend to slouch while sitting at your desk, have your shoulders rounded and get that hump on your upper back, posture corrector is a good, safe tool to try if are looking to improve your posture. The best part…it really helps to maintain a good posture without getting you to think about it. It happens on the background and without much effort on your side.

Posture braces can also help you feel more confident. This is possible through the internal-external mechanism our bodies have. Naturally, if someone is confident and secure, they tend to maintain a better posture with their shoulders back and chest forward. The cool part is that it also works the opposite direction – stick your chest out, drop your shoulders, look up…feel that confidence feeling your body? When I wear a posture corrector, I really enjoy this feeling because I literally can NOT escape this awesome feeling of confidence and security. I love this feeling. You too should give it a try!

They also help to reduce or even completely get rid of shallow breathing. Again, this is something I experienced first hand while testing some of our top rated posture braces. A proper corrector would get you out of the “slouched” mode, pull back your shoulders and opening up your chest…which means that lungs will also start feeling up with air a lot more. As you get more air in your lungs, you also get more oxygen coming in and that brings a whole bunch of different benefits. Personally, I felt a lot calmer almost immediately (as my chest was being pulled back and my lungs were filling with air). I also felt a lot more alert (in a good way) and focused. I imagine that’s another benefit of more oxygen flowing into my blood.

Posture correctors can help overworked muscles to relax. As you sit on your chair, there are certain muscle groups that get too much work and go into spasm as a consequence. Chest, upper trapezius, neck and upper back – all these groups of muscles are prone to being overworked by repetitive activities (this is how repetitive strain injuries can also happen). Correctors help to relieve those muscles and prevent long-term injuries by substituting those muscles during the times when it is most necessary (prolonged sitting).

Posture correctors can help your body heal. This is particularly true if you had a collarbone surgery (or a similar operation). Often times doctors would advise you to wear a brace so that the healing process is done while you are “stuck” in the correct posture. However, you don’t need to undergo a surgery to reap the benefits of using it.

Features to Look For

What Do Posture Correctors Need To Have?

As I tested quite a number of different posture correctors, I developed the list of features that I found to be important to have.

1. Height adjustment buckle. Strap length adjustment is a basic feature for shoulder posture braces but height adjustment feature is less common but it is quite important…especially for taller people. Height adjustment buckle would control the “height” of the back of your corrector.

So if you are a taller person (looking for best posture correctors), you would have a longer “back” and if you are a shorter person, then you can make it shorter as well. Why is this an important feature?

Well, it definitely adds a lot of additional comfort to the armpit area because it controls how far the straps are from there. You don’t want posture correctors where the straps go right through your armpits because they will not make it comfortable. In fact, they can even press on the nerve which will cause a funny tingling sensation in your fingers.

2. Workmanship. Generally, posture correctors are well-made but there are occasional models that are not up to the standard. Usually this is quite obvious from the moment when you just open it up. So please check whether the quality of your posture corrector is there from the start – is the material strong enough? How are the seams doing? Check them all out!

3. Should be washable. A posture corrector is typically made out of materials that do not really breathe, so do not expect a good airflow going through the tight straps that you would have around your shoulders and back. This is why posture correctors you’d want to get should be washable (this is where the quality of workmanship and materials is also important because things can get loose as you wash it every so often).

4. Size adjustment. A typical posture corrector has straps that do under armpits. These straps can be adjusted in order to fit men and women of different sizes (anyone from short all the way to big and tall). However, there are other different models that have a different adjustment options. 

I hope this guide on finding the right posture corrector helped you out!

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