10 Best Office Chairs 2017
The Ultimate Guide

last updated: 19 oct 2017

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This is the most comprehensive guide to best office chairs that you can find online.

Below you will find:

  • Chairs for Back Pain
  • Chairs for Neck Pain
  • Chairs Under $300
  • Chairs Under $200

You will also find:

  • Office Chair Buying Guide
  • 10 Best Office Chairs Overall

Chairs for Back Pain

Back pain is all too common during sitting...especially during prolonged hours.

Fortunately, there is a number of chairs that offer back support, which helps to relieve back pain and make sitting more comfortable.

Chairs for Neck Pain

Just like back pain, neck pain is also very common during sitting all the time.

This type of pain usually develops as a result of neck, shoulders and upper back muscle strain.

Chairs that help to stop and prevent neck pain are those that have armrests and headrest.

Chairs Under $300

Quality budget chairs can be quite hard to find.

Some of them are made of poor quality, whilst others don't provide enough ergonomic support or lack necessary adjustments.

We found a few great office chairs for you to check out.

Chairs Under $200

Cheaper chairs that come under $200 USD can be even more unreliable, to say the least.

Leather options are not really options at this price range, because they tend to be of low quality.

This is when mesh chairs come on...check them out!

Office Chair Buying Guide

1. Things to Consider Before Purchase

When it is time to choose an office chair, there are certain things you need to consider so as to be sure you will get the best office chair for your needs.

Some of these include:

1.1 Size

This should be the very first thing you take note of before you begin to search for an office chair.

If you do not know your size, you won’t know what size range of office chairs to go for.

If you don’t get an office chair of the right size, you will not be able to enjoy any of the benefits the chair may offer.

(See our guide to measuring for your office chair below)

1.2 Sitting Duration

If you spend many hours on your chair then you require a chair that has what it takes to keep you comfortable and well supported for extended periods of sitting so you don’t develop back and neck pains.

1.3 Budget

This is a very important factor to consider. Office chairs can cost from less than $100 to over $1000. Determining your budget and range will help you focus your search to chairs within that range.

1.4 Your Desk

If you will be using a desk, you need to know the measurement and design of your desk.

Depending on the kind and measurement of desk you have, you may or may not be able to get an office chair with armrests.

Taking the measurement of your desk will help you make an informed decision.

You may decide to get a chair that will work best with your desk or you may decide to make some adjustments to your desk to make it compatible with your chosen office chair.

2. How Important Is The Chair Brand?

This is just something we want to touch on briefly as we try to help you find that perfect chair for you.

Should you go all out looking for particular brands or should you rather focus on finding the best office chair regardless of brand?

There are two ways to look at this.

How much time and how much funds do you have for your chair?

If you do not have the time to do a thorough search and you have a big enough budget, then going with known brands may be a good way to ensure you get a chair that will at least be of a minimum quality.

If however you do not have the luxury of a big budget then you will need to create the time to look for the best chair for you regardless of brand.

This is the only way you will be able to find a good chair within your budget.

Does this answer the question asked?


Well, the brand of the chair is as important as you want to make it.

Not to take anything away from top brands, they have built their brand-name by consistently providing top quality chairs.

Having said this, we must also acknowledge that some hitherto unknown brands have also managed to develop great products which they sell at lower prices.

Like we stated earlier, if you do not have the time and you have a huge budget then you can go for the known brands.

There are brands that many have come to rely on for quality chairs.

Brands like Herman Miller have been around for decades and have been consistent with their delivery of quality.
One of their most popular chairs the Aeron is the result of years of research and contributions from over 20 professionals.

With chairs like these, you are less likely to go wrong.

Another brand like Steelcase spent time in research, studying about 2,000 people across about six continents and the way technology had affected their posture.

From this, they discovered some new postures that older chairs were not addressing.

They then went ahead to build chairs that addressed the new technology induced postures.

With these brands, they had to research and develop technology to make their chairs what they are.

If you want these, then make the chair’s brand a major issue of consideration.

If however you want more affordable options, disregard brand and look at each chair on its own merit.

3. Choosing the Best Office Chair

Earlier in this article we looked at some key things to consider when you are about to choose an office chair.

We looked at size, how long you sit, budget and your desk.

Now we are going to be looking at factors to consider as it concerns the chair itself.

This will include the chair’s features.
Features to look out for as you search for your office chair include:

3.1 Seat Height Adjustability

This is something almost every office chair has.

Most use pneumatic seat adjustment which is the easiest way to adjust your chair to your optimal height.

Features to look out for as you search for your office chair include:

3.2 Seat Depth and Width Adjustability

Adjustability gives you the ability to customize the chair to fit your size.

Chairs with adjustable seat depth usually achieve this by having a backrest that can be adjusted in and out.

You adjust it in to achieve a more shallow depth and out to achieve more depth.

For the seat width, this is usually achieved with an armrest that adjusts in and out, with in creating a smaller width and out giving a wider width.

3.3 Seat and Backrest Material

The seat and backrest of a chair can be made from different materials ranging from leather to synthetic to fabric and more.

Many users today prefer breathable materials as it allows a freer flow of air around the contact points between the body and the chair.

This keeps the body cool, preventing sweating. If you are prone to sweating or will be using the chair in a hot region, then you may take this a bit more seriously.

3.4 Adjustable Lumbar Support

The lumbar support is the curved part of the backrest that supports the natural S shape of the spine.

Ability to move the backrest up or down to fit your lumbar region perfectly is a plus you should look for.

3.5 Headrest

Many chairs do not have headrests. Some have options for headrests while some have headrests by default.

Headrests provide support for the head especially when you recline.

This is especially necessary for taller users and it helps if the headrest is also adjustable.

If you are getting an office chair without headrests, it should be a deliberate choice.

It is however better to have it and not really need it than to need it and not have it.

3.6 Armrests

Are armrests necessary? They are for some more than others.

Gamers and people who spend a lot of time typing on their computers need armrests as this helps provide support for them arms.

Given our different sizes and statures, it helps to get armrests that are adjustable.

The more adjustable they are, the better.

3.7 Seat, Back and Armrest Padding

To be able to sit comfortably for long, you need a chair with comfortable padding.

The key areas where adequate padding is necessary are on the seat, backrest and armrest.

The seat especially needs to have the best possible padding as that is the point of greatest pressure.

The back just needs minimal padding for comfort while the armrests need enough padding to keep the arms comfortable on them.

Without adequate padding on the armrests, the arms could get sore from resting on the hard surface.

3.8 Swivel

This is one feature that many may not readily know the importance of.

It is a very important function which helps you move around your workstation without moving from your waist (more on this when we look at healthy work habits).

With this function, you can easily turn your chair to do something within a 360 degree radius without stress.

3.9 Tilt

After working for some time you may just want to kick back and relax.

You may even just want to relax to read through a document or look through some data or information on your mobile device.

The tilt function allows you do this.

Different chairs allow different degrees of tilt which you should be aware of before making your choice.

3.9.1 Tilt Tension Control & Tilt Lock

Tilt tension control allows you adjust how easy or difficult it will be for you to recline. 

The tighter the control, the more force you will need to recline and vice versa.

3.9.2 Tilt Lock

This feature allows you lock your chair in a particular recline position.

If a chair does not have this feature but reclines, you will need to apply consistent force to stay reclined at that position.

Once you release the force, the chair will return to an upright position.

However, with the tilt position lock feature, you can lock-in the tilt at a preferred angle and the chair will remain at that position until you release it.

Other Things to Consider

Carpet Casters

It is sometimes necessary to quickly scoot over to do something a short distance from you. Having a chair with these rollers will help you do this with ease.
In the above we addressed features to look out for when choosing a chair.

We will now look at factors in a chair that we need to take note of when choosing one.

Weight Capacity

This is something that cannot be over emphasized especially for bigger users.

Be sure that the chair can support your weight very comfortably before getting it.

4. Chairs for Special Situations

4.1 Chairs for Big and Tall People

If you are taller than 6feet 4inches and weight more than 250 pounds, then you should be looking for special office chairs called “Big and Tall” chairs.

These are sometimes called “big man chairs” and they are the only chairs that can comfortably accommodate your frame and weight.

When choosing your big and tall chair, every consideration for choosing regular chairs apply.

You only add to this the weight specification.

Most of these chairs are high-back in design and have metal frames to carry more weight.

If you will be sitting for long periods of time on your chair, then you should put this into consideration when choosing.


We will actually suggest you go for a higher weight capacity chair to make up for the length of time you will be sitting on it daily.
Additionally, go for chairs with heavy padding so you can continue to enjoy comfortable sitting for long.


Generally speaking, these big and tall chairs are built like a tank.

The more sturdily built they are, the better.

For example...

4.2 Chairs for Short People

Short users just like big and tall users need to have chairs that fit their size so they can also enjoy the benefits of using good office chairs.

People who are under 5 feet 4 inches fall into this category.

Though most manufacturers make standard chairs that are meant for users of average height, there are office chairs that are good for short users. Most of these are mid-back chairs which the user can adjust to their size and height.
It is particularly important for short users to get the right chair so they do not have to sit with their feet dangling in the air, a situation that could lead to circulatory problems or increase the risk of spine misalignment.
Generally speaking, any chair that can adjust to as low as 14 or 15 inches should be ideal.

A good example of a chair suitable for short users is the high-end Aeron size A by Herman Miller which is suitable for users between 4 feet 10 inches and 5 feet 9 inches.
Another chair from the list to consider is the mid-back Alera Elusion. 

You can take some time to look through chair specs for more chairs with your optimal height in its range so you can have more options to choose from.

As a simple tip to have at hand, if you find or have a chair that suits you in every way aside from height as a short user, you can balance out the height discrepancy by using a footstool to raise the floor where your feet will rest.

4.3 Chairs for People With Back Pain

Backaches are one of the major things that ergonomic chairs try to stop.

These backaches are usually caused by bad posture which when corrected, automatically results in a disappearance of the pain (at least in most cases).
When choosing a chair as a user with backache, lumbar support is a MUST.

In fact, it is preferable for you to go for a chair with adjustable lumbar support so you can adjust it to fit your lower back perfectly. 

For example...
After you have gotten the right chair, you also need some habit adjustments to help with the backache.

See our section on healthy habits to get more information.

4.4 Chairs for People With Neck Pain

A lot of factors could combine to result in neck pain. We will look at the other factors much later in this article.

For now, we will just focus on the chair.

The first thing you need to look for is a chair that supports your neck.

Simply put, a chair that has a headrest.
Every time you lean back or recline, if your chair has no headrest, you will be forced to support your head and neck by holding it up.

A headrest will allow you transfer the weight of your head to the headrest, thereby resting the neck muscles.

For example... 

Read up on our healthy habit tips for a holistic approach to dealing with office/chair induced neck pain.

5. Why Get Best Office Chair Possible?

This is one question that many people are likely to ask especially when they come across office chairs that cost over $1000.

They wonder if it really is worth it. We will try to explain to you why you need to get the best office chair you can.
Did you know that more and more research are emerging, all pointing to the health hazard that sitting poses?  

Let’s get into more details.
A study shows that adults in North America spend a total of about 9 hours 18 minutes in the sitting position daily

What is the implication of this?

Let us look to other medical studies for answers.
A study showed that people with sitting jobs have twice the rate of cardiovascular diseases than people with standing jobs.

People with sitting jobs were also found to be 54% more likely to die of a heart attack.

In fact, some scientists are saying that an hour spent watching television can take about 21 minutes 8 seconds from your life span.
Did we hear you shout WHAT! Yeah, a lot of studies have shown how sitting can be harmful to the body.

How then can expensive or top quality chairs help?

Thank you for asking that question as it will lead us directly into the core of the matter.
Actually, the real danger with sitting is not just the actual sitting alone.

It is more a combination of bad sitting posture and extended uninterrupted sitting. Now, a good quality office chair will help you with the first part, while the tips we will give you later in this article will help you with the second part.
Bad sitting posture is what ergonomic office chairs are out to correct. Of course there is also the issue of comfortable sitting which is also important.
A good quality office chair will provide you with adequate lumbar support so that your spine can retain its natural S shape.

When this is achieved, you will be able to sit for long periods without aches.

When however this is not achieved, the spine is bent out of its natural shape and the aches we feel is only nature’s way of telling us something is wrong.
Sitting without proper support can make you sit slumped, leaving your spine in a rounded rather than S shape.

This could lead to a condition known as Postural Kyphosis.
You could argue that you can train yourself to sit erect, with your back ramrod stiff.

Well, that will be a fit especially when you have to sit for hours. However, you could end up doing more harm than good to your body and this is why.
Most times when you try to sit straight and maintain the natural curve of the spine without lumbar support, you overdo it.

If you do this consistently, you could end up with Swayback or Lordosis (as it is medically known) which is a condition where the inward curve of the spine is exaggerated at the lower back.
When you sit on an office chair with good support, you sit with correct posture without making too much effort.

The shape and design of the chair smoothly helps you maintain the right posture.

Some ergonomic chairs actually work with your body while you are seated, evenly distributing pressure and in the process improving blood circulation, thereby increasing your focus as fresh oxygen gets to your brain faster.
So, you need a good quality office chair to help you sit comfortably for long periods and also provide you with adequate support so as to avoid backaches, neck aches and the spinal medical conditions described above.

6. Workplace Ergonomics

Your entire workstation setup is critical.

In fact, your chair is just one important part of the set up.

Your desk and your chair have to work seamlessly to provide you a functional and efficient workstation.
We mentioned earlier that it is important to measure the height of your desk to know if your chair will work well with it.

You actually need a desk on which you can place your hands on the top or whichever surface your mouse and keyboard are (while seated with your feel flat on the floor and your thighs at 90 degrees with your knees) such that your fore-arm and elbows form a 90 degree angle.

This position will help you work without having to raise your shoulders to work on a higher surface or hunch over to work on a lower surface.

If your desk is too low, you can raise it and if it is your chair that is too low, you can also raise it. 

The important thing is making whatever adjustments need to be made to achieve fluidity.

Another thing to try to ensure is the space between your thighs and the top of the table.

Your table needs to be high enough to have a clearance of about 2 inches above your knees so you can move in close to your workstation.

Still on the issue of workplace ergonomics, the arrangement of your workstation should be very functional and efficient.

  1.  Keep everything you use frequently within easy arms reach. You do not want to be stretching and twisting to reach any items you use often.
  2. You should also ensure that your keyboard and mouse are kept on the same level.
  3. Learn to use document holders as much as you can.You want to reduce strain on your neck by reducing the amount of time you spend looking at documents and any other thing for that matter at an angle.
  4. Your computer monitor should be placed directly in front of you with the top of the screen at about your eye level. You want to look straight at the screen as you work without looking up or down at it. It also helps to slightly angle your monitor screen upward.
  5. If what you work with is a laptop, try to get a docking station so you can arrange your setup as described above. It should not be less than an arm’s length from you.

There are other issues that are also very important to achieve holistic workplace ergonomics.

You can get headaches from looking at your screen especially in an environment with bad lighting. When setting up your workstation, ensure that you do not have glare on your monitor screen.

You can avoid this by ensuring no window is behind you.

Let any open windows be beside you with your monitor screen facing you directly.

If you cannot make this arrangement and must have a window behind you, cover the window with a blind or get anti-glare protection for your monitor screen.

7. Things That Affect You on Your Chair

We are beginning to look more closely into other things aside from your chair itself that can affect your effective enjoyment of the benefits of your chair.

We’ve already looked at the workstation and some adjustments that need to be made.

We will now proceed to look at more factors

7.1 Posture

This is one very important aspect.

But you said a good quality ergonomic chair will help you maintain proper posture!

Yes we did say that and we stand by what we said earlier.

We are however adding that as human beings that we are, we have some part to play to maintain proper posture.
We’ve already addressed the primary posture issue which is the proper way to sit on your chair.

Sit with both feet on the floor with your thighs at right angles with your knees.

If your feet cannot rest flat on the floor, use a footrest.

Now, we will give you some more tips to help with your posture:

  • Sit with your chin in and your ears in line with your shoulders.
  • Always use your chair’s lumbar support.
  • Keep your forearms along your body when you sit.
  • If you have armrests, use them as often as you can.
  • Do not be rigid with your sitting. Change sitting positions from time to time. You can recline after sitting upright for a while.

7.1 Adjustments

When you get your office chair, it is very important that you spend some time adjusting it to suit you perfectly.

Start with the height and seat depth as discussed earlier.

Ensure that when you are properly seated in your chair, there is at least a 2 inch gap between your calf and the edge of the chair.
Adjust the lumbar support of the chair (if it is adjustable) to fit your lower back as perfectly as possible.

Do same for your armrests. Raise or lower them to the perfect height where your forearms can rest on them at right angles.
Adjust the headrest (if it has one) so that your head can be properly supported especially when you recline.

Try out all the adjustment options available and get the very best out of your office chair.

7.3 Healthy Habits

There are healthy habits any office worker should form to help them stay productive and healthy.

We shall list these healthy habits here so that working with them; you will enjoy your quality office chair even better.

7.3.1 Short Breaks

One of the most important healthy habits to form is taking frequent breaks.

The breaks do not have to be long.

Every hour at the most, stand from your chair and go drink water, stretch or just walk around for a few minutes before returning to your desk.

You are refreshed, your muscles relax and you can get back to work with renewed vigor.

7.3.2 No to "Edging"

Do not sit at the edge of your seat.

Always remember to use your chair’s lumbar support.

Besides when you sit forward, you jut out your chin and your spine is most likely going to take a round shape instead of its natural S shape.

7.3.3 Avoid Hard Surfaces

Do not place your arms, elbows or wrists on hard edges. 

Use your armrests.

7.3.4 Use the Swivel

While sitting on your chair, if it has a swivel function use it rather than turning from your waist when you want to turn around to do something.

7.3.5 Stand Up Better

When you want to stand from your chair, do not stand from your deep seated position.

Doing this, you will be standing from your waist.

Move to the edge of the chair and stand by straightening your legs.

7.3.6 Hold Your Phone

Do not talk with the phone jammed between your neck and your head.

If you already have formed this habit, break it. While talking on the phone, hold the phone properly and use that opportunity to stand and pace around, loosening your muscles in the process.

7.3.7 Listen to Your Body

As you work, listen to your body and what it is telling you.

Mindfulness is important when performing office work - listen to your body and stretch upper and lower body in the morning, midday and before going home.

Concluding with these words, we will proceed to show some simple exercises that you can do right there in your office to improve your health and well-being.

8. Office Exercises for Increased Well-Being

•Tilt your head slowly to your left shoulder. Hold this position for about 10 seconds and then repeat the process with your right shoulder.

•Roll your shoulders forward in a circular motion 10 times. Reverse the direction of the motion and do it 10 times.

•Stretch your two arms out before you. Pull down the fingers of the right hand with the left hand and hold for about 3 seconds. Next, instead of pulling the fingers down, pull them up and hold for about 3 seconds. Repeat the process but now have the right hand hold and pull the fingers of the left hand.

•While sitting on your desk, plant both feet firmly on the floor, sit upright and tighten your abdominal muscles. Next, stretch out your leg straight out until it is level with your hip. Hold this position for about 10 seconds and then slowly lower your leg. Repeat for second leg.

•Cross your legs and stretch them out. Press down on the lower leg with the leg on top while resisting with the lower leg. Do this for as long as you can hold it then switch legs.

10 Best Office Chairs 2017

So, here are the 10 best of the best!

Each of the chairs below belongs to its own category (you can see them all once you scroll down), so if you are looking for something specific, these might be helpful.

Please note that availability and prices may fluctuate, so it's better to "Check Price" using text links at the bottom of the table.












Adjustable Armrests


Back Support


Back Support



Graphite, Carbon...

Chutney, Blue, Green Apple, Charcoal...

Blue, Green, Red, Black, Violet...


Black, Crimson, Leather, Navy...


Red, Black

Black, Brown

Black, Grey, White

Black, Green, Blue, Purple






Mesh, Upholstered


PU Leather

Bonded Leather



Tilt Adjustment

Sizes Available

A, B & C

1 Size

1 Size

Mid/High Back

1 Size

1 Size

1 Size

1 Size

1 Size

1 Size

Other Notes

 (if any)

May come with either basic, adjustable or PostureFit lumbar support

Available in a large number of colors and styles

Available with a large number of colors and styles

Can be upgraded with Synchro-Tilt

Weight Capacity

Up to 300lbs

Up to 300lbs

Up to 250lbs

Up to 250lbs

Up to 250lbs

Up to 400lbs

Up to 330lbs

Up to 250lbs

Up to 250lbs

Up to 300lbs


12 Years on Parts & Labor

12 Years on Parts & Labor

Lifetime on Frame;

2 Years on Parts

5 Years

(+ Provisions )

Full Lifetime Warranty

5 Years on Non-Moving Parts

1 Year

1 Year Limited Warranty

5 Years on Non-Moving Parts

2 Years

Overall Rating


Best Office Chair Overall

Herman Miller Aeron

The Classic Aeron Chair is an iconic chair that was designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick for Herman Miller. 

When it was introduced, the design of this chair broke every convention.

Its seats and backrest have been made from Pellicle (a breathable woven suspension membrane) to eliminate pressure and buildup of heat while seating on the chair.

All this with 12-year warranty.

Here is why we chose it to be the best office chair of 2017 - click the image below to watch the video.


Main Features

  1. A flexible backrest and seat were made from two unique materials that have elastic properties.
  2. The chair has breathable textile weaves for enhanced comfort.
  3. It comes with a kinemat tilt mechanism that allows the chair to move with the body.
  4. Its pivot points align well with the ankles, knees and hips to give a natural recline motion.
  5. This chair also comes with a PostureFit Sacral Support to keep the spine in a healthy position.


  • A comfortable chair to sit in due to its breathable suspension materials;
  • It has been designed to fit different body types whether big, small, tall or short;
  • Superior back support options including the lumbar support and PostureFit;
  • A classic tilt design that reclines naturally with the body;
  • It's an environmentally sensitive chair with most of its materials being recyclable at the end of its lifespan;


  • Despite the good back support, seating in a hanging position exerts a lot of pressure on the legs especially for people with big body types;
  • Some people have complained of broken parts for their purchased chairs;
  • Some armrests were reported to produce some squeaking noise;

Best office chair on the planet


Great chair and excellent service!


Causes back discomfort!

4.3 out of 5 stars overall

on Amazon

Best Ergonomic Chair

Herman Miller Embody

Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber held wide consultations with experts in the fields of vision, biomechanics, ergonomics and physical therapy while designing the Embody chair.


The idea behind this chair is to ensure that sitting is more responsive, natural and positive to your health.

Herman Miller's Embody combats fatigue by allowing blood and oxygen to circulate through distribution of pressure.

Here is why we think this is the best ergonomic office chair.

Main Features

  1. A dynamic matrix of pixels has been used to construct this seat in order to improve its response to the body's movements.
  2. The black outer layer is very durable and 100 percent polyester.
  3. The back support begins at the spinal base and comes with an integrated sacral support.
  4. A feature tilt limiter, adjustable arms and adjustable seat depth are some of the other features that come with this seat.
  5. In addition to these features, the seat comes with a 12 year warranty.


  • The seat addresses the health related problems that come with long-term sitting;
  • The seat's support layers distribute pressure while its backrest encourages movement to improve focus;
  • The seat's Backfit allows alignment of the backrest to the spine's natural curve;
  • Its design promotes blood circulation and healthy movement;
  • It keeps you balanced and supported throughout the seating period;


  • The slight backward recline for this seat means that the lower back still carries much of the support work;
  • The armrest are not padded enough and too short for some people;
  • Its arms don't move with the back hence negating the benefits of a recline position;

After two years, I can't live without it.


The chair performs great and the spine works!


Great seat if you can afford it.

4 out of 5 stars overall

on Amazon

Best Chair for Gaming

DXRACER Racing Series

This is one of the most popular gaming chairs.


DXRacer chairs are popular because of their high-quality, healthy and comfortable seats.


This seat has the ability to accommodate all sizes of people, has an inlaid color bar design, multi-functional tilt mechanism and 4D adjustable armrests.

Let's see why we chose it as the best chair for gaming.

Main Features

  1. This chair has an ergonomic design that makes it more efficient and comfortable.
  2. It comes with a lumbar cushion and a headrest cushion.
  3. It is made from Carbon Look Vinyl breathable material and PU cover. 
  4. The 4D adjustable 90 degrees armrests help to protect your shoulders and wrists.
  5. The frame has a lifetime warranty whereas the parts come with a 24 month warranty.


  • It is possible to assemble this chair in less than 10 minutes;
  • It's a high quality, super study, healthy and comfortable seat;
  • The moving parts of this seat can be adjusted to fit various heights and needs;
  • A higher backrest that comes with this chair is able to support the entire spinal column;
  • The adjustable lumber cushion support helps to maintain lower back in a healthy position;


  • The pillow material is quite slippery and this can cause people to slide off the chair;
  • A number of customers have complained about missing or non-functioning parts on arrival;
  • The customer service is not efficient and this can be very frustrating;

My new gaming throne!!!


I'd still recommend a DXRacer.


Good chair but with some small issues.

4.5 out of 5 stars overall

on Amazon

Best Chair for Back Pain

ALERA Elusion

The Alera Elusion, multi-function chair, comes with a seat glide that allows back angle adjustment.

An adjustable tilt and a forward tilt are key to the free floating and infinite locking positions of this seat.

The chair has a contoured seat cushion and a premium fabric upholstery that helps to relieve pressure on the legs.

And this is why we think this is the best office chair for back pain...

Main Features

  1. The seat has a multi-function mechanism that enables back angle adjustments relative to the seat.
  2. It also has a cool and breathable mesh back.
  3. The waterfall edge combines with the fabric upholstery to relieve pressure on the legs.
  4. The high back is 24 inches which is good enough for most people.
  5. The seat arms come with soft polyurethane pads and their height and width is adjustable.


  • The chair comes in two sizes, mid- and high-back, and satisfies both, shorter and taller users;
  • The lumbar support that comes with the chair can be readjusted to get a vertical alignment that is ideal for you;
  • The seat tilt feature ensures you are able to change the position of the seat especially after seating for long hours;
  • The spider base can also be adjusted to minimize damages to the floor;
  • Generally it is a very comfortable seat with all the adjustments that you may require;


  • A number of customers have ordered their chairs only to arrive with broken or missing parts;
  • The foam gets softer with time, losing its supportive properties;
  • There is too much depth in the seat and sometime it may feel as though the lumbar support is missing;

You can adjust everything else except the color!


Well built and fantastically adjustable.


Almost perfect.

4 out of 5 stars overall

on Amazon

Best Chair Under $300

SPACE Seating

This chair offers a cool and contemporary seating for a high tech office.

It has been built to take care of even large users as it can support a weight of up to 400 pounds.

You can also get a custom fit that comes with arms that are height and width adjustable.

And here is why we think this is the best office chair under 300 USD.

Main Features

  1. The seat comes with a custom fabric and double airgrid back alongside the adjustable lumbar support.
  2. The two way adjustable armrests come with PU pads.
  3. A thick padded mesh is another important feature of this seat.
  4. The double Air Grid back is breathable while one-touch pneumatic mechanism assists in height adjustment.
  5. Mobility is enhanced by the dual casters of the heavy duty five-star base.


  • It's a very comfortable and supportive seat for the big and tall category of users;
  • A comfortable cushion and fabric breathability is an added advantage especially during summer season;
  • The seat has a very decent level of adjustability for creating more room for enhanced smoothness and stability;
  • The armrests are high enough for placing your arms when sitting;
  • It's a well constructed chair of great quality;


  • The design of the chair is suited for tall people and hence shorter people may have problems using it;
  • Getting spare parts may be a challenge due to the sometimes poor customer service of the company;
  • A number of customers have also complained about the chair's poor design;

A great heavy duty chair at a good price.


It is a perfect chair for a large person like me.


Not as comfortable as I had expected but much better than an average chair.

4.3 out of 5 stars overall

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Best Chair for Neck Pain

TOPSKY Executive

TOPSKY is a growing brand providing comfortable, personalized, practical and quality office/home products.

One of their office products is the TOPSKY Executive Leather seat that is black/red in color and comes with an adjustable headrest.

This ergonomic chair enables you enjoy a comfortable sitting experience in your work place.

And here is why we believe this chair is best for neck pain.

Main Features

  1. The ergonomic chair was made with high back to give you extra comfort for both gaming and office work.
  2. The strong, soft and thick padded armrests means you don't need to get an extra cushion for your seat.
  3. The back angle and the seat itself can be adjusted in a number of positions.
  4. The chair also comes with tilt tension which can be adjusted using the knob to suit the user's body.
  5. With a maximum capacity of 330 pounds and a 1 year warranty, this seat can be used for home office purposes.


  • The soft and adjustable headrest can be used and removed anytime just by a press of a button;
  • The sturdy steel armrest gives a good resting place for your arms;
  • The thick and nice padded cushion ensures maximum comfort;
  • The strong base that meets the BIFMA standards ensures stability during long-term use;
  • Assembling is easy and quick and takes less than 30 minutes;


  • The armrests are non-adjustable and can be a challenge for those people who need that feature;
  • Some customers complained about improper shipping of the product with scratches and damaged marks visible on the chair;
  • Having only 2 color options (black and red) is limiting;

Couldn't get a better seat for that price.


Great design, comfortable and smart.


Thanks TOPSKY! Great chair would buy again!

4.9 out of 5 stars overall

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Best Chair for Tall Person

AmazonBasics High Back

In an office setup, you require a seat that will take you through the day as you respond to your emails, brainstorm with colleagues or evaluate reports.

AmazonBasics high-back executive chair comes with a sleek professional style that gives you this much needed support throughout the day.

This seat offers personalized comfort even during prolonged periods of sitting.

And here is why we think this is the best chair for tall people.

Main Features

  1. This chair has a padded seat and back which give you comfort and support throughout the day.
  2. It has been upholstered in a bonded black leather with PVC.
  3. The dimensions of this chair are 29.13 (L) by 25.59 (W) by 41.34 (H) to 45.08 (H) inches.
  4. The chair comes with a one year warranty.
  5. Its other features include pneumatic height adjustment, smooth rolling casters and 360-degree swivel.


  • The chair can be lowered and raised to suit different preferences; the tilt is also adjustable;
  • The bonded black leather creates a smooth and supple upholstery for back support;
  • The 360-Degree Swivel together with the nylon casters offer a range of motion for this chair;
  • The nylon casters are durable and allow smooth mobility within the office;
  • The curved armrests provide enhanced support and comfort;


  • The back of the chair is held together using the armrests meaning that there's a feeling of flexing when you rock the chair;
  • Missing parts and damaged sections have been reported by several customers;
  • The design seems to be quite poor with many people complaining of things like too much thigh and lumbar support;

Superb comfort equals increased productivity.


Great bang for your buck.


It's good for regular use but possibly not for the whole day.

4.3 out of 5 stars overall

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Best Chair for Short Person

Office Star

This chair combines sturdy aesthetic and durability to provide ultimate comfort.

Its range of 2-1 synchro locking tilt control ensures you have full control over the chair.

Its heavy duty base with dual wheel carpet casters and silver accents gives it a sleek accomplished style and professionalism.

And here is why we think this is the best office chair for short person.

Main Features

  1. The chair comes with a breathable mesh seat and one-touch pneumatic height adjustment.
  2. Adjustable synchro tilt is another feature that enables a 2:1 ratio for weight distribution and better circulation.
  3. Lumbar cushioning is another feature that supports the lower back and enhances a natural curve of the spine.
  4. It has been manufactured using less harsh chemicals.
  5. The padded flip arms, dual wheel carpet casters and heavy duty silver accents are just the other features.


  • This is a comfortable chair that can support you for long hours of sitting;
  • It's simple to setup and in just about 15 minutes the chair will be in place with all the parts fixed;
  • It comes with an impeccable design, a solid leather material, soft rubber armrests which are durable;
  • The lumbar support and backrest offer a great feeling;
  • Its adjustable armrests provide the flexibility in your working environment;


  • The way backrest angle works can pose a challenge for heavy built people;
  • The armrests are a bit loose and may feel uncomfortable at the beginning;
  • It also makes some noise when rapidly moving backward or upright and this can be annoying;

Competes with the best just for a quarter of their price.


Very comfortable chair for people with back problems.


Good Chair for the Price - sturdy and practical.

4 out of 5 stars overall

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Best Chair for Posture

LuxFit Ball Chair

The LuxFit Exercise Ball is a stability ball chair for both home and office use.

The chair comes with a two year warranty and a static strength ball that is able to carry a weight of 2000 pounds.

The shipping box contains the chair base, ball pump, ball, instructions, bar and bolts, two regular front casters and two locking back casters.

And here is why we consider this chair best for posture.

Main Features

  1. The chair has been designed by health experts so as to help boost spine and back health.
  2. The height of the ball chair is approximately 22 to 25 inches when inflated.
  3. The ball chair has large wheels for a smoother rolling ability.
  4. Your purchase is protected by a two year warranty.
  5. It also comes with a thick wall that helps prevent spine disorders.


  • This seat has been designed with mobility in mind which enables you to slide easily from one section of the floor to the other;
  • Its large wheels also gives a solid impression that inspires confidence;
  • Its back support is reliable for easy relaxation;
  • Its uncompromising quality is reflected in its no hassle 2-year warranty;
  • It helps in spine rehabilitation and in preventing spine disorder;


  • The chair comes in black color and this may not be popular with people who are careful about their interior decor;
  • Users over 6'5" might have problems using this seat;
  • Customers have also complained about missing parts during purchase of the chair;

Perfect chair - awesome deal!


Good price. Product is of high quality.


A great chair overall.

4.3 out of 5 stars overall

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This is the end of our ultimate best office chair guide for 2017.

We truly hope you would find the most comfortable chair for yourself!

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