Best Office Chair Under 100 Dollars

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Traditionally, low-cost office chairs always end up adding more back pain, neck strain, and butt discomfort.

There’re exceptions though, and some of them have the same comfort and convenience as the premium options.

Today we present you with the list of the absolute best office chairs under 100 dollars. This article is a part of our master list of best cheap desk chair options (check it out as well – it has a lot of great options).

And for now – let’s get into it…shall we?

Mesh Back Office Chair With Lumbar Support

Sick and tired of sitting on your too-soft sofa or too-hard chair all day long while working?

Among all the office chairs under $100 this is our best overall pick.

This mesh office chair does have all you need for comfortable sitting at an affordable price.

You can now relax while working by turning on the rocking mode at any moment. With this, your neck and back will receive the decompressing that they’ve been longing for for years.

The lumbar support is ready to hold the lower back in place and give you ultimate stability. Comfort has never been better than this!

Its breathable mesh backrest comes with improved breathability. It will keep the sweat stains away and improve air circulation. Likewise, the mesh gives the seat a thick-padding that maximizes comfort even in prolonged sitting hours!

And you needn’t worry about falling or tripping; the 5-claw leg design prevents the chair from falling over as you lean backward! AlThenit’s base is also built with sturdiness and is therefore extra strong to accommodate 270 lbs.

Does your work require up-and-down movements around the office? The office chair’s smooth casters will come in handy! These durable wheels make moving the seat around effortless. Maneuverability at heart!

And what’s better than knowing that this office mesh chair comes with all the necessary accessories needed for assembly? You’ll not end up sparing more money on screws and nails. Fifteen minutes of assembly with the included tools, and you’re good to go!

The manufacturer backs up the product with a 12-month warranty, which will take care of any damaged parts if deemed necessary.

See also – how to adjust ergonomic office chair.


  • Mesh, fabric, and metal materials
  • Lumbar support that addresses back pain
  • 5-claw leg design for ultimate stability
  • Flexible design – great for working from home
  • Seat width: 18.3″ that suits most butt sizes
  • Ergonomic chair weighs 19.8 lbs and has a weight capacity of 270 lbs
  • Overall assembled dimensions are 21.8″ by 21.5″ by 36.2″
  • The lowest setting is at 17.3,” but you can increase the height to 21.2″

Bottom Line

Who said that you could only get high-end office chairs by spending millions? This Mesh Office Chair With Lumbar Support might be just about the right pick if you’re searching for a quality office chairs for less. Oh, and this office task chair is great for working from home too!

QOROOS Mid Back Office Mesh Chair

Next in our office chairs list…

QOROOS Mid Back Mesh Office Chair ranks as our runner’s up as a multi-functional mesh office chair. Seemingly, this responsible manufacturer thought it wise to combine all you needed in one compact but high-quality office chair.

From a 360°swivel to a height-adjustable design to a flip-up armrest. Things get even better with the rocking mechanism and tilt-tension adjustment knob. Nothing can stop you from customizing your office chair!

The chair boasts a human-oriented ergonomic construction that you can only find in higher-end office chairs. The design provides sturdy back support hence reducing back pain.

The high resilience foam cushion also gives you maximum comfort by alleviating pressure off your back and butt.

The flexible flip-up armrests come with comfort and a space-saving design. You can fold them up when not in use and slide the office chair under your desk. And so, you needn’t worry about its armrests hitting and destroying your desk.

You’re investing in a chair that comes with excellent quality and durable materials that will not discolor or deform. The American-made high-density mesh promises satisfactory service, whereas the high resilience foam cushion guarantees you lifetime use.

Meet the flexible 360° swivel casters that offer mobility on whatever floor surface. The wheels are non-slipping and will not scratch your floor.

More to this, you can now enjoy the enhanced convenience during work by lifting the lever up or lowering it down until you get your preferred height level.

Lastly, the chair is easy to install. You can rely on the step-by-step users’ manual to get the flow of it.


  • Ergonomic design with lumbar support with mesh back
  • Reliable rocking system
  • Space-saving flip-up armrests
  • High-density American-made mesh
  • It supports up to 250 pounds
  • Height adjustment
  • 360° swivel casters

Bottom Line

QOROOS Mid Back Mesh Office Chair is a premium multi-functional ergonomic chair built to last you a lifetime. It strikes the best balance between affordability, durability, convenience, performance, and quality construction. Lets see what other office chairs offer or…check out some of the more expensive chair examples.

AZ Basics Classic Puresoft PU-Padded Back Office Chair

Still on a quest for the best office chair under $100? It’s time you meet the Amazon Basics Classic Puresoft PU-Padded Mid-Back Office Chair!

Many people avoid buying a chair of this type, but with this model, you’ll understand that the issue isn’t on the design but its quality. AZ’s faux leather chair gives the full advantages of this construction.

Those who want an ergonomic design should concentrate on the Amazon Basics  mid-back office chair. It has an adjustable height and a strong PU leather backing for comfortable sitting.

You’ll also love the modern profile that makes it a great addition to any office. The aesthetic look is sure to add a professional flair to your room.

Enjoy all-day comfort with the adjustable settings and smooth contours. Its pneumatic controls let you raise and lower the seat to fit your preferences. Additionally, you can use the tilt mechanism and tilt-tension knob to adjust the office chair’s motion and reclining angle.

One look at the construction assures you of durability. The chair has a durable bonded PU leather upholster that will last you long with proper maintenance. The padding of the seat and backrest also comes in handy for 100% comfort.

The robust 5-point base helps you pivot between projects without falling. And convenience becomes better with the but rolling caster wheels.

Use the included assembly instructions to put the seat together. Altogether, the ergonomic office chair boasts a generous dimension of 24.02’’ by 24.02’’by 34.84’’. It comes with a maximum weight capacity of 275-pound.

The 1-year limited warranty will cover any breakages or damages this mid-back office chair might experience.


  • Rolling caster wheels
  • Poly faux leather upholstering
  • Proper mid-back leather chair
  • Weight limit: 275 lbs
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Thick padded seat
  • Includes assembly instructions
  • The height from the floor to the arm rest’s top is 26.25“-30″
  • Height adjustment, position tilt mechanism, and a tilt-tension knob

Bottom Line

The AZ’s Basic PU leather back office chair is an excellent ergonomic option. It comes ready to promote an upright posture while making your office work fun and exciting – all-day comfort! Great as a home office chair too.

East Oak Folding Ergonomic Home Office Back Office Chair

To ensure every user gets the perfect lumbar support, East Oak created a reliable, ergonomic office chair with a BIFMA-certified 18.9” by 21.65” backrest. With this, you’ll be buying a mesh back chair that will adapt to all your needs!

The foldable backrest design allows direct installation, making the assembly process simple, fast, and convenient – better than what you’d get from other office chairs.

The strong mesh gives maximum support, making this chair the ideal pick for a modern and active workspace. The feature will also keep your legs and hips comfortable.

East Oak’s cushions are denser than those of other office chairs. With an overall dimension of 18.11’’ by 18.9’’, it’ll support your body while maximizing the comfort levels over prolonged sitting hours.

Customize the chair with reclining tension that adjusts by a dial rotation located under the seat. With this feature, you can turn clockwise to increase the tension or turn anti-clockwise to reduce tension.

If that’s not enough, take advantage of the 15-degree rocking and lean back a little bit. Or seat’s adjust by pulling up its lever to any range between 18.9″-22.83″.

With the durable construction and roomy proportions, the ergonomic office chair accommodates 90% of the world’s butt size, bearing a max weight capacity of 250 LB. The 320 mm nylon base will support this weight without breaking.

Enjoy the nylon armrests that give you support when working.

The chair comes with ease of assembling. Open your package, and you’ll get the cushion and backrest already installed in a folded manner. The manufacturer also includes detailed step-by-step instructions to help you complete the installation in less than 10 minutes.

Get a limited 1-year and hassle-free coverage from the manufacturer and enjoy long and satisfactory service.


  • Mesh back design with lumbar support
  • Balanced recline with the comfortable seat cushion
  • Level 3 cylinder that is SGS certified
  • Adaptable and adjustable design
  • Includes height adjustment
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Textile, plastic, leather, cotton, and metal materials
  • Plastic furniture finish

Bottom Line

At this affordable price point, it’s pretty much impossible to find a better chair. Invest in East Oak’s ergonomic office chair and enjoy the dream-like back and butt support.

Lorell Soho Leather High-Back Office Chair Leather

The list continues…

Meet the Lorell Soho High-Back Leather Executive Chair! As beautiful as its name, this ergonomic office chair is ready to add some aesthetic appeal to your office room. This executive-looking office chair goes unnoticed and will attract every client that steps into your office.

The office chair comes with features that provide a timeless style. The bonded leather exterior appears thick and cozy. Its durable nature makes it a worthwhile ergonomic chair to invest in.

At a 28’’ by 12.6’’ by 23.6’’ dimension, you’re settling for a height-adjustable high-back office chair that lets you customize your posture and sit comfortably all day long. You no longer need to worry about tailbone, shoulder, neck, and back discomforts.

The 360-degree swivel helps you rotate round and round. You can pick the files from the shelf, serve coffee from the counter, and open the drawers without standing from the seat. The swivel assures you of complete convenience!

The seat also allows you to break the tedious monotony of maintaining an upright sitting posture. It features different adjustable features, including a tilt lock, tilt tension, and a center-tilt control, facilitating back reclining for additional comfort.

Give your body the pleasure it deserves with this high-end office desk chair! It is the tested-and-trusted office desk chair that your home office has been missing.


  • Foam, plastic, leather, and metal materials
  • High back office chair
  • Puffy seat cushion and lumbar support
  • 360-degree swivel that rotates freely
  • Upright lock control and center-tilt
  • Height-adjustable seating
  • Thick black color

Bottom Line

Add some class to your office space with the Lorell Soho High-Back Leather Executive Chair, so executive you’ll want to use it for more than just working. This ergonomic office chair is here to help you sit upright all day long and allow you to recline when your back demands so!

MOLENTS Armless Mesh Mid-Back Office Chair

If you’re the kind who’d rather spend some few bucks on an armless space-saving ergonomic home office chair with mid-back, the MOLENTS Task Chair Armless Office Chair Mesh Computer Chair is what will quench that thirst.

This computer office chair understands best to take advantage of your body curve design. First, the seat and backrest cover feature lightweight and breathable mesh fabric upholstery. The mesh will promote air circulation and hide the sweat stains.

Still, on the same feature, the mid backrest gives sturdy back support as it has generous padding. It’ll add a contoured comfort during your long workdays. You’ll forget that you’ve worked for 8+ hours!

You can easily adjust the office chair’s height with the help of the pneumatic lift lever. This feature increases convenience by helping you to customize your preferred height level.

And since it’s enveloped in a high-quality sponge filling upholstery, this ergonomic office chair comes with excellent resilience. The thick fabric cloth also gives comfortable lumbar support.

The durable nylon plastic base deserves a 5/5 start rating as it withstands many years of wear and tears thanks to the textured finish. Whether you’re planning to use the office chair in your home office, cubical, or dorm room, you’re in for a treat!

MOLENTS Black Mesh Task Chair comes with the functionality and style you need. The durable dual caster wheels will roll smoothly around your room and transport you to whatever corner.

The overall compact design makes this mid-back office chair an ideal choice for any small space. And so, you can get to work in the dapper armless chair despite your room size!

Every customer loves the Pu wheels that prevent floor marks and makes this rolling office chair compatible with any carpeted floor.

Additionally, the swivel 360° move freely for easy maneuverability. Choose any height between 16” – 20” with the help of the height-adjustable function.


  • Ergonomic and armless design
  • Bearing weight capacity of 250 LBS
  • 360° swivel for smooth movement
  • Mute nylon casters and breathable mesh material
  • BIFA certification
  • Pneumatic adjustable seat height

Bottom Line

The MOLENTS Mesh Task Chair blends support, comfort, and mobility. It’ll pair well with any desk styles from modern to contemporary and anything in between.

Hbada Home Desk Chair Mesh Office Chair

Your back needs excellent support, stability, and comfort – it needs a chair that will not cause fatigue after prolonged sitting hours. Not to worry! The Hbada Home Desk Chair Mesh Office Chair has got you covered!

This ergonomic office chair comes with a streamlined design that will not consume too much space. It doesn’t take up too much space. We’re talking of a compact dimension of 23’’ by 9.84’’ by 20.27’’.

Hbada’s armrests are worth mentioning; taking about; you can remove them during storage and fix them up when you have the need. This feature comes in handy during detail-oriented tasks requiring you to get closer to the desk surface without the armrests.

The breathable mesh backrest gives excellent lumbar support. It’ll also fit your lower back’s curves and contours, hence eliminating spine discomfort.

Though the office chair is suitable for different body types, it mainly targets users on the small to normal side.

Since this ergonomic chair comes with a plastic abundance, it limits its absolute max weight-bearing capacity as it accommodates less than 180 lbs only.

All factors considered Hbada’s office chair is best for users who need a reliable, compact, and comfortable ergonomic office chair. Costing less but offering more, the product is indeed worth your concentration.

And the all-black design means it will match with whatever decor styles. The color also makes it more dirt-resistant with little to no maintenance costs.


  • Weight limit: 180 lbs
  • Mesh back for added breathability
  • Lumbar support for lower back
  • Heavy-duty base
  • Smooth and silent rolling casters
  • Padded seat for additional comfort
  • Relatively small with dimensions of 23’’ by 9.84’’ by 20.27
  • All black color design

Bottom Line

The Hbada Home Desk Chair Mesh Office Chair is a compact, lightweight, and comfortable ergonomic office chair that will help you fly through your tasks without distractions. This is an affordable ergonomic chair which checks all the qualities of a reliable product.

Kasorix Mesh Back Chair Executive and Manager Chair With Neck Rest

We’re almost coming to an end – but the list couldn’t be complete without mentioning the Kasorix Mesh Chair Executive and Manager Chair, a high-quality ergonomic office chair for less than 100 dollars for all your office needs!

Kasorix’s product has a breathable mesh that keeps your back cool on hot days. The durable and high-elastic mesh back also gives the back full support by resisting abrasion and transformation.

Next is the high elastic molded cushion foam. You’ll use it for 5+ years, but it will not flatten out thanks to the stretchy and breathable material.

Like many others on the list, the office chair also features adjustable PU padded armrests. You can lift them up or down by pressing the button until you get your preferred height level. Additionally, the PU leather headrest gives a soft landing and a pleasant neck support.

The 90°-120° lying angles help you rest after long hours of working. You only need to rotate the knob and adjust the tilt tension. You can then use the tilt lock to stay at your chosen angle for a more comfortable rest.

Since this ergonomic chair comes with the assembling hardware and an instructional manual, you only need 20 minutes to install the chair’s parts.

Overall, the office chair requires a low maintenance cost and widely applies to any workplace, including conference rooms, home offices, and reception rooms.

Safety is at heart since all the parts are BIFMA tested for safety.


  • 360°swivel angle
  • 90°-120°safety rocking angle
  • Adjustable tilt tension control
  • Durable nylon 5-star metal base
  • Safe and silent rollers
  • Lumbar support for lower back
  • High back design and neck rest
  • Max weight-bearing capacity of 300 lbs
  • Breathable cushion and mesh backrest with high-density foam

Bottom Line

This unit extends to the full length of your back while offering neck support, head, and back control. It is designed to fit any body shape and size – no wonder it comes with the highest weight-bearing capacity of 300 lbs.


Gone are the days where you had to spend lots of bucks to get a durable and quality office chair. While cheap doesn’t always imply that you’re saving more, getting the best seat for the price should be your goal. Only be sure to check for factors like quality and performance to make your cheap executive!

All the best in your purchase!