5 Best Office Chairs for Short Person


If you are looking for the best office chair for a short person, then you know that not all chairs fit everybody.

In this article I show the 5 best options (all based on verified consumer reviews).

I also explain how to choose an office chair, if you are not a tall person.

So, let’s get right into it! ?


Alera Etros Series

Alera is a petite mid-back multifunction office chair that is available for just under $150.

It is an affordable office chair with an array of interesting features that might pique your interest.

With your back, arms, and feet all in the right places, working for long hours in this chair is comfortable.

3.6/5 Stars


LONGEM Computer Desk Task Chair

LONGEM is a well-ventilated office chair that is sold at a pocket-friendly price of just over $100.

It offers consumers numerous useful features and is elegant in style thus ideal for the office environment.


AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair

The AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair is very affordable piece of office furniture.

It is sold for under $100, a price that is pretty much unbeatable (you can’t go lower than that) for an office chair of this caliber.

4.2/5 Stars


Lorell Managerial Mid-Back Chair

This mid-back managerial office chair from the Lorell brand is redefining comfort at the work environment and retails for just under $150.

It is a good bargain for managerial chair of its quality and look, the features attest to this.


HON Lota Mid-Back Work Chair

This is an aluminum base computer chair from the Hon brand.

It is designed for the office environment and retails at just under $350.

It has a myriad of features that complement its functionality.

3 Must Knows Before Choosing an Office Chair for a Short Person

#1: Lumbar Support

As ergonomic chair experts, we always advise people look for lumbar support in their chairs.

Ideally it should be adjustable so to fit your spinal curve better.


#2: Adjustable Armrests

Or, at least, a chair that has armrests to begin with.

Armrests really help with reducing tension in neck and shoulder muscles that often cause neck and back pain.


#3: Recline Control

This study showed that sitting at 135-degree angle seemed to be the most healthy for the spine.

This is why recline control (via tilt and tilt tension) are quite important for comfortable sitting.


Remember these tips before getting an office chair for yourself…

We ALL Struggle

Short people struggle just as tall people do when using a chair that is not specifically created for them.

A short person would look like propped in a high chair with their feet dangling above the ground when in an office chair which height and depth are not suitable for them.

Because it is impossible to lean comfortably on the back of the chair with the feet touching the ground, a short person must choose between back comfort and leg comfort when sitting in a typical office chair.

Short People Problems with Standard Office Chairs 

Chair manufacturers often create the “standard chair” which size is supposed to fit the average-built person.

If you are under five feet four inches tall, it is certain that you have had problems sitting in the standard chair.

Do you know that when you sit in any length of time in a chair which makes it impossible to place your feet on the ground, you could have circulatory problems?

Mobility is another challenge.

If you try to move around while in the chair, you could accidentally push your spine out of alignment.

Ergonomic Office Chairs for Short People

Before you start developing different health problems, you need to replace your office chair with an ergonomic office chair for short people.

An ergonomic office chair is designed for you to be comfortable, and you would certainly be comfortable in it if the chair is scaled for short people.

When searching for an office chair suitable for your height, a very important factor to consider is its height adjustment.

An ergonomic office chair should have an adjustable seat height which can go as low as 14 to 15 inches so you can place your feet on the ground.

The ergonomic chair should also feature a mid-back, so you do not feel like sinking in the seat.

If you want to be able to lean on the chair with your feet still touching the ground, the chair should also have a narrow seat depth and a narrow seat width.

The chair should have a tilt tension adjustment for reclining to be easy to do, and, if you are on a heavier side, a weight capacity that can support your weight.

How to Choose an Office Chair for Short Person

Short people usually finds it uncomfortable to sit in an office chair.

According to HealthySpineAlign.com, someone is considered short if he or she is less than 5 feet 4 inches tall.

The usual problem of short people when sitting in a chair that is not right for them is that they can’t put their feet firmly on the floor.

This can result in circulatory problems. Spine misalignment is also an issue.

This happens when when short people try to reach their workstations while seated in chairs that are not created for their stature.

Why Is a Normal Office Chair Can Be Unsuitable for a Short Person

 A chair that is considered “normal” is a chair that is usually created for average framed people.

Office chairs are usually designed to accommodate average to larger framed people, not because manufacturers discriminate against short people but because these chairs sell more.

Short people will not sit comfortably in normal chairs because of leg or torso length.

As mentioned, short people can’t put their feet firmly on the ground when seated in a normal chair.

A chair designed for average to larger framed people also has a seat depth that prevents a short person to lean comfortably on the backrest.

One solution to this problem is to use a footrest.

A footrest allows a short person to correct the sitting position when seated in a chair that is not meant for them.

It also makes reclining not a problem.

However, it can be an inconvenience to use a footrest all the time, especially when working.

The best solution to the problem is to buy an office chair that is specifically created for short people or one that has adjustment features that can help short people sit comfortably.

What to Look for in an Office Chair for Short Person

The most important thing that an office chair for a short person must have is adjustability.

The adjustment features of an office chair can determine whether or not it’s suitable for a short person.

However, there are manufacturers that provide three size options for their office chairs, including a size option that is meant for short people.

If the chair you are looking to buy does not have size options, you should check its adjustment features.

The most important among them are height adjustment, forward tilt, seat pan adjustment, and backrest angle adjustment.


Height Adjustment

The height adjustment of a chair is especially beneficial to short people.

The feature prevents short people from developing chronic pain when sitting for many hours working at their desks.


Forward Tilt

When a chair can be tilted forward, a short person need not sit on the edge or “perch”, which is tiring to do especially if done for a long time.

The adjustment feature allows short people to sit with their hips aligned with their knees.

This correct sitting position is good for the back as it does not put too much pressure on the back.


Seat Pan Adjustment

A chair having a seat pan adjustment makes sitting a comfortable experience.

A chair’s seat should have enough space where two fingers can fit between the front of the seat and the knees.


Back Angle

The angle of the backrest of a chair should be adjustable while a person is sitting and a person should be able to lock the angle of a chair into a position that provides the best lumbar support and comfort.

The adjustment feature is a requirement because without it a chair can cause people to slouch.


What’s the Difference Between a Chair for Tall and Short Person

Size is the most noticeable difference between a chair for tall people and a chair for short people.

A number of parts of a chair for tall people are larger a chair for short people.

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