4 Best Office Chairs for Neck Pain in 2018



When you try looking for the best office chair for neck pain, you immediately get flooded with a lot of different options.

Now we are going to help you find the right option.

In this article we show you 4 top choices, as well as explain exactly what you can expect from the best ergonomic chair for neck pain.

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Part II: How to Choose The Best Office Chair for Neck Pain

4 Best Office Chairs for Neck Pain In 2018

An here is thee list of 4 best office chairs cheaper than 200 US dollars.

We picked them based on their popularity and average grades.

Check them out!


Topsky Computer Mesh Chair

Topsky (full review) is a relatively inexpensive office chair for neck pain, sitting just under $200.

Even though it has a relatively low price and is quite cheap (when comparing to other, more expensive ergonomic chairs out there), it offers quite a number of different features, which are useful to have in both, office and home office.


Flash Furniture Executive

The Mesh Executive Swivel Chair (full review) is the perfect office chair for neck and back pain which is offered at a reasonable rate.

For just a bit over $100, you can have a modernly-furnished office seat that is designed to keep you well-ventilated, productive, and comfortable.

In addition, it follows a contemporary design, ensuring that the user will have a chair that is both sophisticated and functional.


Viva Office Headrest Chair

Another chair by Viva Office (full review) may look rather simple, but it probably has it all to help you with neck pain.

With a selling price of just under 200 USD, the user can take home an office that offers amazing features such as pneumatic seat height adjustment, premium quality PP armrest, adjustable lumbar support, and more.


Herman Miller Aeron

The Aeron (full review) is the most expensive chair I have here, going from about $700 all the way to under $1000, depending on what you choose to include in the package (I include the links to the model that's most recommended).

As an owner myself, I recommend Aeron for both, neck (you will need to get a separate headrest though) and back pain.

How to Choose The Best Office Chair for Neck Pain

Now that I gave away my top choices, you might be interested how I found the right chair for myself, right?

If so, let's keep going. :)

#1: Price/Quality Relation

When I first looked at Amazon, I wasn't exactly sure what to look for, but I certainly knew my budget, which was roughly under 300 US Dollars.

What could I get with that?

Actually, quite a lot (and this was a bit of a problem, as you already know, because choice was quite overwhelming).

But first, let me tell you this...

Generally speaking, there are two types of chairs out there.

First, branded chairs that come from reputable manufacturers (like Herman Miller's Aeron I listed as #5) cost a lot more, but they also have a lot more features, which translated to extra adjustability and comfort.

Second, unbranded chairs are less expensive and that surely affects their price, which is significantly lower.

Even though the price is lower some of the nice adjustability features (e.g. armrests adjustment) are still there.

Of course, there is no fanciness in that regard, but still...

Another problem you might come across with cheaper chairs is their warranty, because some of the models do fall apart after a fairly short (1-2 years) period.

Now, back to me.

I discovered that it is well possible to get the best office chair for neck pain, if you shop within a $200-$300 range.

Their pricequality ratio tends to be at the top.

However, once again, don't expect anything fancy for that money (even though the first 2 chairs that I listed in my list are really good and are right $300 at the time of writing).

#2: Headrest

You might have already noticed that all of the 5 best office chairs for neck pain that I listed here have headrest?

Why headrest is important?

Well, simply because neck pain is often a result of muscle strain...

Neck muscles contract and stay in spasm, because they are holding your head straight.

Now, given that you probably spend quite a lot of time sitting, your neck becomes stiff pretty fast and that causes it to hurt.

The solution?

Yeap, the headrest!

A headrest allows you to reduce neck muscle strain and, as a result, reduce (or completely resolve) neck pain.

The take-away?

Make sure your chair has a headrest.

#3: Size & Height

If you are really looking for the best office chair for neck pain, then you should know one important thing.

Office chairs all have different sizes and don't fit everybody the same way.

This is why it's important for you to know that there are office chairs for short and tall people.

How to tell that?

From what I could see, only few chair manufacturers produce same models in different sizes (e.g. Herman Miller's Aeron has 3 sizes - A,B and C).

Generally speaking, all you need is just to check the chair description and see if it has 'tall people' or 'high back' included into it (that would be for tall office chairs).

'Short back' and 'small people' would then stand for chairs manufactured for shorter people.

Make sure the chair is right for you, because you won't benefit from its functionality if it isn't!

#4: Armrests Are Important

Even though headrest is an essential part of the best office chair for neck pain, armrests, as I learned, are also critical.

When we sit, we tend to use our arms quite a lot.

If we type, then inevitably our hands are in the air and our trapezius muscles work a lot to maintain that posture.

The result?

Neck pain.

This is why armrests (especially adjustable ones) need to be there, so you can reduce that strain almost immediately.

In the Nutshell:

If you are looking for the best office chair for neck pain, then you:

  • First, need to spend at least 200-300 dollars;
  • Second, find the chair with headrest;
  • Third, make sure that the size is right;
  • Fourth, get the armrests as well (ideally adjustable);

Of course there are other characteristics that you can look into.

For example, do you prefer mesh fabric or leather?
What about colors? And caster wheels..?

Yes, there is a myriad of options and you need to make an educated decision.

Now, I already listed the 5 chairs I recommend above, but I also decided to include them right below and provide some extra detail.

Check them out, see their prices and see what else you can find!

There are different approaches here for consumers to keep in mind.


Neck pain is that - neck pain...

It comes from too much sitting (and too little moving), but very often a proper chair can make a big difference.

I hope we were able to help you out finding the best office chair for neck pain.

You can also check out these best office chairs.

Melanie Lawrence for MyErgonomicChair.com

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