6 Best Office Chair for Neck Pain (2020 Update)

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Got no time to read the entire review?
We found Hermam Miller’s Aeron + extra headrest is your best ergonomic office chair for neck pain!


Neck pain while sitting…I certainly am an expert on that!

Before I found a perfect chair for myself I was also struggling every single time when I had to sit down and work at my computer.



1. The Alera Series Mesh High-Back Multifunction Chair

This chair has been ergonomically designed to provide both comfort and adequate lumbar support.

Before we get into how it helps with neck pain, let’s look at the comfort and convenience it provides.

It is described as a multifunctional chair because of the mechanism it features.

First, you can adjust just the backrest so you are almost lying down. This means the seat remains fixed during this adjustment.

You can also adjust its tilt degree.
That is, while sitting on the chair, both the seat and the backrest tilt as one.

This tilt adjustment is floating. What this means is that it does not have any preset lock positions.

You can lock it at any position you choose. This of course includes forward and backward tilts.

This chair also has armrests that are height and width adjustable.

A bigger user can widen the width for increased comfort while a tall or short user can raise or lower the height of the arm rest, positioning it at the height that is perfect for them.

Now, the seat is made of contoured premium fabric upholstery which gives your backside a good resting pad.

To further improve your comfort, it features a waterfall design at the front edge which removes the pressure that sharp edged chairs exert on the legs of users.

While enjoying the comfort of the seat, you can lean back and experience maximum comfort on the mesh back.

This material is highly breathable, allowing for good air circulation. You won’t sit and end up with a very sweaty back.

Still discussing the back (and this now relates to the issue of neck pains), the back rest is ergonomically designed to mimic the S shape of the spine.

Much of the neck pain arising from prolonged sitting is caused by wrong posture.

The shape of this chair forces you to maintain the right posture. So once you sit on it, maintaining the right posture becomes a more natural thing to do.

Interestingly, as a result of the height difference with users, this back rest is independently adjustable for height.

This helps ensure that regardless of the user, that all important lumbar support will be positioned at the right spot which is slightly above the waist.

The addition of the armrests which we already know are adjustable for height and width provide a resting place for your arms, relieving stress from your shoulders and neck.

If however you are one of those who love headrests, this does not come with one.


What Others Said?

Micah, a programmer and an owner of this chair, suffered back pain for many years. According to him, it all began when he started working at a desk. Once he got this chair, he said “Great chair, back pain gone.” That’s simple and to the point.

Another user simply stated that the chair “can be adjusted to fit a range of torso heights and provides good lumbar support.” Remember that with the right lumbar support, your posture will be right and that will be bye to back and neck pain.



  • Multifunctional mechanism for a wide range of adjustment options.
  • Infinite locking positions on the tilt adjustment.
  • Good lumbar support.
  • Height adjustable backrest.
  • Width and height adjustable padded armrests.
  • Breathable mesh backrest which promotes air circulation.
  • Comfortable, contoured seat.


  • It does not have a headrest.
  • May not suit smaller sized users.

In conclusion, this is a great ergonomic chair for neck pains and other musculoskeletal pains.

What’s more, it’s pretty affordable too!


2. La Z Boy Bellamy Executive Bonded Leather Office Chair

Our second selection is the La Z Boy Bellamy Executive Bonded Leather Office Chair. Now, this is a product from a brand that has been working hard to establish itself as one that can be trusted for quality and great craftsmanship.

This executive looking chair from La Z Boy can be used as a computer chair or a desk chair and it will excel in both cases. Three components stand it out. First, it has a great look. Looking at it, you automatically imagine an executive sitting on it. Secondly, it is built for comfort and thirdly, it provides good lumbar support which is great for curbing back and neck pains.

Let’s now take a closer look at this chair….

Let’s start from the support it provides. Why is it a great chair for neck pain? Here’s why.

Looking at the design of the backrest, you can see it has a subtle S shape. This is an attempt at mimicking the S shape of the spine. When you sit on it and lean in to backrest, the shape of the backrest helps you maintain the correct posture of your spine.

Aside from this, it also offers a tilt control which allows you set the tilt angle to perfectly suit you. Another user can also adjust it to align with his/her own body. Simply put, the lumbar support is customizable and this is a great thing.

Let’s take a look at the seat…

Before we begin to look at the quality of comfort the seat provides, we will take note of the design of the seat edge. It features a waterfall design which reduces pressure to the back of the legs. This promotes good blood flow and also helps you maintain proper posture.

Still looking at how it helps with neck pain, let’s look at the armrests. It has two classic styled padded armrests that help support your arms. Without proper support for your arms, you may inadvertently transfer unnecessary tension to your shoulders. This can also contribute to neck pains.

With the armrests, your arms are comfortably supported so there is no stress being transferred from the arms to the shoulders and neck.

Okay, it’s not just about lumbar support and it being great for curbing neck pain. It also helps that it really looks great.

The premium wood finish combined with the luxurious looking bonded leather gives it a look that is fit for a palace. When you sit on it, you may not be in a hurry to get up.

The seat features five levels of fills to offer maximum comfort and support. These fills include a Polyfiber-fill layer, a memory foam layer, a soft support layer and two other layers. So when you sit on it, it is both soft and firm, providing comfort and good support.

Here’s what Scott, a user of this chair had to say “Would highly recommend this chair for an office setting, though i am using it at home for my computer chair.. Feels great on my aching back.

With its reinforced back bar and heavy-duty castors, this chair can support a user-weight of up to 250 pounds.


  • Elegant and executive look.
  • Top quality materials and finishing.
  • Good lumbar support.
  • Plush design for increased comfort.
  • Highly adjustable for personal customization.
  • Great for managing back and neck pain.
  • Operates well on laminate floors.


  • May require a break-in period.
  • May not be suitable for hot situations as the materials are not breathable.
  • Not suitable for small users.

So, if you are on a budget and you are looking for an executive ergonomic chair that looks great while also offering good lumbar support, then this is surely one to consider.


3. Herman Miller Executive Aeron Task Chair

When you hear the name Herman Miller, you expect nothing but the best. More than just the quality of the materials and craftsmanship that went into the making of this chair is the advanced technological inputs.

This is not just your regular run-of-the-mill ergonomic chair. This is much more.

Yes, it features the normal specifications you will expect from an ergonomic chair. Some of these include a backrest design that supports the natural curvature of the spine, helping you maintain proper posture, a full range of adjustment options for easy personalization, a waterfall design of the seat edge to reduce pressure to the back of the legs and improve blood circulation and an adjustable armrest.

These are all great but there’s much more…

Herman Miller has a patented tilt mechanism which it calls Kinemat. What does this do? This patented tilt mechanism allows your neck, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles move naturally. Because these parts can pivot on their joints naturally, causes of neck pain or other musculoskeletal pains are eliminated.

There’s also the PostureFit mechanism which supports the natural forward tilt of your pelvis. This keeps your spine in its natural shape, aligning the different parts from your neck to your waist. There can’t be any back, waist or neck pains when this happens.

That’s not all…

The Pellicle suspension which is the unique mesh-like material the backrest and seat are made of practically molds to your body’s shape. This totally removes pressure points that promote discomfort. This material is also highly breathable, so heat is quickly dissipated, keeping the user cool and comfortable.

This Herman Miller Executive Aeron Task Chair incorporates all of these so you get to enjoy amazing comfort and unparalleled support.

If there’s one chair that is in a world all of its own, then it is this chair. It must be stated clearly that it is not for everyone. In fact, the cost ensures that only people who really need it or really appreciate its value will bother with it.

One buyer said “The Executive Aeron Chair by Herman Miller in chrome is simply the BEST task chair you can buy.

A happy mom reports after purchasing this for her son that “He can sit in it all evening studying and never have any back discomfort.

If you’re still in doubt as to whether it can indeed help curb back and neck pains, here’s what Matt another user has to say. “This is the most amazing chair I have ever sat in. Instant relief from back pain.

There’s no disputing the fact that this is one great chair that will help with back and neck pain. Herman Miller is proud to offer a 12-warranty on this chair because it is confident of the quality of its product.


  • Top quality materials and build
  • Provides maximum comfort.
  • Offers full lumbar support.
  • Highly adjustable.
  • Perfect for curbing back, waist and neck pain.
  • Comes with a 12-year Herman Miller warranty


  • It is pretty expensive.

If you have some extra cash and don’t mind spending it on a top quality ergonomic chair for neck pains and other of pains, then this is one of the best office chairs for neck pain. Just go for it.


4. TOPSKY Mesh Computer Office Chair

TOPSKY is a new brand focused on delivering office products that are of top quality, practical, comfortable and highly personalized. This office chair is one of such products from the brand. It actually describes it as one of its top office chairs with super ergonomic designs.

How true is this? Let’s see…

In examining the brand’s ergonomic design claim, we will start by looking at the backrest. This chair features a backrest and a headrest. This is not something you may find with many ergonomic office chairs.

The headrest provides tall users with additional support for their heads. A lot of times, tall users find their heads stretching above the backrest of most seats, leaving it without proper support. The effort it takes to support the head without a headrest can sometimes add to the stress on the neck.

This headrest removes that concern. Much more than this, the headrest has a 3D adjustment function which allows it to be adjusted up, down, sideways as well as angled to suit the user. Of course, this further adds to the precision of the support it provides the head.

Going lower to the backrest proper, we find a skeletal frame that provides the support for the high density strength mesh material used for the backrest. This material provides good air circulation which keeps the user cool.

It also has an adjustable lumbar support cushion which makes it perfect for a wide range of users. This lumbar cushion helps you maintain the natural posture of the spine as you sit. This ensures proper alignment from the head to the waist. Once this is achieved, you can say bye to neck pain.

Now, let’s take a look at the armrests. It is a soft padded armrest with a push button adjustment control. This allows you adjust it up or down to a suitable height. With your arms resting at the right height, tension is reduced from the shoulders and neck, which will in turn reduces cases of neck pain.

Moving lower to the seat, it also features a high density strength mesh which covers a thick sponge padding. This provides comfortable sitting, while also adequately supporting the user. It also has a waterfall design which allows for good blood circulation in the legs by not cutting off blood supply at the back of the legs.

Its adjustment mechanism is a synchronous one. What this means is that as you tilt the backrest, the seat is also slightly affected. This means you cannot independently adjust just the backrest or just the seat. It also has an infinite locking position so you can lock the tilt at any position you choose.

This is one solidly built chair that can support a user weight of up to 330 pounds. However, the manufacturer recommends a weight of about 220 pounds.

Since we are mainly looking at its suitability as a chair for neck pain, let’s look at what this work-from-home mom had to say about it. “I suffer from inoperable, severe back pain, but I have a work-from-home desk job. I must be able to sit for long stretches of time. My previous chairs caused me a lot of pain, but this one is perfect and passes my two evaluations: the all-day pain test and the customer service test.

Another buyer said “I usually have a hard time finding a comfortable chair as I tend to have frequent low back pain, but I’ve had this chair about a month now and I haven’t had any complaints since.

Neck and back pains are usually caused by the same general issues. Fix one and you will likely fix the rest.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Sturdy and well-built.
  • Good lumbar support.
  • Breathable material for better air circulation.
  • Good adjustment options.
  • 5-star casters for easy movement.
  • 360 degree swivel function for increased mobility.


  • It does not have independent adjustments for the backrest and seat.
  • The seat’s padding may be hard for some users.
  • The assembly instructions can be better.

So there you have it, another good office chair for neck pain. It is solidly built and quite affordable.


5. Lorell Executive High-Back Chair

Lorell calls this chair a managerial high-back chair. It is an ergonomically designed high-back chair that supports prolonged sitting without back or neck pains. It basically achieves this with its backrest which is designed to support the natural curvature of the spine, thereby promoting a proper alignment of the entire spinal column from the head to the waist.

Let’s break it down.

The entire structure is built around a steel frame which is coated with plastic. This frame provides a solid base for the chair. This and other high quality parts allow it support up to 250 pounds of user-weight.

We already mentioned the backrest’s design which supports the natural curvature of the spine. In addition to this, it features a multifunctional mechanism which among other things allows for the independent adjustment of the seat and backrest. With this, each user can adjust the chair to perfectly fit them.

Still talking about the support it provides, its armrests are adjustable for height and width. This makes it easier for a user to find their perfect armrest height and width. With the arms resting on the padded armrests at the right height and width, and the backrest providing the right support of the spine’s curve, there can’t be any instances of neck pain or any other musculoskeletal pain arising from prolonged sitting on a desk chair.

Other adjustment options it offers include pneumatic seat height adjustment and tilt tension control. You also have good mobility with the 5-star nylon casters as well as the 360 degree swivel capability. For increased safety, it is fire retardant and meets the ANSI/ BIFMA specifications.

So, does it really help with neck pain? Here’s what an owner of the chair had to say “We’ve had the chair for about 2 months now, and my husband loves it. The back, neck, and knee problems he’d been having have disappeared, and he doesn’t get so worn out while he’s working on the computer all day.

Another user simply had this to say “Great, economical chair. Helped alleviate back pain.” Elaborating further, the user said “A couple months ago I pulled my back working on a home project. My desk chairs at home and work both were not friendly on the back and after suffering for a few months I decided to replace both. While this chair is economically made, there don’t seem to be many concessions in terms of its functionality or comfort. The back mesh is supportive and forms well enough to your back, the chair pad is comfortable, and the arm rests are bare-bones, but work well enough.

Read what this user said a few days after taking delivery of this chair “I have only had this chair for a couple days, but I’m loving it so far. It makes a big difference in my back. I work from home so it was getting hard to sit at my desk for long before getting lower back pain.

This is the same user a while later “I have had this chair for years now. I still use it today. It has proven to be the best desk chair I have ever owned.


  • Well-built and easy to assemble.
  • Good lumbar support.
  • Good adjustment options.
  • Breathable material for increased air circulation.
  • It is affordable.


  • Instructions can be better.
  • It has no headrest.

So, if you’ve had neck or back injuries or just simply have some problems with neck pains resulting from having to sit for long, here’s a chair that can help you curb the pain.


6. Modway Edge Office Chair

According to Modway, this chair delivers functional comfort. It was designed to offer a seating experience described by the brand as “comprehensive” by combining old school charm with today’s ergonomic improvements.

Looking at the chair, you are likely to quickly fall in love with its white color with black trimming design. However, it’s not all about its looks. Does it get the job done? Can it help with neck pain?

Let’s find out…

As you will expect with any ergonomic chair, its backrest is designed to mimic the curvature of the spine so it can provide a natural support for your back. This is the lumbar support that is critical for the maintenance of proper posture to avoid neck pain.

The backrest is made of a mesh material that promotes air circulation, increasing the user’s comfort level especially in hot situations.

It also has armrests that provide additional support to the arms so that undue pressure is not exerted on the shoulder and neck as you attempt to support the arm. These armrests are padded to provide a comfortable resting place for your arms. Though they are not really adjustable, you have the option of flipping them out of the way if you do not need them.

The padded leatherette seat offers good comfort. This is not one of those seats that you get sore in the butt after sitting on them for a while. To further ensure your comfort, the front edge features a waterfall design which reduces pressure to the back of the legs, allowing for a free flow of blood.

You can adjust the height and tilt of this chair. Since it uses pneumatic height adjustment, all you need is a simple one-touch adjustment to set the height you want. You also have control over the backward tilt and tilt tension. Simply sit back and adjust it until it fits your seating needs at the time.

If you need to move around, the sturdy 5-star casters will provide easy mobility. You can also easily turn to reach for items around thanks to its 360 degree swivel function.

This is one sturdily built desk or computer chair. It has the capacity to support user weights of up to 330 pounds.

Now, we are back to the question of how well it helps with pains. Here’s what Guss, a verified owner of this chair has to say “This is an awesome chair! I have been a physical laborer my whole life and enjoy computer games. But! I have an awful back. I needed to replace my leather non mesh back chair with this. My butt was falling asleep, My back was in horrible pain and my neck would start to give out because of my back. Now with the ergonomic design of this mesh back chair I have zero pain.

Okay, here’s what another user said “I have been doing desk work for most of my working life (let’s just say it’s been over 20 years). I have never found a chair that has been good for my back issues and after hours a day sitting at a desk I would be in pain on some evenings. I am now working from home and needed a good desk chair so I did some research and found this chair….. I am SO HAPPY with this chair. It’s the best purchase I’ve ever made!! My back has been acting up quite a bit lately and the moment I sat in this chair I could already feel a difference. The lumbar support is amazing.


  • Well-built and easy to assemble.
  • Looks lovely.
  • Offers good support.
  • Provides comfortable seating.
  • Has good adjustment options.
  • Breathable mesh material promotes good air circulation.
  • Supports up to 330 pounds of user weight.


  • Lumbar support can’t be adjusted.
  • Armrests cannot be adjusted. They can only be flipped out of the way.

Want to enjoy functional comfort and a comprehensive seating experience? Try this chair.

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