10 Best Office Chairs for Neck Pain

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Finding the best office chair for neck pain and shoulder pain can be quite challenging.

In this guide we share the most comfortable and obtainable budget ergonomic chairs that can help you with that.

Down below I list 9 top rated office chairs followed by the guide on what you should look for when buying a chair for neck, correct sitting postures and even exercises for reducing neck pain.

Scroll down and let’s get started with these best ergonomic office chairs for neck and shoulder pain!

1. Best Office Chair for Neck With Headrest

The first on our best ergonomic office chair list is an office chair sold by Posturion. And it is also in this list.

There are two reasons main reasons why this office chair is in this review.

First, it is high back meaning that even the taller among us will be able to seat comfortably with full support for the spine. Second, this chair has a multi-dimensional adjustable headrest which you will be able to set up the way you feel most comfortable for the ultimate neck support.

This high back ergonomic office chair for neck also comes equipped with other truly ergonomic design features – waterfall edge to improve blood flow to the legs and feet, rocking mechanism which allows you to relax while working, height and angle adjustment control, 360 swivel, breathable mesh that would help to cool you down during a hot summer day.

Key Features:

  • Easy to assemble (arrives with all the instructions you need)
  • High back ergonomic office chair with up to 300 lbs weight capacity
  • 3D adjustable armrests reduce shoulder pain
  • Comfortable lumbar support system for lower back
  • Height and angle adjustable headrest for neck support
  • Breathable mesh back
  • 12-month faulty parts warranty
  • 30-day return policy if you don’t like it
  • Free tracked US shipping with 5-7 day delivery time


  • Quality adjustable headrest helps to find the sweet spot for neck and shoulder support
  • Armrests that can be adjusted in 3 directions help to reduce neck and upper back strain from typing
  • Easy to install (everything is included in the box)
  • The chair is made out of high quality materials that will last
  • The chair feels and looks great
  • Comfortable for working and gaming


  • The lumbar support is not adjustable

Finally got a chance to open this box and assemble this mesh task chair and could not be happier. It is solidly built, offers great support, the mesh won’t get too hot, the wheels are smooth, and there are enough adjustments to find an ideal position. It came with the assembly instructions and the assembling process was easy. Definitely one of the best ergonomic office chairs out there! My head and neck feel great too.


2. High Back Ergonomic Swivel Chair for Neck

This is a comfortable affordable chair with headrest that you can get for less than 150 USD.

While this is not the absolute best office chair for neck pain (as it is still a budget ergonomic chair option) chair, it certainly comes equipped with some pretty spectacular characteristics…especially when you factor in its price!

2D adjustable headrest – you can lift the headrest up or lower it down in order to find a perfect fit. You can also change its angle so it fits you even better!

Adjustable lumbar support is ideal for anyone also experiencing back pain while sitting. This particular lumbar support is not adjustable so you want to make sure it fits you well.

Strategically placed mesh that is only located on the back of the ergonomic office chair is another useful feature you’d be fond of on a hot summer day because it dramatically improves the air flow. This one feature explains the reason why you should buy an ergonomic chair.

Key Features:

  • Supports up to 265 pounds
  • Built-in lumbar support cushion for lower back pain
  • Neck support helps to reduce shoulder pain and neck muscles strain
  • High-density cushion sponge
  • Rocking mechanism with height adjustment
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Easy to clean, wear resistant material
  • Multi-dimensional adjustable headrest for head and neck support
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • Fast 7-day shipping
  • Easy assembly (everything is included in the package)

 PROs :

  • Really affordable basic office chair
  • Comes with a thicker seat cushion which is nice for sitting
  • Quick delivery and 3-month return policy give you time to give it back if necessary
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Basic headrest that looks after your neck


  • It’s a cheaper office chair so don’t expect top quality materials

I’ve had it about a month and half now, I work from home so a decent chair for neck was a must, but I was also on a budget. This chair for neck gives great support and is very comfortable for all day sitting. The price makes it an item I would buy again. I don’t think it’s the best ergonomic office chair but it’s still great for lower back, neck and shoulder pain!


3. MOOJIRS Highly Adjustable Ergonomic Chair

If you are looking for best office chairs for neck that can provide ultimate level of sitting experience and adjustability, while having the ability to adjust every bit to your liking or requirements, then this task chair by MOOJIRS is the one you should look at closer.

Literally every single part can be adjusted here – headrest, upper spine support, lumbar spine support, armrests, seat depth, tilt tension and angle, obviously seat height and angle – you name it!

The MOOJIRS’s sophisticated design automatically responds to your body’s characteristics such as weight, the micromovements you naturally do while sitting down and your posture of course! Keeping all these in check, you are guaranteed to get total body support in the crucial points – your neck, shoulders and lower back. Say good bye to shoulder pain!

On the quality side, the chair has a really solid feel. The 4D mesh back is comfortable and breathable which is great if you tend to sweat a bit. The chair’s durability is warranted by the tests of the three recognized quality supervision organizations – BIFMA, SGS and TUV).

This chair is designed to hold anyone weighing up to 450 lbs. This along makes this chair suitable for big and tall users.

The only thing that has a potential to stop you from buying this chair is the price tag. If you go for it, this ergonomic office chair should be seen as an investment because it will make a difference in how you feel and perform.

Is it the best office chair on the list though?

Key Features:

  • 3D dynamic backrest
  • Adjustable neck support helps to address neck and shoulder pain
  • Adjustable lumbar support for lower back pain
  • Easy-to-use seat height adjustment helps to find a perfect position
  • 4D armrest adjustment (help to deal with shoulder pain)
  • Backrest height adjustment (separately from the chair’s height and angle)
  • Automatically adjustable backrest and lumbar support provide total support at any moment
  • Aluminum alloy frame provides durability and stability of the chair


  • Quality build and materials that will last
  • Great spine support adjusts to reduce pain and discomfort
  • A ton of functionalities will help to find the perfect fit
  • Very easy assembly process
  • Great as a gaming chair too


  • Price! It’s a great chair but for the money you can get a Herman Miller Aeron for additional status

Got a lot of compliments from my coworkers and I love how the wheels are so smooth. Overall, this is the best office chair I have ever owned! So while it has been on the pricey side, its ability to tackle neck and shoulder pain (which is my case) while I use it in my home office is frankly remarkable! It’s one of the office chairs that feels really high-end and seems like it’s built to last. Love the dynamic  lumbar support on this high back chair too!


4. Alera Series – Office Chair For Neck & Shoulder Pain

Even though it doesn’t have a headrest, this is an office chair for neck support. It can be adjusted in numerous ways which helps to improve posture meaning your neck will take less strain.

For example, separately adjustable back height and angle (a pretty unique feature) improves upper back support and reduces neck and shoulder strain. If you add the 2D (height and width) adjustable armrests on top of that, you will get a strain-proof posture setup – exactly what this chair is helping to achieve.

To enhance sitting experience, the chair comes in two sizes – high- and mid-back – meaning that it can be better adjusted for your particular frame. Of course, the absence of neck support doesn’t make this ergonomic office chair the ultimate choice.

Key Features:

  • Multifunctional mechanism for a wide range of adjustment options
  • Infinite locking positions for tilt adjustment add to comfortable sitting
  • Good lumbar support which helps to reduce neck pain
  • Height adjustable backrest and tilt lock
  • Width and seat height adjustment of padded armrests (they help with shoulder pain)
  • Breathable mesh backrest which promotes air circulation
  • Comfortable, contoured seat – comfortable during long hours


  • Better fit for mid- and high-back chair users
  • Separately adjustable back helps to fine-tune the chair
  • A looot of adjustment options get you as much comfort as possible
  • Height adjustable arm rests will help to diminish neck pain
  • Mesh back helps to keep your back dry even on a hotter day


  • The chair feels a little cheap…but it’s a budget chair to begin with
  • The chair doesn’t have a headrest

Best office chair! I now own a total of 4 of them. One which was my first I have had for approximately 4 years now and is still going strong. One I bought for my girlfriend because the office chair for neck pain she got couldn’t fit her thighs. We then recently started travelling to spend time with family and bought two more for us to work from their house. My shoulder pain is a lot less noticeable now too! However lumbar support could be better.


5. La Z Boy Bellamy Executive Bonded Leather Office Chair

Next contender in our ergonomic office chairs list…

This executive chair from La Z Boy can be used as a computer chair or a desk chair and it will excel in both cases. Three components stand it out among other office chairs.

First, this ergonomic chair has a great look. Looking at it, you automatically imagine an executive-type setup.

Second, it is built for comfort and, third, it provides good lumbar support which is great for curbing lower back, neck and shoulder pain. So, yeah, it has quite a number of ergonomic features that you will find quite handy.

Unlike a typical mesh chair, this leather seat would envelop your body in it giving you a chance to fully relax and enjoy sitting.

Soft padding on the seat cushion and upper back provide this office chair with ultimate upper back, shoulder and neck support. Is it enough to say bye-bye to neck and shoulder pain though?

Key Features:

  • 250 lbs capacity
  • Reinforced back and heavy-duty castor wheels
  • Seat design has 5 levels of memory foam fill for maximum comfort and support for all of the body types
  • Stylish, premium wood finish executive office chair
  • Elegant and executive look with neck rest for improving head posture
  • Waterfall edge improved blood flow to the legs and feet
  • Tilt function control helps to relax your back
  • Seat height adjustable
  • Good lumbar support and neck support
  • Fits laminate floors


  • Padding provides a lot of comfort and last for a good while
  • Memory foam provide a ton of comfort that you might need during long hours
  • Solid in design and sturdy when in use
  • Good looking chair that fits nicely in an office setting


  • The armrests may get untightened with time but you can tighten them up
  • Some people reported receiving a faulty chair from the start – pay attention to it if you are ordering this chair

I bought this chair for neck support 7 months ago, and have been sitting on it for 8-10 hours a day every day since. There has been no deterioration of the leather or the base, everything is still like new. Though I do use a t-shirt as a cover for the back. I can’t say that I had a serious case of neck and shoulder pain but I like how this office chair almost “hugs” me so my back and neck feel great. I feel relaxed and comfortable sitting in it. My verdict? I’m happy with this chair! Hopefully it will last.


6. Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Many people include Herman Miller Embody chair in their reviews of neck and shoulder pain office chairs but I like something that is cheaper (when compare to the Embody)…yes, Herman Miller Aeron!

If you are looking for the best office chair for neck pain (and you have the budget), then Herman Miller’s Aeron is the thing you should be looking at.

Just about every part of this ergonomic office chair is made to last while making your life using it as comfortable as possible – soft and adjustable armrests comfort your elbows and relieve muscle tension from upper pack, neck and shoulders.

It has a ton of ergonomic features which will help you to assume the absolute best sitting position. Your body, your spine, your neck and shoulders…they will all thank you for the investment.

The patented breathable Pellicle mesh-like material holds human body in a way that guarantees comfortable sitting (it acts as a lumbar support too). It removes pressure points and provides improved breathability. By default this office chair doesn’t come with a headrest but you can get one separately.

If there’s one ergonomic office chair for neck that is in a world all of its own, then it is this chair.

Key Features:

  • Top quality materials and build that lasts for years
  • Adjustable lumbar support office chair
  • Separate headrest for head and neck support
  • Comfortable armrests help to reduce shoulder pain
  • Highly adjustable, intuitive chair with the proper seat height adjustment range
  • Office chair with a 12-year warranty
  • Available in 3 sizes – A, B and C (all have different seat width)
  • Weight limit: 300 pounds (for A size), 350 pounds (for B & C)
  • Tilt lock mechanism for comfortable work


  • Top-tier ergonomic chair with stylish design
  • Top-level quality materials, nice to feel and last for years
  • Solid support and adjustability
  • Amazing for long sitting hours
  • Almost gives you a work performance boost because it’s so amazing


  • Expensive…but it’s an investment
  • Pellicle mesh can be somewhat too intense for some users

After looking at all the ergonomic chairs for neck pain, I say definitely give it a go if you can if you are looking for a chair that you will sit on for long periods of time and need lumbar support. My neck and shoulder pain are in check. And my back…sings! Seat height and seat depth is ideal for my frame (I’m 6 feet tall and use size B). I’m looking to get a separate headrest and see if there is a difference. Even still, definitely one of the best office chairs out there! Maybe the best office chair!


7. SIHOO Office Computer Chair

A less expensive office chair for neck pain is sold by SIHOO, a newer brand on the market that manufacturers very decent chairs for a fraction of the price.

It features an adjustable neck support (up, down or sideways) that will help to rest your head should it get too heavy. On top of that it comes with a few cool features like adjustable armrests, lumbar support and a…hanger which is placed right behind its back!

We like this chair because it offers a functional no-thrills setup that can easily help you to get rid of neck pain. Overall, it’s one of the top rated office chairs for neck pain for anyone on a budget.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable headrest and comfortable neck support for head and neck rest
  • 350 pounds weight capacity
  • Synchronous adjustment mechanism coupled with infinite tilt locking at any position
  • Thick high-density sponge padding for prolonged sitting
  • Easy to put together
  • Comfortable seat cushion
  • Sturdy and well-built adjustable lumbar support for lower back pain
  • Breathable material for better air circulation
  • 5-star caster wheels for easy movement
  • 360 degree swivel function for increased mobility


  • Great price/quality ratio with all the ergonomic features
  • Comfortable headrest for perfect fit
  • Made from solid, quality plastic that lasts
  • Nice to sit in to the point that you can fall asleep in it
  • Great back and neck support


  • May take a while to assemble
  • Lumbar support may not fit everyone (but it’s removable)

I really like this chair! It is very comfortable–partly due to all the adjustments you can make regarding the height and angle of the arms, the tilt of the back, the lumbar support, and the adjustable head rest.


8. Lorell Executive – Best On A Budget For Neck Pain Relief

An ergonomically designed high-back office chair that supports prolonged sitting without lower back or neck pain. It achieves this with its backrest which is designed to support the natural curvature of the spine, thereby promoting a proper alignment of the entire spinal column from the head to the waist.

It features a multifunctional mechanism which among other things allows for the independent adjustment of the seat and backrest. With this, each user can adjust the office chair to perfectly fit them.

Still talking about the support it provides, its armrests are adjustable for height and width. With the arms resting on the padded armrests at the right height and width there can’t be any instances of shoulder or neck pain.

Other adjustment options this mesh office chair offers include pneumatic seat height adjustment and tilt tension control. You also have good mobility with the 5-star nylon caster wheels as well as the 360 degree swivel capability. For increased safety, it is fire retardant and meets the ANSI/ BIFMA specifications.

Key Features:

  • 250 pound weight capacity
  • Well-built, sturdy and fully adjustable
  • Great lower back support and adjustable height
  • Adjustable armrests help to sit through the long hours
  • Breathable material for increased air circulation
  • Affordable ergonomic office chair


  • Great for really tall guys and girls (tested by 6’8″ person)
  • The height adjustment can go really high
  • Nice and thick cushion that helps to work through a long day in comfort
  • Armrests are pretty wide apart from each other for better fit
  • Stable base with smooth caster wheels


  • Somewhat wobbly armrests
  • Quality not that great (but it’s a budget chair)

The height of the chair is perfect for me. Typically, chairs don’t go high enough. This does. I set the armrests to be as wide as possible and there is plenty of room for by lower body. They adjust right up to my elbow as the should. They can go higher, they can go lower. Lumbar support feels good too!


9. Modway Edge – Short Back Swivel Chair

According to Modway, this is one of the office chairs that delivers functional comfort.

As you will expect with any ergonomic chair, its backrest is designed to mimic the curvature of the spine so it can provide a natural support for your back. This is the lower back support that is critical for the maintenance of proper posture to avoid pain.

The backrest is made of ergonomic mesh that promotes air circulation, increasing the user’s comfort level especially in hot situations.

This office chair also has armrests that provide additional support to the arms so that undue pressure is not exerted on the shoulder and neck as you attempt to support the arm. These armrests are padded to provide a comfortable resting place for your arms. Though they are not really adjustable, you have the option of flipping them out of the way if you do not need them.

Key Features:

  • Well-built and easy to assemble
  • Looks lovely and has a number of ergonomic features
  • Fully adjustable, offers good support
  • Provides comfortable seating
  • Has good adjustment options
  • Breathable ergonomic mesh material promotes good air circulation
  • Supports up to 330 pounds of user weight

 PROs :

  • Durable, will last under a heavier guy or girl
  • Armrests that go up save a ton of space
  • The chair weighs quite a lot and feels very sturdy and well-built
  • Design is pretty slick – looks great in a office setting
  • Memory foam type seat cushion offers more comfort for long hours of sitting


  • Might be a little too hard to put together so you might need someone helping you
  • Some reports of it not being well-made

It’s not the best office chair but it’s great nonetheless! The chair has performed great and has been very comfortable. The arms being able to go up and down is great as it does not fit under my desk with them down. However it fits great underneath my desk with them up. I’m a heavy guy (High 280’s) and the chair has held up well. Having a lumbar support would be nice.


10. Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair for Shoulder Pain

Another ergonomic office chair with mesh back and high back. Even though the name sounds a bit French to my ear (“Gabrylly”?), the chair is totally produced in China so there is nothing wrong with it (pun intended). Just like a few other chairs on the list, this one comes with a nice headrest that you can adjust in 2 dimensions: height and angle. So it’s quite similar to the first chair in this review which is sold by Posturion.

This specific chair is also pretty tall and works best for anyone between 5’5″ and 6’3″. However, it won’t be able to fit bigger folks among us as the manufacturer suggests that people heavier than 280 lbs shouldn’t be using the chair…for its (and theirs) safety.

A pretty sweet recline function will get you tilting your body between 90 and ~120°. This is awesome if you want to relax and “float” a little.

Even though the lumbar support is not adjustable, it has an ergonomic curvature that ticks the spine box by providing it with an impressive level of support. The seat depth can’t be adjusted but the position it has is already good enough for those between 5’5″ and 6’3″.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable headrest that can be rotated and moved up/down
  • Supports healthy back and spine position
  • Flip-up armrests can also be height adjustable
  • Mesh back chair helps to live through hot summer days without sweating
  • Easy to put together
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

 PROs :

  • Offers plenty of support for the entire body
  • Very quick to put together (literally takes 3-5 minutes)
  • Comfortable armrests that can be flipped up for when you want to save space
  • Nice seat size will support your entire butt


  • It might still be too short for taller people
  • Lack of adjustable lumbar support

I do have bouts of neck pain (especially after sitting for hours), so I got this chair. I’m 5’8″ and it feels just right on my spine even though the lumbar support doesn’t go up or down. Headrest is just perfect – it’s right where it needs to be so my neck doesn’t get tired from looking at the computer screen. I did spend maybe like a minute to set up the headrest and find the perfect position but here I am now. I also use this seat as a gaming chair and my verdict is…it’s great.

And The Winner Is

After going through a long list of all sorts of neck office chairs with and without headrest I’m ready to give you my final call.

In my opinion, the chair that is sold by Posturion combines the best features of an affordable chair that you can use for long periods of time. Its height and angle adjustable headrest is there for you from day 1 and all you need is to set it up properly.

While the headrest will help to curb neck and shoulder pain, its tall mesh back and comfortable back support will help to position your body so it’s as comfortable as possible.

4 Vital Things to Look For in an Ergonomic Office Chair for Neck Pain

Neck pain tends to arise for a number of reasons but most of them are related to posture. This means that, no matter the chair you pick, it should promote the best possible posture you can have while sitting for short and long-term.

Comfortable Size

This is, by far, the simplest AND overlooked thing that you would need to take into account when buying an office chair. If you are a taller guy/girl, look for high back chairs. If you are a shorter person, look for a short/mid-back office chair. Some manufacturers offer chairs of different sizes (e.g. Alera Elusion that comes in both – mid- and high-back – size) whereas others don’t. One way or another, make sure the chair fits you well to begin with – the rest of the features are only used for fine-tuning.


It might seem counter-intuitive but the headrest is not a real necessity, yet it absolutely offers a great benefit for anyone struggling with neck pain. There are two caveats to getting a proper headrest.

First, it should ideally be height-adjustable because you want it to fit your body type perfectly. The last thing you want is a headrest that is too short/tall and you can/t do anything about it. Second, you can also opt in for a head support that can be slightly turned up or down for even better fit.

Adjustable Armrests

Armrests that fit well and are comfortable is a very important thing for people with neck pain because a lot of can be attributed to strained trapezius muscles. The only way to release them is through supporting elbows that would rest on the armrests while you are typing.

Height adjustable armrests are an absolute minimum requirement any office chair should possess in its arsenal of features (unless the chair already fits you well). You can also opt in for height and width adjustable armrests (referred to as 2D) or height, width and angle adjustable armrests (aka 3D). While having 2D armrests is a plus, picking the chairs with 3D (or even 4D) setup might be a little too much.

Lumbar Support

Neck pain and back pain often go together so having a lumbar support and neck support that actually fits you is important. There are really only two types of lumbar support – adjustable and non-adjustable.

Unless your best ergonomic office chair fits you well from the start, it is always recommended to pick one with the height adjustable lumbar support. That way you are at a better chance of finding a comfortable sitting position which would also help you to reduce tension in your neck and shoulders.

How to Reduce Neck Pain While Sitting At a Desk Or When Using a Laptop

Neck pain appears from prolonged sitting while maintain a posture that is incorrect. To get rid of it you have to set up the monitor all the way up to your eye level so that it’s right in front of you and you are not looking down. This is by far the most significant adjustment you have to make.

So if you are using a laptop, you should ideally have these:

  • a laptop stand (this thing would actually elevate the monitor all the way to your eye level)
  • a separate keyboard and mouse (as you won’t really be able to use the ones on your laptop)

You should also have your ergonomic chair setup in the correct manner. Make sure it’s:

  • Big enough for your frame (especially the backrest)
  • Setup up according to your body type (e.g. knees and elbows at 90 degrees)

It is also recommended to take regular breaks and actually get up from your ergonomic office chair. If you get up every half an hour and spend a few minutes standing, that would go long way not only towards your neck health but towards your overall health.

Best Sitting Posture for Neck Pain

According to OSHO (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) there are 4 positions which promote correct posture (and a neutral spine). Here are 3 of them that apply to sitting:

The Upright Sitting posture is the one that is most commonly recommended by ergonomic experts. However, on this specific image the posture is not entirely correct because the monitor is not on the user’s eye level. The user is then forced to always look down on the monitor which strains the muscles on the back of their neck causing neck strain and discomfort. If this posture is not improved, the strained muscles from the neck might also result in shoulder pain.

The good thing posture is that the user’s elbows are resting at the correct level reducing the tension they would otherwise have in the upper back and neck.

You can also set your ergonomic office chair to a declined sitting posture but the problem is still the same – the monitor is not on their eye level and that in itself will contribute to neck and shoulder muscle strain and pain.

Reclined position tends to help with decompressing the spine. This is especially important if you suffer from pain caused by disc rupture, bulging or hernia. In fact, a research paper that was published back in 2006 concluded that:

Across all measurements, the researchers concluded that the 135-degree position fared the best. As a result, Dr. Bashir and colleagues advise patients to stave off future back problems by correcting their sitting posture and finding a chair that allows them to sit in an optimal position of 135 degrees.

Sure, 135 degree sitting angle is not “one size fits all” silver bullet type thing but…if you have been experiencing neck and back pain, try this trick and recline to 120-135 degrees to see how that feels!

Stretching Exercises for Neck Pain At Desk

Last but not least! Here are some great stretches and exercises for when you are starting to feel pain the neck and shoulder area.

It is recommended to do those exercises regularly but without too much pressure because you only really want to release some muscles while activating others.