Best Big and Tall Ergonomic Office Chairs

A big man sitting on an office chair in front of his laptop beside big letters that read best big and tall office chair

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A big man sitting on an office chair in front of his laptop beside big letters that read best big and tall office chair

If you are in a hurry and just want to find the best big and tall ergonomic office chair then REFICCER’s Reclining Leather chair is your choice!

If you are looking for the best big and tall office chair…you are in the right place!

Today I am sharing with you the 5 top rated heavy duty chairs that I found while searching for the right chair for my…khm…big butt 😀

I also point out the exact features I paid attention to during my search…so I hope that would be of help to you 😉

Ready? Read on!


5 Best…for Big and Tall People at a Glance

OrderModelCapacityWe Love It ForDetails & Prices
Big & Tall Heavy Duty500 lbsEasy to assemble and maximum capacity.
REFICCER High Back400 lbsTop quality and very comfortable!
AmazonBasics Big & Tall500 lbsSimple but sturdy.
REFICCER Executive400 lbsBossy and comfortable at the same time!
Smugdesk High Back350 lbsClassy chair with simple controls

And now…let’s look closer at every single chair in more details!


Big & Tall Heavy Duty Executive Chair

This executive heavy duty chair from Payhere stands out of the competition with an endorsement from Office Chair USA.

The design of the chair comes with comfort in mind.

It features a cushioned backrest as well as headrest and armrest.

This feature relieves any discomfort associated with prolonged seating like back pain.

The chair also comes with an extra thick gas lift.

The lift passed regulatory testing to deliver safe, comfortable and convenient adjusting of this quality big and tall office chair.

This ergonomic chair also features most of those found in a modern office chair including:

  • Steel frame
  • Integrated headrest
  • Padded armrest
  • Adjustable tilt tension and spin
  • Pneumatic seat height with improved heavy duty piston
  • Ability to handle up to 500 lbs

Aside from these features, it is also easy to clean which is a massive benefit…especially if you are sitting here and there during a hot summer.

It comes in smooth, supple leather that is water-resistant, which makes it very easy to swipe coffee spills or crumbs when you’re done snacking (well, in case that happens – you never know really?).


  • Well-padded backrest and seat that give great support to the body
  • Sturdy construction capable of lifting heavy people
  • Easy to assemble


  • Lack of adjustable can make it less adjustable (especially if you are reeeeally tall)


REFICCER High Back 400lb Leather Office Chair

Rocking back and forth, double padding and memory foam are some features that make this High Back Big & Tall leather office chair an easy choice.

Reficcer claims that this chair can be easily adjusted.

It does not matter whether the user is big and tall or small and short.

The chair comes with easy adjustment to fit the height and comfort of its user.

It also comes with a seat-side cable actuated lever that allows you to easily slide into a reclined position.

In terms of construction and materials used, the High Back Back & Tall office chair comes in materials of the best quality.

The ergonomic chair comes with bonded leather, high-density foam padding, heavy-duty metal base, and nylon rolling casters. The chair is also capable of holding a person weighing up to 400 pounds.

This big and tall office chair by Reficcer also comes with the following features:

  • Heavy-duty metal base
  • Tilt tension knob
  • Waterfall seat edge
  • High quality leather


  • Good stability for big and tall people
  • Its sturdy construction can last long-term use
  • Capable of providing comfort even when seated for a whole day


  • Uncomfortable armrest might not be for really tall people


AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Office Desk Chair

AmazonBasics came up with this ergonomic chair for the heavyweights, literally and figuratively.

This big and tall office chair is as dynamic as it can get.

It is capable of handling weight up to 500 pounds.

It an adjustable swivel chair made out of premium materials including bonded leather and heavy-duty metal.

The chair also comes with high-backed executive style backrest with ergonomic support.

It was specifically designed for big and tall individuals which means that…

It has a spacious seat that is wider compared to normal office chairs on the market.

This chair also got great executive style to fit any office!

Even though they used bonded leather (instead of the real thing), it looks and feels pretty good.

The chair gives a vibe that it is something a businessman would sit on.

It features a 5-point base that is capable of 360 degrees rotation.

It obviously comes with caster wheels which allow easy movement around the room without leaving the comfort of this beast.

All in all, if you are looking for an affordable big and tall office chair, this is possibly the one but…

Let’s look at it a little closer.


  • Its high-backed backrest provides great comfort and support for the user’s back
  • Its wider seat area is ideal for people on the heavy side
  • Sturdy plastic caster allows movement without effort across the room


  • It might lack the ability to easily adjust its position
  • Assembly might take a bit of extra effort (but you only do it once)


REFICCER Executive High Back Leather Office Chair

Reficcer got a second entry in this list!

This time, it is the big and tall reclining leather office chair.

This one distances itself from the other Reficcer with its lumbar support knob which is an upgrade.

The feature is helpful for those looking for additional ergonomics and high back support that can be easily adjusted to fit their level of comfort.

The lumbar support knob allows convenient adjusting of the pressure on the backrest.

This feature allows maximum comfort especially when spending all day sitting.

The chair can be reclined so the pressure on the spine can be reduced that way (a pretty common feature for any big and tall chair nevertheless).

It comes with a knob for easy adjusting as well as a convenient and dependable lock to keep the chair’s position depending on the user’s liking

Aside from the lumbar support knob, this Reficcer office chair comes with all the features people love from the brand, which includes:

  • Breathable bonded leather
  • Extra soft padding
  • Large high backrest
  • Heavy-duty metal base
  • Ability to hold up to 400 lbs


  • Foot support provides comfort for tired feet
  • Breathable bonded leather material makes it less sweaty on hot days
  • Better headrest support where anyone can rest while taking a break


  • Small wheel base compared to the size of the chair
  • Difficulty in using the foot rest
  • Awkward positioning of the reclining adjuster knob



Smugdesk High Back Executive Office Chair

Smugdesk is a brand known for releasing many of the most comfortable office chairs in the market.

This high back executive office chair for big and tall guys and girls is no different.

It really continues the brand’s legacy by doing quite a number of great things.

For example…

It uses high-quality materials including durable bonded leather, high-density mesh to make the material breathable, and a five-star metal base that allows it to carry someone weighing up to 350 lbs.

The design of the backrest provides maximum comfort for prolonged sitting.

It also comes with a three-degree curved design to complement the curve of your spin.

Aside from being sturdy and classy, this big and tall office chair by Smugdesk also comes with simple controls.

This feature allows easy reclining or raising of the back according to the level of comfort.

It features a knob that offers a supportive recline allowing maximum comfort during long days at the office.

Lumbar support is also integrated with this model.

The chair’s design comes with comfortable lumbar pads to allow an improved seating experience which, again, is great for all day sitting.

Lastly, tall people might appreciate its ability to easily adjust the height of the chair.

It comes with a lever allowing you to adjust it in the range of 3.9 inches.


  • Breathable leather material that makes the chair more cooler and comfortable in any season
  • Nice ergonomic design that provides great body support
  • Tilt lock that allows positioning of the chair in various angles


  • Limited recline might not meet the level of comfort



Which is The Best?

The REFICCER Big and Tall Reclining Leather Office Chair wins this best ergonomic office chair list.

Tall and heavy people might want to check this ergonomic chair.

This Reficcer chair was able to incorporate all the essentials.

Especially those mentioned by professionals that must be present in a perfect ergonomic office chair.

The chair trumps everyone in this list with its lumbar support knob function.

This knob allows you to increase or decrease the pressure on the backrest.

This ability helps in adjusting the comfort whether the user prefers the backrest to be soft or hard depending on the time of the day.


8 Things to Remember When Looking for a Big & Tall Office Chair

What do you keep in mind when shopping for an ergonomic chair…especially if you are a big guy or gal?

The easy answer is – different strokes for different folks but…there are some features that bigger people really need in heavy duty office chairs:

1. Chair Height Adjustment

Chair height adjustment is a basic feature…but I recommend that you pick a chair with a solid, bullet-proof height control!

Chairs breaking under heavy folks is NOT unheard of…here is the proof:

Seat Depth

Medical professionals recommend that you get yourself an ergonomic chair with a seat depth of between 2 and 4 inches from the edge of the chair to the back of the knees.

They also advise that it best to get one that comes with a seat depth adjustment feature.

I agree with that – seat depth control helps to adjust your posture and battle any low back pain, upper back muscle strain etc.

Having said this, this is not an absolute must-have feature because you can just get an adjustable back control (check out the chairs I reviewed below).


Seat Tilt

This feature is an essential one!

Prolonged sitting can easily strain your back.

An ergonomic chair with a seat tilt feature allows you to change from one position to another.

Sit tilt will allow you to adopt a dynamic posture and movement while sitting.

Mind you…seat tilt control must be super strong for the same reason – we need a solid big tall chair!


Back Support

To me, this is a must.

I also recommend looking into height adjustable back support because, I found, that’s how you can fine-tune your chair for your body type.

It will help you to sit in a comfortable posture which, by the way, is around 135-degrees (I found this research reported by BBC).
This is also when your seat tilt adjustment would become handy…just like the tension adjustment which I am about to cover now.


Tension Adjustment

Tension adjustment makes it easier to recline or bring back the chair in its natural position without having to the body to force it to sit back or pull it once it is to return to its normal state.

I love tension adjustment because sometimes I want the chair to be a bit more sturdy…and sometimes I am in a more relaxed mood (I can sort of adjust my productivity by changing the tension – not sure why that happens).



The recommended ergonomic chair for big and tall people is one that supports the elbow to permit the natural posture of your back. Ideally, it should leave the elbows at around 90-110 degrees angle.

Armrests can come with a myriad of controls, but height is the basic one which I would totally recommend getting…especially if your job evolves around typing.

I always keep my elbows on the armrests when working of my laptop – it helps me to reduce the strain in the upper back and neck muscles. It also helps with headaches.


Proper Position While Sitting Down

Professionals recommend sitting with your back on the chair. This position will prevent you from slouching while maintaining the S-shape of your spine.

They also advise reclining from time to time which I have just covered.

In other words, if you pick the right option and adjust it correctly, you will find yourself sitting in the most optimal position.


Where Your Feet Should Be

The stability of the feet is another factor to consider when sitting down.

I discovered that the feet and buttocks should be in a triangular position when seated. It allows the body to remain comfortable for a long period of sitting down.

Additionally, those who opt to recline their chairs at certain times should use a special pillow to maintain the stability of the feet (of reaching the floor is not possible).


Were you able to find the absolute best big and tall office chair that would fit your budget?

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