Aeron vs Leap (Review 2020)

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Got not time to read the whole thing? Herman Miller Aeron is the best out of the two!


Today I’m going to share how I was picking between Herman Miller’s Aeron and Steelcase’s Leap when buying a chair myself.

I will show you what these chairs are made up of, their characteristics (and their importance to YOU) and, ultimately, decide on the winner of this notorious Aeron vs Leap contest.

You ready? Let’s do it! 😎


Aeron vs Leap…at a Glance

Chair ModelHM AeronSteelcase Leap
Sizes AvailableA, B and C1 size
Weight Capacity300 lbs (A); 350 lbs (B & C)400 lbs
Chair Weight64 lbs48 lbs
Warranty12 Years Lifetime
Lumbar SupportYesYes
Arms PivotYesYes
Rocking OptionYesYes
HeadrestNo (optional)No (has another model with headrest)
Coolest FeaturePostureFit style4-D Armrests

Time to look at both of these rockstars closer!


Herman Miller Aeron

1. Materials

The satin aluminum finish of the chair looks good on all of its parts. The chair is available in three different themes:

  • Graphite theme
  • Carbon theme
  • Mineral theme

A graphite Aeron chair offers a contemporary look, and as it is dark in color, it can blend well with other pieces of furniture in the office.

A carbon Aeron chair would not look out of place in both warm and cool environments.

If you work in a more open office environments, such as a tech company, you may want to choose a mineral Aeron chair.


2. Design

The Aeron chair was created in 1994, and significant developments have been made since then.

It is a product of years of research and adjustments as well as transformations that have been made to the original Aeron chair.

When compared to the Leap, it offers four design advantages:


2.1 Health-positive

The Aeron chair has the PostureFit technology that allows it to support your lower back to promote proper posture.

You won’t find this feature in a regular office chair.


2.2 Cross-performance

The cross-performance design of the Aeron chair allows for accommodation of various postures and activities you do when you are working while seated in an office chair.

Because of this design advantage, you can get into an intense forward-facing focus or relaxed contemplative recline easily and comfortably.


2.3 Inclusive

Manufacturing the Aeron chair includes providing three different size options, as it is true that one size does not fit all.

Because the Aeron chair is available in three different sizes, there is a chair that is the right fit for short, average, and tall people.


2.4 Environmentally sensitive

The Aeron chair is a Greenguard-certified chair, which means that it is one of the most recyclable products out there.

In fact, two-thirds of the chair is made up of recycled materials, and the Aeron chair itself can be recycled.


3. Performance

The success of the Aeron chair can be attributed to its fabric material called pellicle.

The fabric is described as “the innovative, elastomeric suspension” which allows the chair to be devoid of circulation-restricting pressure points.

Pellicle fabrics can be found across the seat and the back of the chair, and it is sewn in a way that it’s more restrictive at the edges and more loose where the body makes contact.

This provides proper support and enhanced comfort to your body.


4. Price



Steelcase Leap

1. Materials

The Leap chair is available in various frame finish options:

  • Black
  • Midnight/solar black
  • Platinum
  • Polished aluminum frame and base

Like most ergonomic chairs out there, the Leap chair has height-adjustable armrests.

The creators of the chair also made sure that the armrests are pivot-, width-, and depth-adjustable (yeap…that’s a full 4D experience).


2. Design

The design of the chair is based on a number of insights on sitting in a chair, including:

  • “The spine does not move as a single unit.”
  • “Each individual’s spine motion is unique.”

The Leap chair is designed in a way that it mimics the movement of your spine to provide proper support.

  • “Vision and reach impacts your posture.”

The chair is height-adjustable to ensure you are comfortably seated while it provides support to your back.

There is a lever on the right side of the seat for adjusting the seat height.

For example, if you want to lower the seat, you only need to pull the lever up without you having to leave your seat.

The chair’s seat depth is adjustable to accommodate different leg lengths and spine curvatures.


3. Performance

The Leap chair easily adjusts to fit you, your work style, and your preference.

The chair also allows you to easily move around your cubicle or office.

Moving, despite being seated in a chair, is good for the body because it lessens pressure on the spine, replenishes your muscles with oxygen, and increases blood flow to your brain.


4. Price




  • Aeron is a porous chair. As the chair allows for air to pass through the back and the seat, it prevents heat buildup, so you don’t sweat while seated in it.
  • The same website observed that that chair has less clunky materials. The materials, specifically the armrests and the backing are comfortable.
  • The chair has an iconic look and is eco-friendly.



  • This chair has amazing “roominess” which allows you to sit and relax in various positions.
  • The chair’s armrests slide in, out, up, and down which definitely adds to the generous frame of the chair.
  • Another advantage of owning a Leap chair is the chair’s suitability for general office work.




  • Aeron chair having rising edges, and that it is one of the disadvantages of owning one.
  • The chair also lacks neck and head support (but you can get it separately).



  • Leap chair has no mesh option which isn’t great for hot days because mesh provides improved breathability.



The moment I sat in Herman Miller’s Aeron I knew…this is the chair that I want to have.

Every time I work in it, I feel weightless, my elbows are resting on comfortable armrests and I’m fully focused.

On top of that, because I am sitting in such an impressive piece of furniture, I subconsciously end up producing better, more quality work.

I recommend Aeron to everyone looking for a comfortable solution that would make sitting productive and ache-free.

Find the best price here.


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