5 Best Office Chairs Under $300
(Updated for 2018)


If you are looking for the best office chair under $300, then you are in the right place.

In this article I will show you what to expect from an office chair at that price, while sharing 4 top choices I would even recommend my friends. 

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Part I: 5 Best Office Chairs Under $300

Part II: What to Expect From a Chair Under $300

5 Best Office Chairs Under 300 USD

An here is thee list of 5 best office chairs cheaper than 300 US dollars.

We picked them based on their popularity and average grades.

Check them out!


La-Z-Boy Bellamy

La Z Boy (full review) is a trusted brand that has been known for quality, craftsmanship and comfort.

Their coffee brown Executive Office Chair offers exceptional support and comfort at the work places using its advanced comfort technology.

By purchasing this chair, you get unique zone-based support offered by its advanced layering system that places cushions in the most needed areas.


Space Seating

The SPACE Seating Chair (full review) is a little bit different from other office chairs in that it brings some additional features and mechanisms for supporting users more comfortably.

Its strong looking back comes with complete lumbar support, height and tilt controls, adjustable arm rests and casters on the bottom.


Alera Elusion

Alera Elusion (full review) has a multifunction mechanism that allows the back angle to be adjusted relative to the seat.

The chair stands out among the rest because of its affordability and effectiveness in offering you features like waterfall edged cushion, breathable mesh and black contoured design.

Its width and height adjustable arms together with a five-point base makes it an easy mobility chair recommended for top executives and management.


Argomax Chair

Argomax (full review) is a good looking chair with an eye catching profile and a sleek shape.

The chair has a simple padding on a five point caster base, an accompanying headrest, a long mesh back rest and adjustable arms.

Having been invented by a professional team, the seat borrows heavily from the 2005 idea of an ergonomic design.


HON Volt Task Chair

The HON's Volt (full review) has a sophisticated look, natural cooling of the mesh-back and a good visual design.

It offers a unique combination of scale, style, comfort and functionality.

The real value of this seat lies in its flexibility to work in any environment.

And this is why we think it is the best office chair under 300 USD.

What to Expect From the Best Chair Under $300

A higher budget of $300 means chairs that are more adaptable and adjustable.

It is surprising the difference that an extra $100 can make in an office chair budget.

There are plenty of models in the low-end price bracket of $100-$200, where designers get away with the bare minimum in features and adaptations. 

When we take the budget up a notch to the $300 mark, we can find a seat that offers a few extra components.

 Essentially, a higher price means that the designers had a little more room to work on research and development.

These chairs can stretch a little further, sometimes literally, to accommodate a wider range of consumers.

However, there are still going to be some limitations.

So what can you get in terms of adjustable features with the best office chairs under $300?

There are four key features to look for with these chairs under $300:

  1. the adjustments on the back rest
  2. the presence of a lumbar support in the back
  3. the adjustments in the arm rests
  4. the presence of head rest. 

Let's talk about each of them in detail.

1. The Back Rest

These chairs are sure to go much further in regard to the movement of the back.

These more expensive chairs offer more increments on the tilt to help us find the perfect position. They also have better locks to keep the backrest in place.

This helps us to feel more secure as we work.


Some at the higher end of the budget may provide even more flexibility with the movement in the shape of the back rest and responsiveness of the mesh panels.

2. The Lumbar Support

Lumbar support is more common in these chairs, as opposed to more budget variants under 200 and 100 USD. 

Sometimes this will be a fixed element, such as a cushion within the back rest.

Others will provide one that is adjustable or even removable.

This helps with the adaptability of the chair for the most comfortable experience.

3. The Arm Rests

There is also a better chance of greater adjustability in the arm rests.

These arm rests should have a greater range of motion, perhaps with the option of removing them completely.

Cheaper chairs may have arms that move up and down.

Here they can move forward or out for freedom of movement at the desk. 

Larger users can also look for chairs with removable arms if this feature tends to get in the way.

4. The Headrest

You will also notice that there are more chairs with headrests at this higher price point.

This means greater support around the neck for better comfort and posture.

Many are built into the design for a better look, but that doesn’t mean that some won’t offer adjustments on the angle. Others will be removable.

Greater adaptability, and comfort features, means an office chair with a better user experience.

Comfort is essential whatever the budget.

However, a little more money to play with means more consideration in the comfort features provided.

The first difference is in the style and quality of the padding.


Chairs in the 300 price range may have an extra layer in the seat for long-term comfort, or more padding on the arm rests. 

The quality of the foam may also mean that it is less like to sag and become misshapen over time.

There is also a greater range of sizes and seat options at this price range.

Larger chairs, sometimes classed as “big and tall” chairs, are now more affordable.

This means a secure, comfortable, wider seat for larger users.

There is also a choice between the typical waterfall edge and a bucket seat. 

Also, don't forget that there are more racing chairs available at this price point.
Some of the most impressive are still too expensive.
However, there are lower-end models with a great shape, plenty of cushioning and a striking look.

Are the materials of these top office chairs any better if we adjust our budget to $300?

There is a definite focus on fabric seats and mesh backs with low-end chairs for the office.

This is partly down to costs, but also because of the benefits of mesh for comfort and adaptability.

Therefore, you can expect to see plenty of mesh backs in those chairs that are under $300 as well. 

However, there is also a wider range of fabrics and materials upholstering these chairs as we climb the price scale. 

Leather is a luxury that isn't affordable at the bottom of the scale.

Here, however, there are more models, with that leather-look.


It is important to pay attention to the specifications here because first impressions may be misleading.

There are some models scraping the $300 figure that will use real leather – either to replicate the look of more expensive executive chairs, or as part of a deluxe racing chair.


Then there are those that cut costs a little with a faux leather or leather composite. 

Be aware that they look good, but don't always feel like the real thing.

Better materials and considerate manufacturers means better durability and considerate warranties.

The other benefit here with going for more expensive materials is that they are likely to be more durable.

One issue with cheap fabrics and meshes is that they will snag and tear.

Cheap faux leather can wear down and ruin the look.

Here there is a better chance of a good-looking chair that will maintain that look for a long time.

On the subject of durability, don’t forget that the internal structure and bones of these chairs are stronger now too.

This leads to an important question about the warranty.

This extra $100 in the budget can be worthwhile as the warranties tend to improve at this point.

Some brands will extend the length of the guarantee by 6 months, or even a year if they are generous.

This offers a safety net in case of damage.

Some will also throw in free repairs. 

What about the design of these ergonomic chairs? Do we have more choice with these improved budget?

The final issue to look at here with cheap office seats is that they tend to follow the same template when it comes to the design.

Many have the same type of back rest, seat and general look to appeal to a wider audience.

This higher price range opens the door to bolder, stranger designs.

There are oddly curved and segmented back rests, as well as a mix of old-fashioned and contemporary approaches.

There are also many more colours, as designers seem to have been let loose with the palette more at this price point.

Essentially, there is a lot more choice with these best office chairs under $300 to suit personal tastes

You can browse more options and ideas and find the chair that it best for you – without paying too much.


Finding best ergonomic office chair within the 300 USD price range is a fairly doable thing.

As always, I recommend you try before you buy and read between the lines of warranties!

If you are looking to a higher class char, check out these under $500.

This is when really cool things happen with chairs ;)

Melanie Lawrence for MyErgonomicChair.com

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