8 Best Coccyx Cushions

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Sitting for extended periods results in stress, pressure, and tension on the lower back areas of your body, leading to back pain, coccyx discomfort or sciatica flare.

The solution to this is using the best coccyx cushion that will support the lower part of your spine in the seated position. You don’t have to wait for the pain to appear to get the best coccyx cushion – prevention is better than cure!

Check out our top 8 best coccyx cushions as well as other best ergonomic seat cushions we have on the master review list.



Orthopedic Memory Foam Donut Seat Cushion Coccyx & More 

Memory Foam Cushion

The first contender is one of the donut pillows which we looked through.

If you’ve been struggling with tailbone pain, hip pain, hemorrhoid symptoms, sciatica, or any other discomfort from long periods of sitting, this premium orthopedic coccyx cushion will help you forget this pain.

This seat cushion boasts a gender-specific ergonomic design that provides support and comfort exactly where men and women need it. The coccyx pillow is available in different variants, allowing you to choose what best suits your needs.

The durable memory foam seat cushion will look after your back support, even if you’re sitting for 8+ hours! This material fill helps the body to maintain a healthy sitting posture, which means less discomfort and pain in the shoulders, back, and neck!

And the donut-shaped design will respond to the body heat and mold snugly to the shape of your butt but still retain its density. This will help in reducing pressure from your hips and coccyx.

With an approximate weight of 1.1lb, this portable donut pillow is among the top easy to carry coccyx cushions that you wouldn’t want to overlook.  You can use it just about anywhere – your office chair, car seat, plane seat, or dining chair!

The cushion’s cover is easy to remove and wash. With this, you can increase your hygiene levels by always ensuring the coccyx pillow cover looks clean and neat.


  • Weighs approximately 1.1lb.
  • Made of memory foam that holds shape during long periods of time
  • Coccyx orthopedic design helps to reduce back pain
  • Machine washable cover
  • Non-slip gel rubber bottom dots
  • Has a dimension of 17.3″ x 16″ x 3″
  • Donut-shaped design perfect for pain relief
  • Available in 4 different colors
  • Comfortable memory foam pillow

“Unique” is the best term to describe this reliable coccyx pillow. Though cheap, the seat cushion comes ready to take care of your body heat, shape, and weight, thanks to its feature-packed design. Donut pillows are great for tailbone – check this one out!


ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

The ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion ranks among the best cooling gel memory foam cushion on the market! You can take it wherever you go and apply its extra padding on your chair.

You can use the seat cushion on your home chair, office seat, travel seat, wheelchair, or car seat. At the bottom is the non-slip rubber bottom that ensures the coccyx cushion firmly holds on the seat. And at the top is a cool off gel layer for superior comfort.

ComfiLife’s ergonomic design promotes maximum support. It reduces pressure on your coccyx and ensures you get a healthy posture that’s followed by immediate pain relief. That is why doctors recommend expectant mothers and to use a coccyx cushion.

Moreover, patients recovering from herniated discs, lower back problems (e.g. back pain), coccyx injuries, and other spinal issues can rely on this memory foam seat cushion for pain relief.

The coccyx pillow feels softer in warm temperatures and firmer in colder environments. If you want optimal Comfilife premium comfort, make sure the coccyx seat cushion is at room temperature.

The cushion’s all-in-one features are unrivaled: the built-in handle facilitates easy transportation and the removable machine-washable zippered velour ensures easy cleaning.

All in all, this memory foam coccyx seat cushion is easy to use; you only need to place the u-shaped cut out towards the back of your chair, sit back, and relax!

ComfiLife is trusted by millions of happy customers around the world because the manufacturer gives a Lifetime replacement or Money Back if you’re not 100% satisfied by how it affects your tailbone.


  • Ergonomic design designed to provide immediate tailbone pain relief
  • 100% High-Density Memory Foam
  • Cooling Gel Layer
  • Zippered velour machine washable cover
  • Built-in handle

Take your comfort to the next level with the ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home chair or you just want to sit comfortably in the office, this coccyx seat cushion will meet your needs. You can buy gel seat cushion here.


HOKEKI Seat Cushion 

The HOKEKI U-shaped Seat Cushion is made of 100% pure premium quality memory foam with no additives. For users under 280 pounds, the unit will remain resilient for a long time.

The cushion relieves leg pain while driving and corrects bad posture while sitting for long periods. All in all, it enhances your comfort level while still retaining its original density.

Because of its versatile design, you will find this coccyx cushion soft and non-slip rubber bottom. With it, you can enjoy long drives and flights. That means, if you sit for more than 8 hours a day, this comfortable coccyx cushion may just be right for you.

The U shape ergonomic design recommended by orthopedic surgeons across the globe helps in treating acute or chronic coccyx pain. It does so by reducing pressure in strategic areas like the lumbar, low back, coccyx, hip, prostate, piriformis, legs, spine, Spine, and butt.

With the 18 x 14 x 3″ dimension, the coccyx pillow nicely fits most office chairs. And so, you can take it in your car, on the train or plane.

Only be careful with the gel rubber bottom as it may stain when in contact with a colored liquid. And before use, make sure you wash the cover with hot water and soap.

It’s also one of the best travel cushions out there.


  • Measures 18 x 14 x 3″
  • Non-slip rubber bottom
  • Max weight-bearing capacity of 280 pounds
  • U shaped ergonomic design designed to reduce pressure on the tailbone
  • 100% pure premium quality memory foam

Most users will find that this coccyx pillow relieves pain and increases comfort. The unrivaled memory foam density puts this coccyx orthopedic tailbone cushions at the top of our seat cushions list when it comes to comfort and longevity.


Coccyx Seat Cushion and Lumbar Support Pillow

Do you still encounter endless pains after long hours of sitting? This orthopedic memory foam seat cushion and lumbar pillow will help you forget about that discomfort. The unit will take good care of your coccyx and lumbar health by supporting the natural curvature of your spine.

It is made of 100% memory foam that guarantees you the most comfortable sitting experience.

Whether you work from home or in the office, you can still use a coccyx cushion for additional padding on your seat. It also fits wheelchairs, car seats, wheelchairs, and many other outdoor chairs.

The coccyx cushion comes with two adjustable extension straps that promote easy carrying.

With a non-slip bottom, it will not move around the seat during bumpy rides. Instead, it firmly holds onto your chair, giving you all-time support.

The cushion cover is a removable and breathable 3D mesh that promotes faster airflow. It is also easy to clean and doesn’t fade or stretch even after many years of use.

If you already have one of these, you can grab one as a holiday gift for that new mummy or friend who’s ailing from coccyx pain.


  • 3D breathable machine washable cover
  • Adjustable extension straps
  • Coccyx orthopedic memory foam for quick reduction of pressure on the tailbone
  • Carrying handle
  • Non-slip bottom

This car seat cushion and lumbar support pillow are ready to give you an excellent service without flattening out. The memory foam makes it more comfortable and you’ll be amazed at how you can’t do without one of these after you’ve tried it out.


VISHNYA Seat Cushion

The VISHNYA ergonomic coccyx cushion realizes an excellent balance between stable support and soft sitting. The manufacturer is knows for top-quality coccyx cushions, and this one is no exception!

It features a 3D contour curve that is designed to fit your individual hip shape. And the anti-slip particle design at the cushion’s bottom ensures safety and stability as you use the product.

Coming in with an overall dimension of 16.5’’ by 14.5’’ by 3’’, the coccyx cushion adopts the 5-seconds slow rebound technology. With the advanced memory foam, this type neither flattens nor deforms, hence cushioning your body without giving any uncomfortable sedentary.

The middle section has an oval hollow in the middle that increases the height of edges when you sit on the cushion. This design helps with the following tension points; it relaxes the surrounding muscles, supports the spine’s sacrum, maintains the pelvis balance, adjusts your sitting posture, and ultimately, elevates discomfort from your coccyx.

The coccyx cushion has a wide range of applications and is especially useful for pregnant mothers, car drivers, sciatica patients, wheelchair users, and flight travelers. You can also consider two of these as your yoga meditation coccyx cushions.

More to that, the memory foam coccyx cushion will correct your long-term sitting posture by giving your back and lumbar spine flexion maximum support.

No more worrying about getting the coccyx cushion dirty, the removable cover is easy to remove and supports machine wash without stretching or fading. It is also breathable and will absorb sweat to prevent sultrily.


  • 3D contour curve and  anti-slip base design
  • Advanced memory foam pillow
  • Removable quilt machine washable cover
  • Adopts 5 seconds slow rebound technology
  • It has a dimension of 16.5’’ by 14.5’’ by 3’’
  • Features an oval hollow in the middle

The VISHNYA foam Seat Cushion lets you enjoy pure comfort while sitting on any office chair. It’s a premium pick if you’re considering a unit to reduce the pressure on a tailbone injury you might have while promoting a healthy sitting posture.


FOMI Extra Thick Firm Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion 

FOMI’s high-density memory foam seat cushion ensures the coccyx isn’t in contact with the sitting surface, preventing soreness and discomforts. It also reduces the tension and pressure off your lumbar discs, spine, and coccyx.

This coccyx cushion gives excellent back support, relieving the side effects of the lower back pain. It is highly recommended to pregnant women and patients looking to relieve hip pain or eliminate numbness on their herniated discs, sciatica, and injured coccyx.

With an overall dimension of  18″ by 16″ by 3.5″, you’re investing in a heavy-duty cushion that will not flatten out even after many years of use.

The coccyx cushion features a curved surface and an ergonomic design that gently cradles your bums and thighs, uniformly distributing your weight and promoting proper spinal and posture alignment.

You can use this multi-use unit in your dining room chairs, office seat, or car. And for those confined to a wheelchair and end up spending most of their waking hours in the sitting position, this coccyx cushion will promote healthy sitting.

The built-in handles make it easy to carry the coccyx cushion wherever you go. The non-slip bottom will keep it in place.

It comes with a removable cover and unlike many coccyx cushion covers, this one has many tiny holes that improve circulation and prevents moisture buildup, making it ideal for prolonged use.


  • Specially-positioned U-shaped cut-out
  • Cushion made with high-quality fabric
  • High tensile strength memory foam
  • Removable machine washable cover
  • Natural cervical curve shape
  • Built-in handle with non-slip base

The FOMI Extra Thick coccyx seat cushions treat sciatica, injured coccyx, and pressure ulcers. The manufacturer designed it for optimal support and long-lasting comfort when sitting for long periods of time.


Coccyx Seat Cushion and Lumbar Support Pillow

Are you suffering from sciatica, low back, coccyx, pregnancy pain, or Hemorrhoids? More than just a coccyx cushion, this set is one of the best units that comes with a lumbar support pillow. The pillow can strap to just about any chair.

This foam seat cushion and lumbar support pillow let you have a comfortable sitting without any coccyx pain. Also, the set cushion protects your back fully to ensure you do not suffer the hurt from hard seats.

The upgraded memory foam of this coccyx cushion is set-gel infused. With the gel particles infusion, you’ll not experience any odors. It also remains firm and supportive, without flattening out.

So, you can focus on the work task in front of you instead of spending more time searching for new chairs! Perfectly contouring your body shape, giving better posture when sitting down for long periods of time.

The set adopts a U-shaped ergonomic design that molds your body contours to relieve pressure off your coccyx.

The lumbar support pillow offers a greater surface area for reduced tension and stiffness on the lower, upper, and mid-back region. The contoured shape supports the natural curve of your back for proper spinal alignment.

The non-slip bottom pad ensures the coccyx cushion stays firmly positioned in your seat. Additionally, the two adjustable straps keep the back support cushion in place and prevent the coccyx pillow from sliding down.


  • 100% pure premium quality memory foam
  • Hypoallergenic breathable mesh cover
  • Upgraded memory foam cushion set-gel infused
  • Carrying handle
  • Non-slip bottom like other pillows

This coccyx cushion and lumbar support set are suitable for computer chairs, office chairs, game chairs, recliners, and wheelchairs. It is a great pick for medium-weight users who often feel pain in the lower back.


Sojoy iGelComfort 3 in 1 Foldable Gel Seat Cushion

Last tailbone cushion on our list…

The Sojoy iGelComfort 3-in-1 Foldable Gel Seat Cushion is the must-have companion for every frequent traveler. It ranks among the best coccyx cushions that will give you a long-lasting natural coccyx pain relief.

For patients suffering from lower back and tailbone pain, this cushion is medically proven to offer pure comfort on whichever chair or wheelchair. The gel comfort memory foam reduces pressure on your coccyx while promoting a proper spine alignment and healthy posture.

The ergonomic design helps in eliminating stubborn pressure ulcers.

Unlike some other seating pads, this foam seat cushion is highly durable and maintains its shape without wearing down or flattening out over time. It is also built to last with its ergonomic design and quality materials including special memory foam. With this construction, you can rest assured of long-lasting service.

The uniquely shaped velour cover is easy to remove and clean. With this, you can always make the cover clean and free from dust.

The contours of this tailbone cushion will hug your bum snugly while the memory foam distributes your weight uniformly, giving you a perfect fit. This removes all tension from the target areas to give you amazing relief.

The open slot keeps your coccyx and spine from compressing against the seat. In turn, this promotes spine alignment and helps to increase healthy blood circulation in the lower back, coccyx, and other vertebrae parts.

You can grab two of these cushions and make one an ideal Christmas, birthday, or wedding gift. You’ll be amazed by how you can use it almost anywhere -dining room, office chair, kitchen, patio, or living room. It also makes a great companion for truck drivers, airplane travelers, and pregnant women.


  • Solid rubber-like gel and memory foam material
  • Size: 18″ x 13.5″ x 1.5″
  • Unique shape velour cover
  • Neoprene cover material
  • It has an open cut out slot like other tailbone pillows

The Sojoy iGelComfort 3 in 1 Foldable Gel Seat Coccyx Cushion is the must-have travel cushion that you should add to your list of assets especially if you have tailbone injuries that require continuous attention. It is one of the memory foam cushions that is engineered for human comfort and could be the excellent all-in-one product that you need – a lumbar support cushion, a coccyx cushion, and a cooling gel cushion…all for your tailbone!


The Verdict

What is the best cushion for coccyx pain?

After reviewing quite a number of pillows for tailbone we came to the conclusion that Posturion’s donut pillow is the best tailbone cushion out there. It’s a cushion made from quality slow-rebound memory foam and, unlike many other pillows, holds its shape even during prolonged use. It’s a feature-rich pillow that comes equipped with anti-slip base and uniquely designed orthopedic indentations that will help to relieve pain and discomfort from your tailbone and other areas that may require attention.

Granted, it won’t fit everyone with tailbone issues and many of you might pick any of the U-shaped cushions because of the way they work with your frame. However, foam donut cushions tend to have wider application (e.g. help with hemorrhoids, back pain, pregnancy-related, tailbone issues etc) so picking this type of pillows can help you to check more boxes.


Final Word

Coccyx injuries can be extremely uncomfortable, adversely affecting the quality of your life and a pillow (no matter how good it is) might not be enough to resolve the issue. However, it might be just enough to curb the symptoms.

If you’d like to start living a tailbone pain-free life, consider one of our top 8 best coccyx cushions. Sitting has never felt better with these best coccyx cushions.