Best Office Chairs Under $300

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The corporate world, beware!

Today, we are going to find out how to avoid terrible arm, neck, muscle, palm, wrist, and spine pain by means of a perfect sitting place.

I’ve heard so much negative hustle and bustle over the chair-topic these days that it seems to me there are no healthy people left in the world at all!

The choice of a perfect chair has always been a riddle to many of us because, as a rule, we opt for the most affordable options.

And, no wonder why. 😉

Here is an entire list with of great chairs under $300 that not only reduce pain and pressure but also provide you with good support and protection from scoliosis and stuff like that. 😎

Let’s go!

Top 7 Chairs Under 300 USD

Here is a little table with our top picks…click to check their latest price.

You can also scroll down to see more in-depth reviews with PROs and CONs each chair has. 😉

 ModelAverage Rating (out of 5)
SIHOO Office Chair​4.1
Becozier Mesh Chair​4.6
Rosmarus Computer Chair​4.6
Smugdesk High Back Chair4.2
Duramont Adjustable Chair​4.5
SIHOO Ergonomic​4.4
Mysuntown Ergonomic Chair​4.4

SIHOO chair will provide you with a double S-shaped back, waist and muscle support boosted by big soft pillows.

The cushion can be rotated by 360 degrees and is perfectly used for rest posture.

The chair design and color palette are quite charming and eye-catching making the chair a king.

Finally, your spinal pressure will be released because the manufacturers have taken into account all the results of the scientific research about healthy sitting posture while SIHOO office chairs production. 🙂

The additional comfort is assured by the widened headrest of the chair and the easy-to-adjust chair back which is extremely ergonomic, by the way.

The chair has a heavy structure of a steel frame, is quite solid and its wheels and castors do not scrape the surfaces or floors.

All that for less than 300 USD!

And now let’s look at the PROs and CONs a bit closer…


  • Double S-shaped backrest
  • Boosted joints and spine support
  • Rotatable cushion
  • Exquisite design and coloring
  • Made based on the latest scientific research
  • Widened headrest a gas-lift system
  • Sturdy construction
  • One-year warrant


  • The chair may be too high for shorter people
  • The seat can be too stiff
  • Not a good option for bigger users
  • The chair is quite heavy (but metal is sturdy)
  • Lacks the option to increase the width, so larger buttocks will not go well with SHIHOO

2. Becozier Mesh Chair

Becozier chair makes it to the second position in our top because it’s one of the best options for its money.

The reviewers have said that the chair is both affordable and comfortable.

Moreover, its ergonomic design is the perfect example of how adjustability and lumbar support must be combined in one product!

This life-saving chair could be easily reclined and installed.

Apart from being ergonomic, the chair has real pneumatic powers!

You can make it higher or lower by means of one lever.

Besides, people also tilt the backrest sometimes to find a perfect position for the back and neck.

Super comfort in no time!

S-shapehas long been a classical form of all the office chairs, and Becozier chairs are no exception!

Why so?

Because only this chair shape is considered the best to provide maximum support and minimum stress.

Let’s mention the materials of the mesh and cushions.

Of course, they are breathable and soft yet heavy-duty and strong.

The info for real doughnut-lovers! 😉

We are dealing with a really tough guy because its weight capacity is 330 LBS.
So eat up hehe!

Metallic carcass contributes to the sturdiness of the product making it more long-lasting.

Rollerblade caster wheels will let you conduct a chair race in your office, so good luck. 😎


  • A very pleasant price tag
  • An ergonomic up-to-date design
  • Great adjustability
  • Easily reclined and set up
  • A pneumatic system
  • Super comfortable
  • Breathable high-quality mesh
  • A long-lasting construction


  • The manual with the instructions are lacking in precision and completion

3. Rosmarus Computer Chair

Let me present the one and only, the swiveling king, Rosmarus computer chair! 

When I first saw it, I was like…right, it must be for something specific and there is no way it would be cheaper than $300.

Do you want to know the really cool part in this char?

It’s the W-shaped seat cushion!

It is a curious detail if you haven’t tried such a pillow.
It feels like somebody put a soft cloud under your buttocks. 😉

Besides, it even gives a little massaging effect and prevents paresthesia after long sitting hours.

The seat height is around 3 inches so it doesn’t matter how tall or short you are, you’ll definitely feel comfortable. 
Imagine your spine is positioned straight and right, and all the pressure or pain are gone.

It’s what you get if you try Rosmarus chairs because they have double back support. 
Obviously, everything could always be adjusted and changed for you because all the levers and buttons are clearly visible and easy pushed.

The back is tilted any time you need from 90 to 130 degrees without much effort.
With the SGS certificate that ensures the convenient gas-lift and tilt system, you can calm down and trust your chair completely.

To make mesh and cushions, the manufacturers have chosen the finest organic fabric that prevents your body from heating and sweating. 
It’s super-breathable, by the way.

An interesting peculiarity about this chair is that Rosmarus adds a rocking option. 
It is used when you want to stretch out and relax a bit. 
Moreover, no matter what the surface is, the chair always moves smoothly and gently, you will never feel a scratch.


  • Great swiveling
  • An unusual yet practical W-shaped cushion
  • Provides great spine, neck, and buttocks support
  • Prevents your body from sweating, overheating, and paresthesia
  • The perfect seat height
  • Reclined effortlessly
  • SGS certificates that ensure the gas-lift and tilt system
  • The cushions are made of organic fabric
  • A rocking mode


  • While the instructions of the manual can be perfected, the seller had uploaded a tutorial on YouTube for buyers
  • The plastic material underneath may be brittle
  • It offers less than perfect head support

4. Smugdesk High Back Chair

This friend of ours is famous for being exclusive and created for serious and cool guys.
This executive chair is designed to show all the luxury and wealth of the person sitting there.
It’s totally for the elite.
I’m joking. Of course, it’s not 😀

Luckily, the price tag of this boy has only 3 numbers and is affordable even for average office workers.
I think once you’ve tried this chair, you’ll never be able to sit in other ones.
Perfectly balanced support and double cushioning are the main reasons to give up all the other variants on the market.

The luxurious feature is leather which, for less than 300 dollars, is quite uncommon!

Yeah, you heard me – genuine leather!

But, don’t worry you won’t sweat too much because the mesh is breathable.

High-quality materials guarantee above-the-normal life and service of the cushions.

The sizing of the seat is interesting as it is wider than others and a little bit deeper.
You may think you could sink in it, but believe me, even if you do, you’ll sink in tenderness.

If you stand up to drink some coffee or take a walk, your chair will remain faithful and mould your shape inside itself.
It actually cares about you!
The armrests are additionally paddled for the better arm and wrist comfort.
The headrest is built-in and the backrest maintains the curve of your hips and spine.

The wheels of the chair are very flexible, firm, and operate on almost all kinds of surfaces without any malfunctions.
Speaking about the functionality of the chair, there are many different functions such as a rocking mode, titling, and height adjusting. 😎
The regulation process goes faster than in other models of the type due to the humanized design, making SmugDesk executive chair one of a kind.
Apart from owning this wonderful chair, you’ll also get a 1-year warranty and free spare replacement parts.
The refund, if you need it, is given within the 30-day period from the purchase.


  • The executive-chair design
  • Double cushioning
  • A reasonable price
  • Balanced support
  • High-quality dense mesh
  • Prevents your skin from sweating
  • Flexible construction
  • A one-year warranty and a 30-day refund period


  • The chair is very large, so it requires a large space to fit in
  • It is harder to assemble than most office chairs because it requires a bit of strength

5. Duramont Adjustable Chair

Our next champion is Duramont office chair – the best seat with a good cooling effect.

Seriously, the fabric it’s made of is organic.
It prevents your body from sweating and lets you sit in a chair for hours.
You’ll never heat up because the mesh circulates the air.

If you’re a sweet tooth and fear breaking the chair, don’t!
It has enormous 330–LBS capacity. 😀
Moreover, the metallic carcass is sturdy and strong enough to keep all the parts together.

Comfort for everyone – this could be said about Duramont.
The team is working every day and night to make their chairs maximum adorable.

Due to the different functions, you can definitely find your perfect position and keep your spine straight.
The made their product so versatile that even the headrest angle is changed according to your needs.

You can recline, tilt, turn, or make the backrest higher or lower.
Guys paid special attention to the better lumbar support so everyone with forever-hurting back and neck is saved.
Really, just try to work and sit in this chair for a week, and you’ll notice positive changes in your general well-being.

90 days.
This is the number of days you can do with the chair whenever you like and get away with it.
They give the whopping 90 days and then replace the chair or give you a refund.

Does this make this make it the best ergonomic office chair under 300 US dollars?

Let’s look at it even more!


  • A super convenient and life-saving cooling effect
  • Natural materials of the cushions
  • Air circulation
  • A 330-LBS capacity
  • A metallic carcass
  • Great lumbar support
  • A 90-day refund policy


  • Heavy materials
  • The armrest materials seem wobbly

6. SIHOO Ergonomic

Now, we’re going to talk about the hit of 2019 – the minimalist Sihoo office chair.
I bet many of you are looking for something fresh and stylish.
If I’m right, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve had one SIHOO recently so you may conclude that it is one of the best chair-producing companies now if we took two of their products.
And you will be right.

It’s for you to decide whether this chair is for tall or short people but the numbers are the following: from 1.2 to 1.9 inches.
This is the available adjustment of height and depth of the chair.

SIHOO is known for its deep physiological research.
It soaks the knowledge of the human body and general anatomical facts along with the latest trends in medicine, technology, and product design.
You may be sure that this company works with the true professionals of their field.

The carcass is aluminum which means it will serve for years.
Besides, it contributes to the good sturdiness and durability of the chair.

Castors move without any noise.
The mesh is dense enough to be water-resistant but breathable at the same time.

The product warranty lasts for one year! 😀
It’s more than enough to test and decide that this chair is what you’ve been searching for for years.
They also provide all the customers with zero profit chair accessories.


  • Quiet noise-free castors movements
  • A fashionable minimalist design
  • The available height and depth adjustment comes from 1.2 to 1.9 inches
  • The design is made according to the results of the SIHOO’s own physiological research team
  • An aluminum construction
  • Great durability


  • The seat does not accommodate large sizes
  • The mesh is far from top-notch
  • The plastic in the housing of the castors is not very strong

7. Mysuntown Ergonomic Chair

User-friendly and flexible – this is how you can imagine Mysuntown chair’s operation.
Warmth and tenderness of the cushions give your troubled spine a good hug.

The chair seems to have a real therapeutic effect on our posture because many of their clients have noticed visible perfections in their health.
For example, they’ve faced fewer back pains and headaches.

Finally, a sedentary lifestyle is no longer an issue.
Mysuntown uses an innovative mechanism for easier head and backrest adjusting. 😎

The height and angle have a 3D effect and assure a great deal of comfort in a sitting position.
The chair is rotatable and change-adept.

360o swivels have long been a no-wonder to everybody and this model is no exception (just for you know).
Like in all the previous office chairs in our list, this one is made of breathable fabric.
The paddles are “armed” with organic polymer foam material.
This is said to contribute to extra softness.

The five-pointed chromed steel construction is a monster.
It withstands any load and weight.
The only thing it fears is perhaps a falling from the 20th floor. But, it’s not been proven yet!

In the package, you can find clear illustrated instruction of the product exploitation.
You may also solve this riddle yourself or ask uncle Google to help.


  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Gives a therapeutic effect on your posture
  • Helps for people living a sedentary life
  • The 5-pointed chromed steel construction


  • Reviewers reported problems with adjusting height after the 30-day refund policy expired

P.S. I hope you have been able to pick yourself the best ergonomic chair for that budget but…if you are looking for other options, check these out:

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