5 Best Computer Chairs for Scoliosis (2019 Update)

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Selecting an office chair for scoliosis is a tricky thing, because scoliosis is a highly individual condition.

However there is a couple of vital points that will help you make an educated decision.

This article covers all 5 points to remember when picking the best computer chair for scoliosis, as well as some suggestions along the way.

Let’s dive into it!

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5 Best Office Chairs for Scoliosis

What makes a good chair for scoliosis?
Adjustability and comfort!

With that in mind I found these 5 options, which, I recommend, you check out in detail…

Which one do you like the most?

CCTRO Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair

CCTRO’s ergonomic chair is a contemporary ergonomic office chair designed to offer exceptional back support and prevent the build up of moisture and heat.

In addition to its high back mesh, the chair comes with adjustable head and arm rests.

It’s a modern computer chair that can be used for various home office tasks and in a conference room setup.

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Essentials Leather Executive Chair

Essential’s Leather Chair is part of the quality OFM seating collection that meets the industry’s safety standards.

It’s a high quality and durable chair having been made from a soft and rich brown leather bonded material.

This is an ideal chair for any office setup be it at home or at work.

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AmazonBasics High-Back Black Executive Chair

AmazonBasics high-back executive chair is an amazon brand that offers a professional style, sleek and sophisticated support for its users throughout the day.

The chair can be adjusted between 41.34 and 45.08 inches to offer personalized comfort.

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Crossford Executive Office Chair

Crossford’s Executive is an ergonomically designed chair that provides a deeper lumbar support for its users throughout the day.

The chair has been designed to eliminate leg and back fatigue problems through its waterfall design for the seat base and cushioned arm and back rests.

It also has a butterfly mechanism that allows minute customization.

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Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair

The Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair can be seen as the new benchmark in the area of ergonomic office seating.

This chair works smarter than its predecessors having been remastered to meet the needs of a modern day worker.

It’s based on latest research around the sitting technology, manufacture and science.

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What Exactly Is Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a condition that affects the spine by causing it to curve to the side.

This abnormal curvature of the spine normally occurs on two areas: the chest area causing thoracic scoliosis and the lower section of the back causing lumbar scoliosis.


Regardless of the type of scoliosis, people with these conditions tend to have sitting problems.

If you are affected by this condition, you require a special chair that can support your back and reduce pressure on the spine.

Since the degree and type of curvature differs, many ergonomic chairs for scoliosis are custom made to match and support the shape of your unique spine.

These chairs are meant to reduce pressure on the spinal discs thus decreasing the degeneration of the discs and the strain of the back muscles.

How Scoliosis Chairs Work

How and when do you know that you need a scoliosis chair?

When your Cobb angle is more than 30 degrees, it means that you need a chair to help you reduce back pains and at least stabilize the spine.

These chairs decompress and concurrently apply lateral traction to the spine.

Spinal surgery experts argue that the chairs help stabilize the spine, something that will eventually reduce the Cobb angle.


Selecting the Best Ergonomic Scoliosis Chair

Because scoliosis affect people differently and that people have different physiques, various types of ergonomic scoliosis office chairs have been designed to ensure that at least an individual gets a chair that suits his/her situation.

Although there might be a few characteristics that differ from one chair to another one, the factors below will help you choose the best chair that will work well for your back and condition.


Point #1: The Width and the Depth of the Seat

Look for a seat whose width and depth can comfortably support your back.

The standard width is usually 17-20 inches while the depth (from the front to the back) of the seat should be enough for you to swing your legs comfortably.

The chair should also have an adjustable forward/backward tilt.

You need a chair that is wide enough to allow you sit comfortably without arching your back.

For example, Herman Miller’s Aeron has different sizes – A, B & C – to accommodate different  people.


Point #2: The Backrest of the Seat

If your day-to-day work requires you to sit in front of the computer for 8 hours or more, then choosing an ergonomic computer chair for scoliosis should be your priority.

The backrest of the computer chair should be about 12 to 20 inches wide and it must support the natural curve of the spine.

If the backrest is separate from the seat, ensure that it is adjustable in angle and height, otherwise, the backrest should be adjustable in forward and back angles if the chair and the backrest are in one piece.

It should also have a locking mechanism incorporated with it to secure the seat from moving too far backward.

Take a look at Ancheer. It has five (!!!) parts that can be adjusted for maximum comfort.


Point #3: The Height of the Chair

While good posture can help you reduce back pains, an ergonomic office chair for scoliosis will help you alleviate the pain completely.

The height of a scoliosis chair should be designed in a way that can be easily adjusted.

Choose a seat with a pneumatic adjustment lever as it will allow you adjust your seat from about 16 to 21 inches and anywhere in between easily.

Adjust the seat height until your feet are flat on the floor with the thighs on a horizontal plane.

The arms also should be even with the height of your desk.

A fairly budget chair with great reviews – Office Factor – even provides head rest for people that also experience neck pain.


Point #4: Lower Back Support

Any chair designed to help people with scoliosis should offer lumbar support, especially if there is lower back pain present.

Slouching is common for people who use chairs with improper lumbar support mechanisms.

Because the lumbar spine has an inward curve, sitting for longer periods, strains the spinal discs and back muscles.

A good ergonomic computer chair for scoliosis should have a lumbar adjustment – for depth and height to ensure that you get the correct fit for your spine.

And the Gesture chair by Steelcase provides a whole different experience for the spine, using the so-called ‘Core Equalizer’ system.

However you can also consider getting a seat cushion which can help rotate the pelvis in the right direction reducing back pain.


Point #5: Armrests & Swivels of the Seat

Armrests as well as, swivels for any chair meant for people with scoliosis should be freely adjustable.

The armrest needs to be adjusted to allow the lower arms and the elbow rest lightly.

Ensure that your forearm shouldn’t be on the armrest while you’re typing.

The swivel, on the other hand, should rotate allowing you to reach different areas of your desk with ease.

This high back chair by Viva Office with adjustable armrests will help you relieve neck & shoulder strain.

Apart from the aforementioned factors, some people would mind on the material of a scoliosis chair.

When going for an ergonomic chair for scoliosis, ensure that the seat is covered with enough padding for more comfort.

Best chairs for scoliosis not only help in reducing back pains but also help reduce the chances of getting a cardiovascular disease.

Shop around for the best chairs before purchasing one.

P.S. And if you found this article useful, please share it with those that might need it!

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