Best Office Chairs for Hip Pain of 2021

Maybe you are looking to reduce hip flexor soreness or maybe you have been struggling with SI joint/hip pain or even sciatica…one way or another, you need a proper ergonomic office chair that will help you to get rid of those symptoms.

You are in the right place. Below I listed 8 best office chairs for hip pain along with a special ergonomic orthopedic seat cushion that is a great addition to the package. 

This guide is a part of our best affordable office chair list…make sure to check it out!

And for now…let’s get started!

High Back Chair With Headrest

Posturion’s budget-friendly ergonomic office chair is a newcomer to our list but right from the start this model looks like a very solid contender.

First of all, the thick cushion that is padded with some high density shaping sponge will help you to address the hip pain and sit in more comfort (even if you find yourself sitting during a big part of the day).

Second, it comes with a breathable lumbar support that you can use to take care of your lower back and hip pain.

The chair itself has a number of other spectacular ergonomic features and adjustments – mesh back that would help with air circulation and cooling you down, 3D armrests which you can adjust for a perfect fit, tension control you can use for relaxing while working, ergonomic backrest design that follows a healthy spine’s curvature, height adjustment, 360-degree swivel and more! It can also act as the best office chair for scoliosis.



Combat Hip Pain With Orthopedic Seat Cushion!

Helps to Reduce Hip & Lower Back Pain

Office chairs that deal with hip pain is a great start. However, the research shows that the use of forward inclining seat cushions has a significant positive effect for anyone with hip and lower back pain. Another study quotes that “the peak hip pressure was the highest without a cushion, followed by memory foam, air, and honeycomb cushions”.

Based on the findings, you should consider getting the a seat cushion for your chair.

Here is the link to a good option (it’s at 50% sale while I’m writing this).

Steelcase Amia

If you suffer from recurring hip issues, look for an ergonomic chair that has been designed to overcome it.

A great example of the high-quality ergonomic office chair is this piece from the one and only – Steelcase, a renowned manufacturer of ergonomic seating.

In my book this IS the best option…so if you can afford it, just go for it.

I really like it for a number of reasons and dislike for just one.

First of all, its armrests have a tremendous degree of adjustability – you can lift them up, turn them left/right and even drag them closer!
Your upper back will stay relaxed without any strains.

On top of that, armrests are really REALLY comfortable so you can type all day without getting tired (if you need to of course 🙂 ).

You can also adjust this office chair on the fly as you start getting tired from sitting in one position (that’s why it’s so comfortable).

The lumbar support is great but, having said this, the back of the chair is not super high so some taller guys and girls might need a big and tall office chair.

Another thing that I just love about this office chair – the touch and the feel.

Steelcase IS a renowned manufacturer of top rated office chairs so they know how to make it very special.

Do you like it?

I’ll let you be the judge…



Ergohuman Office Chair

The Ergohuman office chair can have either a leather or a mesh backseat.

The leather backrest with padded cushion is very comfortable, while the mesh backrest allows for air to pass through quickly to prevent you from sweating even when sitting in the chair for an extended period.

Like Amia from above, Ergohuman is one of those office chairs that provides adjustable lumbar support that helps to curb lower back and hip issues.

The cool part…

This office chair can also come with a headrest, which also helps with neck pain.

Ergohuman is one of the best office chairs and it is available in different variations:

  • Mesh back and leather seat without a headrest
  • Mesh back and leather seat with a headrest
  • Mesh fabric with a low back without a headrest
  • All-leather with a low back without a headrest (the one we recommend for hip and back discomfort)
  • Mesh back and leather seat with a headrest
  • Custom fabric with or without a headrest

Built for people who sit for many hours in a day, the Ergohuman chair is sturdy and offers consistent hip, back and neck support.



Viva Office High Back

This shares the leather good looks of the Steelcase Amia chair, and yet this office chair costs less than a third of the asking price, meaning that a touch of luxury for the office is now more affordable than ever.

We were pleased to discover that on this occasion a generous price tag doesn’t mean that comfort and ergonomic support had been sacrificed, and whilst it may not be as comfortable as the Amia (not many office chairs are) it still allows you to use it for hour after hour without the feeling of pain in the joints.

One reason that this is a pleasure to sit in is the spring pack padded seat, and with a seat slider as standard as well, this takes pressure away from the hips.

This is also helped by the waterfall design of the seat, which also helps to alleviate pain at the back of the legs.

The back can be tilted and locked into place, and the arm rests are adjustable as well, which we wouldn’t necessarily expect to find in such a good looking chair that costs less than two hundred dollars.



AKracing Executive Chair

What if you love racing-style office chairs?

I thought I’d include this one because I’m myself a gamer (not too often though).

Here is a high-end luxurious PU/genuine leather (choose one) chair for a reasonable price – Akracing!

It is also one of our best office chairs on this list.

With the experience in sport auto seats designing, comfortable and sturdiness are two main objectives of the AKRacing and…they did a really good job!

Why do I like this office chair…

1. This is a high back chair which means – your entire back gets supported during your sitting time. If the back is supported, then your reduce pressure on your spine and hips, as a result.

2. The armrests are, again, adjustable so your upper back will also be taken care of.

3. Quality office chair and there is plenty of room when you sit down – your hip will not push against anything.

It also has a nice adjustable headrest and lumbar support which you should adjust for the best comfort!



Amazon Basics Comfy Chair

This is a great ergonomic chair if you have discomfort sitting – it’s very soft and comfortable to sit in.

It is also heavy-duty, which means it is capable of supporting a fairly big guy/gal – up to 500 lbs! 😎

By no means this office chair is perfect, but it is better than most from the “big and tall” category that it belongs to.

1. Padded armrests provide a comfortable escape for your elbows (especially if you use them while typing).

Unlike with the other office chairs in this review, these arm rests are not height adjustable.

This means that you need to be a specific height in order to actually fit this chair (rather than have the chair’s arm rests fit you).

On the other hand, the padded armrests are very comfortable for the elbows (the padding helps to reduce the amount of “scratching” the elbows would go through).

2. Padded sitting surface helps to reduce the amount of strain that you experience while sitting. This can reduce hip and lower back issues making it more bearable.

However, it is not as breathable as a mesh back so you might end up sweating quite a bit while sitting on it.

I also like the padded edge which goes right under the thighs – a great addition to the comfort of inner thigh area.

3. Padded neck and lumbar support is a cool feature.
It holds your upper back in the right position helping you to maintain a better posture and reduce muscle strain from desk or computer work.

It’s also one of the under 300 USD chair options.



Space Seating Breathable Chair

This is an affordable and good looking office chair, thanks to its gunmetal finish.

I would go as far as naming it one of the best models if you were on a budget.

An excellent ergonomic chair for hip pain, and as well as a seat slider allowing you to find a position that’s suitable for your lower back.

To make sitting even more comfortable, this office chair comes equipped with a good few premium-type adjustment features.

1. Adjustable armrests help to rest elbows on them reducing neck and upper trapezius strain while sitting or working.

I find this feature to be very important for anyone that types a lot throughout the day.

Typing is one of those things which (if done without any kind of elbow support) strains neck and upper back muscles really fast.

I regularly had the episodes of headache and mental fatigue simply because those muscles get into a spasm after all that typing I did.

The moment I had a chair that allowed my elbows to rest on the properly adjusted armrests, my symptoms improved dramatically.

2. Mesh back – a very needed feature, especially during a hot day!
Improved breathability and back support are a big advantage too.

On top of that, breathable mesh is quite easy to clean and usually tends to be a lot more durable.

3. The design of the chair’s sitting pad helps to improve blood flow to the legs and feet. 
This helps to reduce swelling and prevent numbness.

This feature is especially useful if you tend to experience tingling in lower extremities while sitting on a chair.

Another way you could reduce that is by using a seat cushion.

4. Has a built in lumbar support which is a nice feature if you tend to experience any issues with your lower back.



Berlman High Back Chair

Even though this office chair doesn’t have adjustable lumbar support and premium features, it’s proven itself many times.

Sitting at slightly over $100 this is a nice piece of office furniture for a tall person. 🙂

It’s a great office chair for a home office so I am happy to include it here.

1. High-back design is perfect for taller people that are looking for extended comfort while sitting for long hours.

This is really important because I often see pretty tall folks sitting on office chairs with short backs and that definitely doesn’t help with their posture.

High back design would help you lean on the chair’s breathable mesh back and enjoy the overall sitting experience a lot more.

2. Headrest helps to reduce the tension in upper back, neck and shoulder muscles.

It is particularly useful when your work consists of a lot of typing or your neck/shoulder muscles are already strained.

Regular use of headrest can help reduce that strain and improve your productivity.

3. Flip-up arms with padded armrests help to quickly change the chair’s setup when you don’t need to use them anymore.

A useful feature in different work scenarios.

4. Quality mesh back helps during a hot day. The added breathability (especially in the important back area) helps to keep sweat at bay – no more sweat marks on your clothes!

Mesh back also helps to support your posture while you are sitting which can potentially reduce issues with the lower back.

It is also quite easy to clean in case you spill something over it.



What Else Can Help With Hip Pain?

Having the right office chair obviously helps but…there are other things that might be able to help you big time and…here they are:

1. First of all, I recommend you grab these two books: “Tight Hip, Twisted Core: The Key To Unresolved Pain” and “Heal Your Hips, Second Edition: How to Prevent Hip Surgery and What to Do If You Need It“.

They are both available in Kindle editions and I highly recommend you check them out – they have brilliant reviews and I’m sure CAN help you big time.

2. Second, if you experience hip discomfort during walking, you can also consider this hip brace. It has well over 600 reviews and an average grade of 4.3 so I imagine it definitely helps. 

3. Next in line is this memory foam seat. It does help with hip pain and sciatica PLUS you can use it in your car and even on the plane.

4. Last (but not least) is this memory foam sleeping pillow. I’m not a huge fan of it to be honest but ergonomic support for the lumbar area that this pillow offers does seem to help people with lower back and hip pain.


5 Things To Stop Hip Pain

Is there anything apart from those chairs that would help?

Turns out there is!

1. Adjustable Back Support

Hips and backs are super-connected!

This is why if one has issues, another one can also suffer.

Quite frequently back support of an office chair can be adjusted vertically (so if you are tall or short you will be fine), but sometimes you can adjust the depth of the support (i.e. how much it presses into your lower back).

2. Separately Adjustable Back

I know, how does that have anything to do with hip pain…

However, having your back fully in touch with the office chair’s back is HUGE. It’s very important that the two fully connect so that you get the most of the support possible.

Again, backs and hips are two connected puzzles. For example, if your hips are tight, chances are, you (will) have back pain.

3. Waterfall Edge

This feature can have a significant positive effect on how your legs and feet feel…especially if you have a type of hip pain that is related to sciatica.

It simply makes the office chair’s edge less curvy which means it won’t be burning into the bottom part of your thighs or right under the knees.

It also helps to improve the blood flow for the legs and feet which can reduce swelling in the lower extremities.

It can also reduce or completely stop tingling that some people experience during prolonged sitting.

4. Donut-Shaped Sit Cushion

Orthopedic office chair cushions, and more specifically donut-shaped cushions, can also help to relieve hip pain which can be caused by sciatica.

This type of cushion would have a round, donut-like shape, that would elevate you off the sitting surface.

In this case, you would bear most of the weight on your thighs and the are around your coccyx.

This relieves the pressure off the nerve and makes sitting a lot more comfortable.

5: Maybe Don’t Pick Mesh

Poor quality mesh, unlike leather, has a very stupid feature…

It lets you slip down, giving your body a weird signal of constant tension (you sort of try grabbing your chair with your bum). It’s especially problematic if your office chair has caster wheels and the floor is wooden.

Again, you end up trying to stay in one place (i.e. not move forward) and that tenses your entire body. Hip pain gets worse – we don’t want that.

So, which one is the best?

There is no exact answer (well…except for Amia) because there are a few options, but the important thing to grasp is – the office chair must be ergonomic. 😎

By no means, this is a complete list of every single option available.

If you are looking for more options, click any of the “View on Amazon” buttons above and you will find a lot more options to consider.

Also, if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below – I am happy to help you.

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