Best Office Chairs for Coccyx Pain (+Video Guide)

If you are looking for the best office chair for coccyx pain then you are in the right place! 

Today I share 7 office chairs that can help you reduce coccyx/tailbone pain and discomfort.

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And now…let’s get straight to business!

After reviewing that many chairs, we found this to be the one:

1. High Back Office Chair from Posturion

This chair from Posturion is the perfect office chair for a taller person. It’s sturdy, comfortable, and best of all – it was ergonomically designed, with a number of back and lumbar support features. If you’re looking for a chair to help you improve your posture, relax your back, and relieve coccyx (tail bone) pain, then this might be just the office chair you need.

This office chair has a number of design features that help it correct users’ posture, support their back, and relieve lower back and tail bone pain. These features include a height-adjustable headrest for neck and shoulder support; high ergonomic backrest; adjustable armrests for improved sitting posture; and lumbar support. These all work together to relieve pressure off your spine, muscles, and tail bone, helping these areas relax and heal.

Additionally, this office chair reclines back almost 120 degrees. This allows you to take much-needed rest breaks, further relieving pressure off your lower back and tail bone. And of course, the chair swivels 360 degrees, allowing you to access everything in your immediate surroundings without having to twist and turn your body.

Whether you’re looking for an office chair to help with coccyx or lower back pain, are hoping to improve your sitting posture while you work, or are simply a taller person looking for a comfortable and supportive chair, this High Back Office Chair from Posturion might be the perfect chair for you.

While it can’t really be categorized as the best big and tall office chair, it still supports anyone up to 300 lbs!


  • Height-adjustable headrest.
  • High ergonomic backrest.
  • Lumbar support.
  • Adjustable armrests.
  • Ergonomic mesh for backrest and seat cushion.



Sturdy, supportive, and ergonomically designed, this chair is an excellent piece of furniture for a taller person. Whether you’re suffering from lower back or coccyx pain and are looking for a chair to give you some relief, or are simply looking for a comfortable chair that can accommodate your frame, this is a great model and we highly recommend it.

Side Note: Seat Cushion For Tailbone Pain

Seat Cushion 
(click the image for more info)

I found that many times you don’t actually need to get a new chair…if all you want is a relieve from tailbone discomfort or pain.

In fact, a simple cushion does the trick many times PLUS it’s also a lot more versatile – you can bring it with you, use it in your car, on a plane or even carry it to a movie theater!

Here is the one that I really liked because it has two separate designs for men and women – check them out! (they have awesome discounts at the time of writing)

You can also check out these orthopedic cushions for more options.

And now that we are done with the cushions, let’s get back to the chairs…

2. Mesh Office Chair With Lumbar Support

Comfortable, durable, and supportive, this chair is an excellent ergonomic chair. The curved design of the backrest, and the lumbar support waist ‘pillow’, both act to relieve pressure off your spine and support your back. Additionally, this chair’s seat has extra padding under the mesh, providing maximum comfort and support. All these features combine to help improve your sitting posture, take pressure off your spine, and relieve lower back and coccyx (tail bone) pain.

Besides these supportive and ergonomic features, this model has a lot to offer in terms of comfort and convenience. The durable mesh of the backrest is completely breathable, keeping you cool and dry even on hot summer days. This chair also has an easy to activate rocking mode, allowing you to take short rest breaks in between work. And of course, it swivels 360 degrees, putting your entire surroundings within arm’s reach.

While lightweight and easy to move around, this office chair is actually very sturdy. Its base was specifically designed for durability, and the chair can hold up to 270lbs.

Finally, not only is this chair ergonomic, comfortable, and robust, it’s also offered at a very competitive price. For a budget-friendly chair, you probably can’t go wrong with this one.


  • Ergonomically designed, curved backrest
  • Lumbar support waist ‘pillow’ (horizontal plastic bands that go behind the backrest, at waist height)
  • High density sponge padding in the seat
  • Durable mesh backrest
  • Rocking mode for short breaks



This office chair is stable and sturdy, very comfortable, and is ergonomically designed to help relieve pressure and pain from your spine, lower back, and coccyx. While it is missing a couple of features that would make it the perfect chair, the Mesh Office Chair With Lumbar Support is still an excellent – and very budget-friendly – office chair, and we confidently recommend it.

3. Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair

This is an iconic chair that chair designer Herman Miller has been updating for more than 20 years of advancements. This chair has been updated based on research and advancements in proper posture while sitting providing great back support especially those with coccyx discomfort. This office chair tilts so that you can move your body while sitting easing up your back tensions while sitting in a stationary motion.

You can recline this office chair to your preference. Keep your position balanced throughout your sitting time with this office chair. This office chair comes with three different sizes to better suit your body shape and size. The whole office chair was designed to prevent back pain especially in the tail bone area. Perfect for coccyx pain, this has the PostureFit SL providing great support for the tail bone. The mesh fabric allows breathable and cool sitting experience every time you use this office chair. All three sizes deliver the same level of comfort that this chair provides.

It’s also a great chair for scoliosis


  • It has an Elastomeric suspension seat and backrest for chair flexibility and support
  • There are eight latitudinal tension zones to deliver enhanced comfort and ergonomics
  • An included seat Angle adjustment ensures your preferred seat position while working
  • It features a PostureFit SL that maintains spinal position with lumbar support for comfort and stabilization of your spinal base
  • 2.5-inch Carpet casters are made with durable nylon material and provides smooth chair movement



Herman Miller’s Aeron offers personal customization and comfort designed to relieve back pains from sitting. A perfect office chair that’s suitable for anyone looking for comfortable sitting while working.

4. Zenergy Ball Chair by Safco Products

The Zenergy Ball Chair is an innovative take on the office chair. As the name suggests, there is a built-in exercise ball inside the chair, which has fixed feet so it doesn’t roll. Sitting on an exercise ball (even a stationary one) is an active form of sitting, engaging your body in movement. This encourages you to maintain your balance and form, which strengthens your core muscles and improves your posture.

This ‘active sitting’ can actually be much easier on the body, compared to sitting practically motionless for extended periods. This can help relieve lower back and coccyx (tail bone) pain. In severe cases or injuries, however, please consult your physician.

The Ball Chair has other great benefits, on top of its ergonomic and potentially therapeutic aspects. The ‘active sitting’ the chair encourages may keep you more alert and concentrated. Besides, the chair is sturdy and well-built but lightweight, and it also just looks fun.

The mesh cover is available in 10 different colors, and there’s also two easy-to-clean vinyl cover options (red and black). You can also choose between having only feet on the chair, or both legs and feet for added height.

All this makes the Zenergy Ball Chair an excellent (if quirky) office chair. If you spend long hours in a chair and are hoping for relief from lower back or coccyx discomfort, or would simply like to be more active during your work day, then the Ball Chair just might be the chair for you.


  • 17.5″ anti-burst exercise ball built into the chair
  • Durable polyester mesh cover available in 10 colors, plus two vinyl cover options
  • Choose between just feet for a sitting height of 20″, or legs and feet for 23″
  • Lightweight (15lbs), but robust (can hold up to 250lbs)



The Zenergy Ball Chair adds an active twist to sitting, which can improve your core strength and your posture, and help relieve lower back and coccyx pain. Innovative, surprisingly comfortable, and very cool looking, this futuristic Ball Chair is perfect for anyone who’s trying to be more active in their daily life.

5. Steelcase Leap Ergonomic Chair

If you’re looking for an affordable ergonomic chair to fix any kind of bad posture-caused pain, especially coccyx, then Steelcase’s top ergonomic chair, Leap, is the right choice for you.

In order to effectively correct your posture and fix your coccyx, Leap comes with 2 game-changer features, LiveBack technology, and the Natural Glide System. While the Natural Glide System allows you to recline whenever you want without having to make any adjustments due to the chair’s ability to slide forward along with your movement and secure a steady monitor oriented vision and therefore, varied postures for less load on the spine, the LiveBack technology, on the other hand, takes care to always adjust and maintain a correct posture after you move by mimicking your natural spine shape.

The textile-made chair is made of 30% recycled materials, coming with a Cradle to Cradle Certificat, and also supports different indoor air qualities due to the Scs indoor advantage certification. The chair dimensions 24.75″ L x 27″ W x 43.5″ H and comes in with 15 different color options for you to choose from. Besides all the main features mentioned below, Leap also secures basic, important additions to support your comfortability. These additions include Adjustable Seat Depths to allow you comfortably fit your legs and relieve the back pressure on your lower body; Lower Back Firmness to help you choose the amount of firmness for your natural spine curve; and Adjustable Arms, which allow you to adjust your arms in 4 different positions to frequently change posture and reduce the amount of tension from your wrist and elbows.

All of these combined with the LiveBack technology and Glide System, finally lead to continuous correct postures, no matter what body parts you decide to change position.


  • Pneumatic seat-height adjustment
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Height-width-pivot-depth adjustable arms
  • Variable backstops
  • Open-box refurb
  • Hard casters



Overall, the Steelcase Leap is your best pick if you’re searching for a perfectly comfortable chair that supports all the necessary ergonomic needs for a healthy posture.

6. Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

Having the balance ball replace a hard sitting surface, this chair works wonders for your lower back pain. The brand has earned a great reputation for itself when it comes to healthy lifestyle products, and this chair is another example of the same. It provides for a non-distracting movement by making sure the coccyx rests on a soft surface.

Developed following the consultation of the famous chiropractor Dr. Randy Weinzoff, the chair plays a major role in alleviating pain in legs, arms, and back that arises from long desk hours. Plus, it promotes the right spinal alignment, correct posture, and your overall well-being. The ball can also be used to exercise at home, while also using it as your office chair to relieve pressure and strain on the back.


  • Gaiam Balance Ball Chair sports a 52-centimetre ball apt and appropriate for users with heights ranging from 5-feet to 5-feet 11-inches.
  • It has been designed with very durable materials and is capable of holding a weight of up to 300 pounds.
  • The chair features a base that comes with a metal support bar, along with four wheels that add so much more ease to the body’s movements in the sitting position.
  • The base has got 2 lockable rear wheels that let you secure the ball chair in place while you sit at work without the hassle of rolling out of position.
  • The ball is detachable from the base that lets you use it separately to strengthen core muscles or simply play with the kids by letting them bounce on the ball.



Taking a look at the above features of the Balance Ball Chair, it won’t be an overstatement that it can work wonders for strengthening core muscles and achieving better spinal alignment. It’s amazing how this unique chair gets it all done with the same balance ball that one uses during their workout, but with an adjustable support bar, an air pump, a very secure metal ball holder, and a desktop guide to let you keep moving.

7. WorkPro Quantum 9000 Series

The WorkPro Quantum 9000 Series is a very comfortable, fully adjustable, sturdy, ergonomic, and luxurious chair. This chair allows adjusting the seat and backrest height; adjusting the length, height, and angle of the armrests; reclining and locking the tilt of the chair; and rocking freely. With all these options, you can adjust your chair to find just the perfect sitting position for you.

This office chair has a couple of ergonomic design features that make it beneficial for anyone who suffers from back pain, or needs to spend long hours in a chair everyday. One such design feature is the curve of the backrest with added lumbar support, designed to relieve pressure off your spine. Another ergonomic feature is the downward sloping seat, which helps reduce stress on your legs, thighs, and lower back. These features make this chair great for those who suffer from lower back or coccyx (tail bone) pain, caused by sitting down for extended periods.

The durable mesh on the backrest and seat is comfortable, supportive, and best of all fully breathable, keeping you cool and dry while you work. The strong nylon frame provides stability and support.

With all these great features, it’s easy to see why this chair has been called “the Lexus of office chairs”. While a little on the pricier side, this office chair is a great investment. Whether you’re looking for back pain relief, or would simply like to make those hours at work more comfortable, this luxurious chair is an excellent addition to any office.


  • Adjustable seat and backrest height, and armrest length, height, and angle.
  • Reclining, with a tilt-lock option.
  • Rocking mode.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Durable mesh backrest and seat.



Indulgently comfortable, ergonomically supportive, and well built, the WorkPro Quantum 9000 Series is an office chair for people who don’t compromise on their comfort. Although it’s near the higher end of the price range it is well worth its price, and all the adjustment options, ergonomic features, and high-quality materials and design make this one of the very best office chairs out there.

Coccyx Pain Relief – Quick Fix

Even though I do believe that an ergonomic chair is a must-have in the long-term, there are quick fixes to the tailbone pain.

All you need is a pillow!

And here is a bunch of pillows you can use for a quick coccyx pain relief.

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