The 12 Best Budget Office Chairs of 2020

In a hurry and wondering what is the best budget office chair? Here it is:

Investing in a quality ergonomic chair is the thing you should do for both, your health and productivity. The problem is…many chairs are often quite expensive and are not easy to afford. 

This guide solves this problem – let’s get started!

Budget Ergonomic Chair Reviews

Down below you will find the summaries of the chairs that I put together for you here!

I list their features, PROs and CONs. You can also click “Check Price” to learn about the latest prices and availability.

Under $250: High Back With Headrest

A high back ergonomic chair sold by Posturion, a newer supplier on the budget chair market. To fit your requirements they made the chair available in 4 (!) colorsred, black, blue and grey.

Sitting at right under 250 USD, this ergonomic office chair is very comfortable for a bigger, taller guy or girl (especially if you need to work from home now more than ever).

In fact, this is a high back ergonomic chair that also comes equipped with the height-adjustable headrest!

Some people believe that the headrest is not that useful but…if only they had a chance to rest their heads every so often, they would totally change their minds.

Breathable, stylish and yet simple…this one is one of the nicer looking models.


– Super breathable mesh back
– Ergonomic design helps with neck/back strain
– High back fits bigger, taller people
– 3D armrests can be adjusted for a perfect fit
– 300 lbs weight capacity
– Adjustable seat
– Easy assembly
– Height-adjustable
– Comes in 2 colors: grey and black
– FREE shipping within the US
– Fast ~7-day delivery
– 30-day return policy if you don’t like it
– 12-month warranty on faulty parts


– An adjustable lumbar support would be nicer to have

Under $200: Mesh Back Flip Up Office Chair

Another budget chair sold by Posturion which is priced right under 200 USD. 

It comes packed with all sorts of ergonomic features like adjustable lumbar support, flip-up armrests, waterfall edge and others.

It is made out of extra breathable mesh back which provides top level comfort and helps to avoid sweating even during hot summer days. 

The thicker seat cushion provides additional comfort throughout the day which helps to avoid discomfort from continuous sitting.

Waterfall edge imrpoves blood flow and circulation to the feet and legs.


– Very quick and easy to assemble
– Adjustable lumbar support 
– Padded flip up arms save space
– Tilt tension and height adjustment
– Rocking mechanism helps to relax and decompress the spine
– Breathable mesh improves airflow
– 90-day return policy
– Free tracked 7-day US shipping


– Could have adjustable armrests

Under $100: Mesh With Lumbar Support

The second chair on my list is Posturion’s ergonomic mesh chair with lumbar support.

Even though they don’t really position it as such, but it definitely is a chair that you can get on a budget because it’s priced right under $100 (it’s actually on sale now as I am writing this).

The chair is more suitable for short/mid-height users that work from home or office.

Just as you would expect, this chair comes with a set of ergonomic features that include a whole bunch of different options including adjustable height control, breathable mesh, solid lumbar support, rocking function and more.



– Very quick and easy to assemble
– Helps to reduce back and spine tension 
– Prolonged sitting comfort
– Tilt tension and height adjustment
– Comfortable typing with ergonomic armrests


– Could have been a little wider

Under $150: Basic High Back

Another budget office chair from Posturion. This one is also mesh back and comes with a higher back than your typical mid-sized chair. It will look great in both, a standard and home office.

This ergonomic chair is packed with a whole bunch of ergonomic features – built-in support for lower back, height adjustable seat, multi-dimensional headrest that you can move around, rocking mechanism for added comfort throughout the day, improved mesh back for extra breathability and so on.

The best part is that – it is a truly cheap option sitting right under $150…that includes free tracked shipping (US only) and very fast – 5-7 day delivery.



– Quick and easy to assemble
– Provides comfort even during long hours 
– Keeps you cool during hot days 
– Helps to relieve neck tensions
– Keep your relaxed and comfortable (thanks to the rocking mechanism)


– Could have other colors than black

Flash Furniture Budget Task Chair

Ergonomic chairs like this mid back mesh chair from Flash Furniture give your body all the support it needs, allowing you to be more comfortable and more productive.

This seat also has a very stylish and contemporary look.

The curved frame of the chair and mesh back give it the look of a much more expensive ergonomic chair, yet it comes in for under $125.

The chair also includes dual wheel casters, ensuring that it’s suitable for all flooring types without leaving marks and scratches, and the material is fully fire retardant.

Flash Furniture have here designed a budget chair that provides peace of mind, as well as comfort and durability.

On top of that, you can always make it more comfortable with the best seat cushion.


– Back is covered with breathable mesh
– Padded Armrests are able to flip up and out
– Pneumatic seat height control 
– Tilt tension and lock features
– Comfy cushion for prolonged sitting


– Arm height is not adjustable

Hbada – Affordable Task Chair

Unlike the previous options, Hbada’s task chair only entered the market in April, 2019.

After checking out this option first I loved and hated it at the same time.

It comes it two colors – black and white, both priced at slightly over $100 (at the time of writing).

Breathable and ergonomic, this chair is probably one of the best ones out their for that price.

So why didn’t I like it…well, this is a mid-back chair and I’m a pretty tall guy so I can’t really enjoy all the design perks this chair is equipped with.

Is it one of the best? Let’s check it out!


– Flip up arms
– Available in black/white
– Breathable 
– 250lbs weight capacity
– Easy installation
– 1 year warranty
– Highly adjustable seat


– Armrests aren’t comfortable (you can get these soft armrest pads)

Modway Articulate Adjustable Chair

Modway is another budget company producing impressively decent ergonomic seat at a great price.

These guys went far beyond budget chairs – they manufacture bed frames, mattresses and even linen!
But it’s the Articulate that really interests us today.

Contoured height adjustable armrests are there for better fit and less upper back muscle strain.

Generously padded 6” thick mesh seat cushion helps to make prolonged sitting a lot more comfortable.

At the price it is a great ergonomic office chair to consider among other office chairs but make sure you are getting it in good packaging (as some people were reporting that it arrived damaged or with parts missing; maybe just the unlucky ones).


– The chair supports up to 331 pounds
– One-touch height and tilt control
– Plenty of colors available
– Five dual-wheel casters
– Breathable mesh 
– Adjustable armrest height and spine support


– Not so sturdy as it seems to be
– Armrests are made of hard plastic (you can get these soft armrest pads)

Space Seating Cheap Office Chair

Unlike almost all the previous manufacturers, this chair is pretty new to the market and…
It’s great! 😎

In fact, this chair has even deserved the Choice tag for being one of the best budget options – so let’s dive into it.


– Adjustable armrests
– Great for shorter people
– 2-to-1 synchro tilt for comfortable sitting
– Eco leather seat adds comfort and coolness
– Thick, wide comfortable cushion
– Good weight limit
– Breathable mesh and lower back support


– Armrests aren’t very sturdy
– Armrests aren’t made of hard plastic but aren’t soft cushions either (you can get these soft armrest pads)

Lorell Ergomesh Adjustable Office Chair

Lorell is yet another company that produces all sorts of ergonomic seats and other equipment.
So it’s not just chairs but also tables, bookcases and so on.

And here is why I like their best executive mid-back office chair…


– 2D Height & width adjustable armrests
– Height adjustable (17” to 21”)
– Got the fire-retardant certificate
– Breathable mesh and seat
– Office chair with built-in lumbar adjustment


– Can start creaking eventually

Modway Edge Mid-Back Office Chair

There are many things that can attract you to an ergonomic chair.

You’ll need one that provides fantastic support to your seated body, of course, and it can also be important to adhere to a tight budget.

Finally, it’s important to have an ergonomic chair that looks good (even though it’s not really a leather chair) and will complement your office.

The LexMod’s Mid-Back ticks all these boxes and many more.

The design of this simple chair is futuristic yet still stylish, with the mesh attached to a metallic frame.

It also comes in a variety of colors, meaning that you can find the chair that’s perfect for your office or home space.


– Comfortable chair with folding arms
– It looks good
– Seems sturdy once put together
– Arm covering has a nice feel
– Looks more expensive then it is


– A little tricky to assemble
– Very thin seat cushion (here are two possible cushions – one and two)

Bush Business Desk Chair

This is a petite type chair for smaller individuals.

Just like other options in this review, it looks pretty slick and would fit naturally in almost any workspace.

Mesh upholstery helps the air circulation and brings exceptional comfort…even during hot days!

Even though it’s a smaller chair for shorter people, it’s tested to support users up to 275 lbs which is pretty impressive.

Even though it’s a cheap chair, it comes with appropriate design that promotes a healthy sitting posture.


– 360-degree swivel base
– Tilt lock feature
– MAX capacity 275 pounds
– Adjustable chair and armrests height
– Different models available
– 30-min assembling
– 5-year warranty


– Armrests are not removable and definitely need a pair of soft arm pads
No lumbar support

Alera Elusion Ergonomic Task Desk Chair

We all come in different sizes, so it’s important to get an ergonomic chair that’s just right for your shape.

For those who are looking for taller high-back office chairs, the Alera Elusion high back multifunction chair is a great choice.

Unlike some other budget office hairs, it doesn’t compromise looks for comfort and functionality, so it’s a chair that you’ll feel proud to have on display.

The mesh back looks stylish and oh-so contemporary, whilst providing carefully targeted support just where you need it most.

The mesh also gives added comfort on hot summer days, when traditional leather upholstered office chairs can leave the user feeling hot and sticky.

A mid-back version is also available for users who don’t require the extra height that this chair provides.


– 360-degree swivel base
– Tilt lock feature
– MAX capacity 275 pounds
– Adjustable chair and armrests height
– Different models available
– 30-min assembling
– 5-year warranty


– Armrests could be sturdier and softer (you can get a pair of soft arm pads)

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