4 Back & Neck Quick Exercises To Do With the Office Chair at Work

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best-quick-exercises-for-office-workersWhen things get busy at work, setting aside time for exercising can become too much of a burden.

However, a daily fitness regimen can actually help you be more productive at work.

Stretching for a couple of minutes can help relieve stress and invigorate the mind to help you complete more tasks at hand, even if you have already been working for many hours.

Sitting in your office chair for many hours can cause back and neck strainbest office chair for neck pain (even if you use the ), but you can remedy it with just a few minutes of exercising, so you can continue to immerse yourself in your work comfortably.

Aside from that, you also prevent the mild pains from developing into more serious health problems.


You Only Need an Office Chair

With many exercises you can do in your office chair, you don’t have to leave the office to achieve your fitness goals and to relieve neck pain and back pain caused by too much sitting.


Neck Exercise #1: Neck Stretch


You can do the stretching exercise while sitting in your office chair (see also – best budget office chair list).

Sit with your back straight and your hands holding the seat of the chair.

The exercise consists of stretching six ranges of motion of the neck, and each range allows you to hold a position for only 10 to 15 seconds.

The first range is neck flexion, which you can do by lowering your neck and letting your chin press against your chest for 10 to 15 seconds.

The second one is neck extension, and you can do this by leaning your head back as far as you can.

Next is right lateral flexion, which is done by lowering your right ear until it reaches your right shoulder.

Then you can do the left lateral flexion that is the opposite of the right lateral flexion.

The fifth range of motion is right rotation, and you can do it by turning your head to the right so that your chin is parallel to your right shoulder.

Finally, you can do the left rotation which is the opposite of the right rotation.


Neck Exercise #2: Shoulder Shrugs

The stretching exercise is a relaxation technique that relaxes not only the shoulder, but also the neck.

You can perform the exercise while sitting, as long as you are maintaining good posture.

The first part is shrugging your shoulders until they are at the same level with your ears and then hold the position tightly for two to three seconds.

The second part is, while still holding tightly, rotating your shoulders back.

If done correctly, you would feel your chest muscles (i.e. pectoralis muscles) stretch.

Finally, continue to rotate your shoulders until they are in the normal position.

Repeating the relaxation technique 10 times will give you the best results.


Back Exercise #1: Seated Forward Bend


The stretching exercise is good for the lower back.

To begin, sit in an upright position.

Inhale and raise arms overhead, and then exhale and bend forward until your chest is touching your thighs.

With arms hanging relaxed from the shoulders, let your hands touch the floor.

Take a deep breath and on exhale, let your torso move further into your thighs.

Relax your neck and allow it to gently drop until it is resting between your knees.

Do not spread your legs apart and maintain the balance between the feet and sitting bones.

Let your shoulders droop down away from the neck.

Hold the position while you take 10 comfortable breaths, and then release.

Repeat the exercise two to three times.


Back Exercise #2: Seated Hip Stretch

Your hip joints and buttocks are the areas that the stretch exercise targets, so you can feel relaxed after long hours of sitting.

To begin the exercise, fold your left leg across your right knee with your ankle resting just outside the right leg.

Stretch your hands upwards while keeping your neck and shoulders relaxed.

Make sure you still have balance over the waist while maintaining the natural curvature of the lower spine.

Take a deep breath and on exhale, bend forward until your chest is touching your thighs and crossed leg.

Then, let your hands touch the floor and allow your shoulders to droop down away from the neck.

Keep your foot flexed and breathe comfortably and evenly.

Hold the position for five long breaths and release.

Repeat the exercise two to three times before you do it again with your leg folded across your left knee.